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RobRox – Robux Color Simulator

RobRox - Robux Color Simulator

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, RobRox – Robux Color Simulator! Developed by the innovative team at Atilla Ozder, this Entertainment game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 19th May 2020, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 23rd November 2023.

Are you a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Family games? Then RobRox – Robux Color Simulator is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of RobRox – Robux Color Simulator

Over 3,534 players have rated RobRox – Robux Color Simulator. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does RobRox – Robux Color Simulator Cost?

Good news! You can download RobRox – Robux Color Simulator on your iOS device absolutely free!

RobRox – Robux Color Simulator Release Date

Eager to know when RobRox – Robux Color Simulator first graced the App Store? It was launched on 19th May 2020.

When Was RobRox – Robux Color Simulator Last Updated?

The latest version of RobRox – Robux Color Simulator was updated on 23rd November 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download RobRox – Robux Color Simulator?

To get started with RobRox – Robux Color Simulator, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into RobRox – Robux Color Simulator

Get hours of relaxation and fun! Discover tons of images. Color. Relax. Enjoy!


  • Great variety of images for any taste;
  • Tons of amazing characters. Explore daily updated collection of new images for you to color;
  • 2D coloring. Get an amazing coloring experience with 2D images;
  • Various coloring tools. Use bucket to paint areas;
  • Quick sharing. Share your drawing with friends on social networks or email in just one tap;
  • Easy coloring. Enjoy intuitive design and smooth performance of RobRox;
  • Bright and beautiful colors to use for drawing and filling;
  • Filling an entire region with color, drawing with a pencil or a brush, or clearing with using an eraser;
  • Simple and easy interface;
  • Possibility to save your drawings;
  • More than 100 stickers;
  • I liked to paint very much, but have you already painted your favorite image? Do not worry, click on the button to repaint, to again experience the joy of coloring;
  • RobRox develops imagination, memory and fine motor skills;

RobRox includes a lot of beautiful images. The most important thing is that the drawing turns into a fun and engaging process that will bring a lot of joy and discovery. You can paint, draw, or doodle your favorite characters. Coloring, doodling, and drawing have never been easier and more fun, so let’s start now with your favorite fairy tales. It is the time to have fun with the wonderful coloring game. Just relax and enjoy!

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of RobRox – Robux Color Simulator updated on 23rd November 2023:

Hi dear users, a new version is here with plenty of improvements:

  • New images!
  • Performance improvements.
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback! We want you to have a great experience using our app and are committed to always improving it, so never lose the drive to share your impressions and feedback with us!

User Reviews on RobRox – Robux Color Simulator

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of RobRox – Robux Color Simulator below:

Its fun but the one problem is that there is too much ads and it annoys us so developer, if you see this just pls make it without 1,000 ads.

Its a great game but one problem: It wont let us watch an ad to get gems. We have internet connection too.

It says robux so where is it! Please fix this problem! But that is the only problem there is.

This app is awesome and we think ill use it a ton in the future, but one suggestion. Id appreciate it if whenever you finish a drawing it would give you a few diamonds in return! Like lets say you finish a drawing with absolutely no white spaces left, we feel like it should give you around 500 gems in return. Id love the game a lot more if this feature was added other than that this game is pretty good.

This game is amazing but it dosent save also say you can just save we did and it didint work so we think you should fix that.

We think this app is very good! We play it all day. But we have one problem it keeps taking us out of the app when we’re drawing but when we press the app again we lose all our writing progress. And also we keep seeing double layered writing which we think is not supposed to be there. It looks really weird but although this app brung a smile to our face.

Its only a bug but we for some reason cant watch a video to get more gems so Im kinda forced to just wait so please fix that bug well idk if it is a bug it just might be our iPad being old but still great game!

We love this game we mad such a good art of piggy it was fun the best game we ever played we do not know what the 4 stars and 3 stars but is it a good game it as penny the teacher and everything in Roblox but can you make the game have mm2 and ttd3.

It is fun coz we really like drawing and its like drawing in real life we like it so much and we really like Roblox to Roblox is really fun and has all those fun games so that is why.

We like Roblox :) Because its really fun.

We love the adopt us coloring its so cute + can u add everyday log in and on day 5 u can get 100 gems and logging in 100 days gets u 9000 gems. Pls add a new adopt us goat coloring.

It good we Dont know what else 2 say.

Why it Rocks 1- This app includes games we love 2- Splendid characters 3- Piggy includes 8 new characters which are Markus, Kolie, Bessie, Dakoda, Archie, Memory, Felix, and TIO. 4- Includes the best games like adopt us and piggy 5- you dont have to use an account to get gems. Instead, you watch an ad to get 5,000 gems. Bad Qualities 1- The game had some glitches before but with the update with the new pages the glitch was gone 2- Some bad games were included like Kitty (a piggy ripoff) or MeepCity. 3- To Much ADS!

We like roblox and the channel flamingo!

It is a good game but it says u can drawl but u can not!

Yay yay Im so happy for the game bye bye Yay.

So we can color and we can choose anyone we want and its all from adopt us Roblox and its so much fun and we love you guys whoever made this and whoever hates it bad for them because this game is the best you guys whoever made this we say one more time we love you guys.

We love the game so much this Roblox coloring game is the gem its not free for the images so buy them and lose your pink gems there no coins in this game we see it the end bye.

So the reason why we left a 4 star rating is because our fav game is not on there and our fave game on roblox wait isnt this roblox well our favorite game on roblox is B.S.S bee swarm simulator and we would like to have that but beyond that we think the game is awesome.

Please make it so there’s not so many ads.

If u dont delete that pic we will delete this game forever.

We know we know if you are poor ya this is ok. But TO MENY ADS. Ya we know how it feels bad to be poorbut to us it feel bater To be poor then be rich.

It is a good game and its fun but there are some flaws but only two flaws the first one is that we have trouble using the brush tool its kinda hard to use and the second one is ads but there are not a lot also just about every game has ads so why complain.

Every day it deletes our pictures so dumb. We do a great job but the next day there gone! We hate it.

We love the adopt us pictures so cute and so fun.

Its a fun game just lots of ads only thing.

Its ok but if it had roblox dress up items you could color it would be better thats all if there any updates please add that that would make us happy here is a rating by our brother! We would give it a 4 star rating if it had roblox among us and roblox siren head it would be a blast please make that a thing in further updates!

But there are some flaws in the game. There should be details tool like if you want to add some jeans on your drawing or character. Next, there should be a few free drawing you can color. Last but not least maybe you can make it so people can shrink or make the sticker bigger or smaller. We tried to and it didnt work. But besides that, its a pretty good game.

This is a super fun addicting game but theres one problem can you get a small pice of gems because thats the problem we wont have anything else to color if we waste them all if youre listening to this review please get a rid of that gems thanks and bye.

Amzing app we love coloring this app is made for people we would like pictures of Easter would be cool and bat dragon love this app.

We love this game because it has pigggggggy.

We Really love LankyBox. They are our favorite YouTube channel. So basically we kinda want more LankyBox images please.

We love this app its so relaxing! Usually Ill just play regular Roblox in the morning but this morning we were using this app, last night we were even up until 10pm playing this. So we found this app by mistake, we were playing Roblox until our time ran out (I have time limits on all our apps because otherwise Id be playing all day and all night) so we went on the App Store and we searched up flamingo because hes our favorite YouTuber and we figured that something flamingo (both of them) would come up but this app came up and we asked our dad to get it because its a Roblox coloring thing so obviously he let us get it and we made some of the things but there isnt much on there and Im already kinda bored of it so one thing that we would like to see is more content. Also we love how the developers actually respond to these ratings instead of the developers only responding to one or two or even none of the ratings. We understand that youre trying to make this app as best as possible for everyone using this app. Thank you for reading ^-^ Edit: we forgot to add this but also please add more mrflimflam coloring things.

So Its Really Fun To Color And Draw But…….. Our Fav RoTubers Are Not There. Its In The Title. We Would Suggest Putting Them There But Also You Need The New Redesigns In Piggy Book: 2. Also Remodels Wave 2 And All Of The RoTubers As Robloxians Also Please Put This In Game.

To all of you load this game we cant have roblox it has more stars than roblox load it now!! If you forgot! Piggy book 2 section dogs and meep city!

The adds. Okay. So the adds are really annoying, theres to much of them. And sometimes they block it from seeing the colors. Get rid of most adds and remove that and we give 5 stars.

We hate it bc every time we are trying to screen record it always has ads take it off now we hate it when it happens.

We can draw any kind of Roblox character even though there is a bit much of the ad we still really like this game we can literally drop our favorite animal in adopt us and we can drop piggy even though we get killed hah.

The game is fun we rated it and we were playing it all day.

This app is AMAZING we have been able to make new backgrounds add a little effects A+ effort!!!!!

This app is really cool and fun to draw, but the problem is that theres to many ads and sometimes ads pop up in the bottom of our screen and dont allow us to pick colors or even draw.. We dont know if you can fix that but its kinda annoying.

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