Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run


Rooftop Run is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mad Hook, Rooftop Run is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th June 2020 with the latest update 22nd March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


18,435 people have rated 3.4.4

You can download the game Rooftop Run from APP STORE.


Experience the thrill when running over the rooftops and jumping between tall buildings.

Updated on 22nd March 2022

Bug fixes

Rooftop Run Review

Bruh why is this game actually good.

This app is very buggy yet fun we like how unlike other games you dont have to go so hardcore we play this game if we want to play a parkour but you dont have to sweat to survive its like cranking in Fortnite where you have to sweat.

Really fun game but theres no place to remove ads?

We wish you could take away some ads cause every three tries and then an ad, we dont like. It gets annoying a lot. Other than that we fine as a game.

This game is the best we tried it and it literally calms us down when Im mad.

This game is really good but mabye add more customization like a skin for your character and enemies and mabye different maps.

Awesome and fun but Im scared of Fnaf.

This game is honestly really fun and made us have faith in mobile games but please lessen the Ads. Other than that, its great.

This game is really fun we have always liked parkour games and this is perfect. We would like to suggest something though, a unlimited mode! The unlimited mode would be running until you die. Your run will be random every time with randomly generated buildings. There would also be a leaderboard with different prizes at different ranks with skins or other visual appearances or coins.

Where to begin?! This game has parkour better than Dying Light (2015)! The parkour and animations are literally top notch. We’ve been looking for years for a parkour game this good! Great work Developers.

This game is so good and looks stunning.

(For example pvz and angry birds ) we remember back in 2005-2011 when mobile games were good then 2012 – 2022 Word games were like y know Thank you.

We Love The Game, Its Great, But The Problem Is The Enemies Theyre Sorta Easy To Get Passed By Throught put Some Buildings, But They Can Get Hard To Get Passed By- Well, Really we Was Trying To Say Was we Really Loved It When It Was With No Enemies Near By And In our Opinion It Wad Fun That Way. But, The Game Is Still A Great Game. Also, The Level 2 Is Pretty Hard Due Cause Of The Enemies- So Another Suggestion Is To Take Away Those Enemies From Level 2, But Keep Them In Any Level. Suggestions- Can Yall Add Some Harder Levels? Like One Where There Is A lot Of Enemies After You?

This is a good game, except whenever we complete a level it gives us an ad. We would really like if there was a subscription to stop ads, and make the gameplay ad free. We would be happy to pay for it. We want to use this for commentary on social media. It would be great if there was a subscription to stop the ads from appearing. Please consider adding it.

The games really good we love it. We would give it 5 stars but the ads are a problem. Im tired of seeing ads. We understand you have to make some money so maybe you could have a $1-$5 purchase to remove ads. Us and a lot more people would for sure buy it.

We ADORE this game we really do dont get us wrong, but, we didnt ADORE the game that much when our eight year old daughter came into us and our husbands room last night saying whale she was playing rooftop run at the bottom of her screen was a advisement for a game called poppy play time and the face on the screen was horrifying so we told her to delete the app she also told us that she had nightmares about poppy play time so we told her to sleep with us. So guys over all we love the game but remember our story.

We love this game soooooooooo much but way too many ads.

There are way to many ads in this game every level we finish a ad pops up and it is annoying other then that the game is really good.

Very fun game we love it but the one thing that isnt the best is the ads there is a 5 second add after every game or every time you die its very obnoxious when your playing.

They should like a endless mode where it gets very very hard the longer your alive and more and more enemys and they should have diff types of enemys Doug skins for ur character and maybe even diff city varients so the city is not the same bland thing switch it up or make online races against other players that would turn the game to another level we think this game has potential.

This has a lot of potential that is wasted . Honestly its really fun but after playing for 30 minutes we noticed that levels just repeat themselves as carbon copies, not to mention how bad the AI is in a lot of situations, sometimes they just walk off the map. Something this game should have is an endless mode, and maybe more themes than the generic default city, maybe a night theme or something. Another idea is importing motion controls so that vr could be possible. Pretty good game overall, we would say its the best bad mobile game out of all the rest. Still really fun and we had a great time playing.

Is it even possible to get the floor is lava map?

The levels are gray but they keep repeating.

We were playing then we realized that at level 25 its level 2 then the rest and they keep reusing it like tour replaying it.

Way too many ads but cool game.

We really like the game but there are two things that are bothering us (hence why its missing two stars) the first thing is the amount of ads. It is way too many, we think that the one at the bottom and the watch ad to continue is okay, but after winning and losing a level (which happens very frequently) is just anger inducing. And we understand that its a free game and you need ad revenue in order to make money for the game, so At least make the ads less frequent or get rid of the winning and losing ones entirely. The second thing is the weird red guys who try to stop you. We think it would make more sense if they were police officers or construction workers instead of weird incarnations of you. We think it would also be funny if construction workers would chase you like hey stop breaking the windows and walking on our buildings!!! Thats all we have to suggest! We do believe that this could become a really good game! The first person view makes it lifelike and the design isnt those weird cookie cutter games with the colorful naked men with big ears and just looks like it took 4 minutes to make. This game has a lot of promise! We look forward to future updates!

First this game is a master piece though theres wayyyyyy to many ads and we wish there was a setting where you can turn off auto jump and run manual but besides that this game is awsome.

They should have named the game Constant Advertisements.

The game is pretty fun but has way too many adds everytime we beat a level theres a add its really annoying please fix this.

This game is so hard that you cant get past level 2 we suggest they add that you can turn around fully and the pads that boost you can boost you when you run on it from the side.

If you want to play a game for a few seconds then watch ads, this is the app for you.

This game is sooo good but it has a lot of ads we hope they add a no ads feature that you can by in the future.

The game its pretty fun to play just like we play with her feelings.

The game is great, the graphics are great, the difficulty is good! The only thing we would suggest would be different game modes like game with bad guys and a game mode with out bad guys. And different game modes like that. Overall we love the game!

We love this game so we gave it a 5star rating AMAZING!

Overall game is good, only downside is the enemies. They take away from the game itself but act like another obstacle.

If you look at some of the 1 star reviews they say that "Theres too many ads" and "Level 2 is impossible" even though, 1. Turn off the wifi and data on your phone. 2. We just beat level 2 like 5 minutes ago. Honestly its just a good game and we recommend it.

The graphics are good and, not gonna lie, the footsteps are just so satisfying to hear. This game’s amazing!

We would give a 5 star but to much ads but overall very good and fun game.

We really love this game but every time when we land in a building we roll and we mess up.

This wont be a long review because we dont have to say much. The thing we would love to be added to this game is ENDLESS MODE it would make the game a lot more fun because most of the campaign levels are short. P.S. – cut down on the ads there are a lot.

Could you please add more challenges and stop repeating levels over and over we love this game and we hope you could do that thank you in advance.

Please add option to make purchase to remove ads in the future!

This game deserves 5 stars, but there are WAY too many ads. Please at least give us the option to pay for ad-free option. It seems like many people including myself find themselves coming back to this game more than others; were more than willing to spend a one-time fee of $2/5$/$10 USD to get a more seamless experience. Too many breaks between runs.