Rooftop Run

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 05:55 am

Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mad Hook, Rooftop Run is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th June 2020 with the latest update 17th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rooftop Run ?

24,218 people have rated 3.4.6

What is the price of the Rooftop Run ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rooftop Run released ?

Rooftop Run was released on 9th June 2020.

When was the Rooftop Run updated ?

The latest updated date of Rooftop Run on 17th October 2022.

Where can Rooftop Run be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rooftop Run from Apple Official App Store.



Experience the thrill when running over the rooftops and jumping between tall buildings.

Updated on 17th October 2022

-Bug fixes

Rooftop Run Review

Hope we have infinite life on this game we love it.

So we love this game but we would like the bot that catch you to be faster so like what Im trying to say like if could like run on walls and that stuff but best mobile game ever.

Its so fun we Im gonna tell all our friends we love it thank you for this great game.

This game is great and the graphics look amazing we dont have much to say but this is a fun game for when you get bored and we totally recommend it.

Hello this game is so fun to play with friends and try to finish levels first also no bugs.

Id pay $20 for an endless mode to this game. The levels repeat themselves after lvl 25.

But it takes forever to download.


This game is better than eny game on our iPad.

Awesome game in our opinion. We really like doing parkour games, but we feel like if you made it to where you can slide and jump on your own we feel like that thatll make it more a challenge and make it fun but thats just what we were thinking. Great game though!

This is the best offline game you could play and thats a fact.

Its a very good game but we wish you could actually buy the no ads it says on the AppStore that you can buy that but when you go to settings in the app it doesnt show it.

Okay so the game is overall very good. We love playing it. Its very fun. The only thing is, is when we play there are so many ads that its hard to enjoy. Other than that its pretty good. But tone down on the ads if possible.

Ok this game is good but we have some suggestions to make it better 1. Make it have a multiplayer option to race against friends because that would be way more fun and you can get more players so its a win win for everyone 2. Adding more stages and areas would be very cool 3. We wish the character could actually turn around 360 degrees even though it is not that serious it would still be better.

The stuff it takes is aggressive we dont have the game because we dont feel comfortable to share that much information with someone we dont no.

So there is too many ads and we hate it can there be less ads.

We are beyond mad!!! Our son was playing this game which said it is a 12+ game and an ad came up with a girl that was in lingerie and her boyfriend paid for her to her plastic survey then a girl said she was going to a BDSM party and you can get her ready for that. COME ON!!!!! We will tell everyone we know about this game and make sure they protect their kids from it. How dare you!!!! Keep the ads age appropriate. Deleting asap!

Bruh why is this game actually good.

This app is very buggy yet fun we like how unlike other games you dont have to go so hardcore we play this game if we want to play a parkour but you dont have to sweat to survive its like cranking in Fortnite where you have to sweat.

The ad we were like is 100% fake but its really not The other game like fake like the other ads.

Really fun game but theres no place to remove ads?

We have been addicted to this game as soon as we got it, although we have some suggestions for the game to be more enjoyable. 1: new animations You can add simple things like vaults, high jumps, etc. 2: new soundtracks. Im not saying this one is bad, in fact we think we should keep it! But rather than using it over and over we can maybe add new soundtracks. 3: new levels One of the slightest things we dont like about this game is how they reuse old levels and/ or just add extensions to it. 4: new skins Its better for personalization and expressing your self 5: online feature/ race feature The game would be so much cooler if there was an online feature along with the solo feature we have right now. With that we will conclude this rate, goodbye!

You will get killed but jokes aside this game is amazing.

Perfect game, we love it all, but there are soooo many ads. Please developers add a feature to where u can buy a thing to get no ads. You make money off us, we get to play the game without disruptions, its a win win.

Well its cool but cant pass level 9.

Best game ever we love it Im on level 100 tho there is one thing can yall add a infinite level pls pls pls this would be the best game in the world also the boss completely ruins the game but the game would be good if you add an infinite level and take out bosses.

We dont want to sound harsh but when we saw a ad for this game we were like ok another probably fake game that we will play and its nothing like the ad but then we get it and love it no problems we just wish there were a lot more levels but we know how it takes time and effort to make a good game and we think it would be cool to make new areas or skins for your map texture so we hope this gave you ideas and Theres a glitch for one of the levels where the enemy attacks you through the loading screen oh and it deleted our progress but thats ok because we still love ur games one last suggestion if its possible please make a game mode where there arent those enemies we wouldnt hate the game without this another words with or without this we still like this game cant wait to see your new games bye developers and others.

This is a good game we had lots of fun playing but its not 5 stars because there are a lot of ads edit we’ve played a little longer and there arent Too many ads but like once every 2 or 3 games.

It is a good game we recommend it its the best game we have downloaded so many games and this is the best one ever.

We wish you could take away some ads cause every three tries and then an ad, we dont like. It gets annoying a lot. Other than that we fine as a game.

This game is the best we tried it and it literally calms us down when Im mad.

This game is really good but mabye add more customization like a skin for your character and enemies and mabye different maps.

We see that you’ve responded to lou dorn, they had the same concerns as us but the wanted the cops removed entirely. Heres our suggestion concerning the cops: A second game mode without any cops would be awesome, we like to find weird ways around the maps and find shortcuts but when we are the cops are kind of in the way. Know some others do the same so another game mode with no cops would be awesome!!

The levels are fun and OPEN not completely but there are lots of different paths and places to go.

Awesome and fun but Im scared of Fnaf.

This game is honestly really fun and made us have faith in mobile games but please lessen the Ads. Other than that, its great.

Like like the game but we dont like the red people they just get in the way but all tho we still like it so 5/5.

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