Dungeon Village 2

Dungeon Village 2


Dungeon Village 2 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd, Dungeon Village 2 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th March 2021 with the latest update 9th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


221 people have rated 1.33

You can download the game Dungeon Village 2 from APP STORE.


A new legend begins here!

Build and manage a town in grasslands, snow fields, even in the underworld! Set up inns, weapon stores, and more to convince adventurers to come visit.

Use items and equipment to power up your adventurers and help them get more gold and experience from their quests. Be on the lookout for new dungeons to explore and new monsters to fight!

Need help attracting adventurers? Try building new facilities, selling new kinds of food, or improving the local area to earn Titles. Keep experimenting, and you might stumble on some rare awards…

As your town develops and becomes more popular, adventurers won’t just visit, but move in for good!
The enemy roster from the previous game has been expanded with a host of quirky new monsters to fight.

Play your cards right, and some monsters will become friendly and join you! Give them snacks, keep them happy, and they’ll become valuable allies on your quests. Explore more and more of the world map to unlock new areas.

Feel like a fresh start? Move your town to a different region to discover unseen monsters and bold new adventurers.

Rise through the ranks and create the greatest town the kingdom has ever seen!

Zoom in or adjust the screen size with touch controls.

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Updated on 9th May 2022

Supports all 10 languages including English.

Dungeon Village 2 Reviews

Basically an expansion from the first but you can move places so at least it has great endgame as well!

Really good game but melee become trash after 4 stars.

It expands upon the first game and its amazing.

Overall very well made, very in depth, and a lot of fun.

The premise of the game is pretty simple, but we find it really relaxing! If you liked the first one, youll enjoy this one! More maps, more monsters, and the monster companion feature is pretty cool!

This game is beyond fun. The perfect amount of simulation mixed with RPG.

Spend hours upon hours playing this game.

Fantastic, just as good as the first.

Really charming and appealing game, love that you pay upfront and that there are no in game micro transactions.

Big fan of this group. Fun, interesting games. Hours of fun. Highly recommend them.

We be skipping classes for this game.

We would have enjoyed playing this game, EXCEPT for the fact that it didnt save our progress! We were constantly clicking the Save button as our town progressed, and it gave us the message indicting that it had been saved successfully. We got to work arranging our town and buildings until everything was just perfect, and then we saved one final time and closed the app. But when we opened the app again later, our buildings were not there! Confused, we began placing them again as before. Then an event that we had previously played through, and completed its quest triggered as if it were the first time. Please note: we are NOT mistaking it for the reoccurring events that pop up periodically as you play. No, this was a tutorial explanation and a quest we had previously already completed! THE GAME HAD NOT SAVED MY (recent) PROGRESS!! And this exact same issue keeps happening. Its not just a fluke, every time we log in, the game always sets us back a good 30 minutes of play (oftentimes, MORE than 30 minutes), and it is absolutely infuriating! FIX. THIS. NOW.

This was a great game to start, but as the game progressed, it started to become very apparent now unbalanced the game was. Your adventurers go and fight monsters and get exp., but this only leads to relatively minor stat boosts compared to blasting them with items. Its fun to play around with class swapping and unlocking more powerful classes, but it never felt like there was any rhyme or reason to any sort of difficulty progression. Also, as the game develops, you get utterly bombarded with popup notifications- and at that point in the game, you really dont care if your traits are going up or your population went up another 100 points or you earned another medal. Its just constant clicking to make these updates go away. Overall, its still worth its price point, it just have the longevity that made us want to keep playing past the first week.

Great game until all our roads stopped working.

We’ve been playing Kairosoft for years, and two issues we’ve had with their games are lack of difficulty plus not enough content. Now, Kairosoft has never delivered on difficulty options, however, this game absolutely has content. We’re very satisfied with it, and am grateful it was so cheap.

We love kairosoft games and this is our favorite!

A simple game with loads of character and best of all no network needed or tracking of any kind unlike most things on the store.

We love almost all Kairosoft games, and this one is no exception! If youre looking to kill lots of time waiting on an airplane or some thing, this is a perfect game for you!

The original was our very favorite of all of your games, and now we are helplessly addicted to this one. Ugh, these games are so good.

Put way too many hours in this game and we’ve only owned it for 3 days. Worth the money if your patient and hate cookie clicker type stuff.

Fun and complex, but perfect for quick gaming on our phone. Thanks fir the fun sequel!

Fun engaging (time devouring) game, but the dungeon aspect is all auto played, no controlling of the battle.

Played the first one, beat it multiple times. 2nd one is the exact same thing with so much more! We absolutely love the feel of this game.

We love the first version and the second is better.

Have always been a huge fan of the Kairosoft games, and this is no exception. Its super easy to jump into and is a perfect game to idly mess with while doing just about anything. Our only real complaint would be the lack of explanation about catching monsters.

This game is amazing. Tons of content. Cute graphics. Always something to do. Decent difficulty. Manage a town, equip RPG characters with classes and equipment, and fight monsters and bosses. You don’t control the characters, but you do set them up via the town and watch them succeed which helps the town grow. It’s awesome.

Bought a few kairosoft games here and there after playing game dev story. A few of them stood out, but more often times than not the gameplay is either super stale, slow to progress, or both. We bought dungeon village 2 after being disappointed with boxing gym story and man what a complete turn around on quality. Enjoying this much more than their other recent games.

Played the the first game like crazy when we were younger and this brought back so much memories.

We have been a fan of Kairosoft games for many years. We have played through the original Dungeon Village several times so our expectations for Dungeon Village 2 were very high, and Kairosoft delivered. Dingeon Village 2 is everything that the original was just more. They didnt try to make a completely different experience which we appreciate. Everything we loved from DV1 is here. DV2 really adds a lot more flavor to the game via more monsters, jobs, shops, and items. Excellent work as always by Kairosoft.

We’ve played the previous game a lot and this one adds so much! You can now have pets! Im really enjoying this game.

Its a fun game to play at your leisure but can also go very fasr-paced. We love leveling up and re-organizing our town.

A fun town sim game that brings back a lot of memories from 16 bit JRPGs. We love watching our town grow.

Im so glad you guys went back to the old school games!!! This is one of our favorite games and youve outdone yourself!!! Bravo!!

Plenty to do here, lots of the first ones charm and plenty of heroes to recruit. Definitely a new favorite!

This is a really great game, and fun all the way through. Error: the watermill building is actually a windmill.

Took us 2 days of non stop playing to get the first town to 5 stars and havent felt board yet, so Id say its a pretty good game.

Although the progress seemed a bit slower than in the first game we felt the pacing was actually better. The upgrades and QOL changes were awesome. If only here were a way to filter which announcements you received though. It becomes a bit overwhelming.

Great game that calls back to all the great games Kairosoft used to make. Absolutely loved the game.