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Royal Detective: Legend of The Golem – A Hidden Object Adventure (Full)


Step into the gaming world with Royal Detective: Legend of The Golem – A Hidden Object Adventure (Full), one of the top $6.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Big Fish Games, Inc, this captivating Entertainment game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 9+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 20th July 2016, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 26th July 2016.

Whether you have a liking for Entertainment, Adventure, or Puzzle games, Royal Detective: Legend of The Golem – A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) is sure to keep you hooked!

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The small town of Glanville has found itself in some very big trouble. Strange creatures made of clay have been showing up, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Each day brings a new Golem, stronger and faster than the last, and the townspeople are absolutely terrified. It’s time for the Royal Detectives to do what they do best, and save this town before it’s too late!

    When a master sculptor unveiled his living creation to the world, the town turned on him out of fear. His death was a tragedy, but has someone else picked up where he left off?

    Crack this stony case by solving clever hidden object scenes.

    Crush your opponent through devious puzzles and fantastic mini-games.

    Avoid a path of destruction and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Statuettes, super puzzles, morphing objects, and more!

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Hear from the Players – Royal Detective: Legend of The Golem – A Hidden Object Adventure (Full) Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Royal Detective: Legend of The Golem – A Hidden Object Adventure (Full):

Love the story, characters, etc. Graphics always awesome. Love the little golem, maybe there’s a #2 in the works?? HO’s, puzzles, all fun.

We enjoyed just about everything. Elephant games does it again.

Elephant games does it again! Very well done, excellent special effects, unique hidden object scenes & puzzles. Thoroughly enjoyed! Looking very forward to their next release. Thank you developers for such a fun & entertaining game. KdBoots.

It’s been a while since we had such a good game. We loved playing it- the HOS and the puzzles. Of course with an Elephant game you can’t go wrong. The graphics are always so clear and the storylines flow nicely. More of these please BF.

We just started the game but so far it seems clever. Not too hard but not too easy. It’s holding our interest. Some interactive things we’ve not seem in other games. Refreshing!

Thanks for the heads-up Dracyy. To: Feline Muse: other players like knowing what is new that is out so don’t bash KimTwilight for telling us. She is one of the best reviewers out there and a member of the Dream Team Elite, who have made amazing improvements to this genre of gaming. You, on the other hand, are IRRELEVANT! You bashed Kim and didn’t even bother actually reviewing the game! Kim, we are glad you stood up to a hater! We do everything to help others and they resent us. So just ignore these people! They will never be part of the DTE! Also we played that new Artifex Mundi Demon Hunters 2 game and we really enjoyed it! Also thanks to Izzyoc for telling us of some upcoming games that we can look forward to playing. Remember, knowledge is power! On to the game. You could customize the settings. There was no journal but objectives were regularly updated and the story was easy to follow. You collect morphing objects and statuettes. The graphics were beautiful. The game was a bit short but it did have a bonus adventure. Inventory was labeled and interactive and there were plus items to assemble. Loading was instantaneous between locations and there was a marked, if so customized, teleport map to transport you. There was an adorable clay golem to dress up and he could help you accomplish tasks. The HO scenes had nice variation: word lists, silhouettes, putting objects into the scene, matching pairs and there were also some embedded puzzles in the HO scenes. Elephant gave us an excellent variety of puzzles/mini-games. It wasn’t only boring rotational junk, but some fun and innovative puzzles to challenge your mind! There was a lot to do at each location and we thoroughly enjoyed the game. It played smoothly and had a nice flow. We definitely want another sequel! Lynxie sends to the tireless, hardworking reviewers on the DTE! Let’s keep taking this genre to the next level. Don’t take attacks personally. These people are irrelevant and have made no improvements whatsoever. We won’t allow the haters to tear any of you down! In a war of words, they stand no chance with us whatsoever. We don’t belittle people to make myself feel better, but if they start something you’d best believe we are going to expose them for their foolish behavior! KimTwilight, we are very proud of you!

This is a great way to spend an afternoon and an evening as well. Terrific graphics,great story line, as well as a couple of helpers with real personalities. Many of the games and puzzles have an interesting twist to them so you’re not just doing the same hos type every time. We really liked this game and rarely give reviews but this game deserves one along with more than only 5 stars. Simply wonderful!

We loved everything about this game! Customizable settings, very responsive, interactive Hint button. Varied HOPs, interesting plot, lovable tiny Golem, beautiful graphics, relatively long-playing game complete with a Bonus game. We need more 5-star Elephant Games!

Vibrant colors accompanied by well produced plot, lengthy bonus chapter. Mini Golem helper is appealing, lends a personal connection to the game. Strategy guide not well developed, nor are explanations on as to how to play some of mini games or HO’s. Response time between scenes is a bit sluggish also. All in all , though a game that is worth buying, but only if on sale, because game prices industry wide, are starting to be over the top, no matter what site/developer one is at. The KamenRider team would kindly like to remind the public at large that Big Fish has been releasing apps/games as of recent for purchase that contain explicit content and/or depictions that are racist, anti-Semetic, religiously & ethnically intolerant in general and disrespectful towards "alternative" lifestyles… Case in point: Mystery Tales: Her own Eyes Collector’s Edition. This propagation is antiquated and has no place in today’s global society-Have we as a species not progressed forward in our self-awareness, that we are an inter-connected planet who must accept all for who they are? Apparently not! THUS THE KAMENRIDER TEAM KINDLY ASKS OUR ESTEEMED PUBLIC TO CONTINUE BOYCOTTING THE COMPANY OF BIG FISH UNTIL THEY ONCE & FOR ALL STOP PROPAGATING ANY ARCHAIC AND/OR HURTFUL STEREOTYPE(S), BELIEF(S), TREATMENT(S), PRACTICE(S), CONSIDERATION(S) CONCERNING ANY PERSON, RACE, RELIGION, LIFESTYLE, ETC. It is also asked to all that leave reviews or comments in "Review" section kindly limited oneself to a review, not a shoutout, comment response, complaint, etc. That is chat room, blog,or media oriented unless it contains a hyenous, hurtful, intolerant, stereotypical, or uncalled for/unmerited belief or practice that still persists today like the one denoted above. ~KamenRider.

Very enjoyable. We admit to skipping a few of the puzzles. Some we just didnt catch on and needed more instructions. Otherwise it was great.

Close to great,but,not quite. More puzzles would have put it in that category. The little golem made it all worth it!

Cannot select chalice on final HOP. Therefore cannot complete the game and access bonus content. App support redirects you to forums. Save your money.

Keep writing your reviews and thank you very much for including other games we have tried played and greatly enjoyed them which may not have have happened otherwise.

This is a very good game. Great graphics and a lot to do. Well worth the money on this one.

We agree with all of the good reviews here. The game has everything one would want in a quality HOAG and zero glitches! One tiny complaint would be most scenes had very crisp graphics while a few others were blurry. Personally we would rather get a heads up about other worthwhile games that we may have missed than someone using the review board as a msg center to post updates regarding personal health ailments and dying family members.

Have just started this game, but it looks to be a really good one. Has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a collector’s edition and it’s from Elephant Games so it should be a quality game. So far the story is keeping us engaged and we liked the intro cut-scene that helped set the stage for the game opening. Heads-up that Artifex Mundi just released Demon Hunters 2 on sale for a limited time. It has a free trial so give it a spin. But wish they’d hurry up and release Grim Legends 3: Dark City for iOS soon. The good: Bright graphics, transportable map, customizable mode of play. Collectable statuettes, morphing collectibles too! The bad: Still not a fan of the external strategy guide (especially when traveling and have no internet connectivity) but at least it doesn’t make you restart the game when you go back to it. The ugly: nada Big Fish Games to look forward to: Myths of the World: Whispering Marsh Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes (interesting premise for this one) Never tales: Legend (from Mad Head Games – fantastic reviews on this game for PC)

Good story line. Lots of puzzles and some are excellent. Elephant games are always a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Like the title says, thanks for suggesting other games we would know about otherwise.

We look forward to Elephant Game’s Christmas games every year and am so thrilled that this year we have a mid-year puzzle game that tops the charts and enchants the player like those do. Elephant games is always so reliable technically, as the games are so well built and never stall or have glitches advancing. This game is both adorable and perfectly designed for enjoyment and challenge. Absolutely love it!!!!!!

Great game, end of bonus chapter was so sad! Really like the new mini games, more interactive than usual.

Great series (each plays as a stand alone also) and in this latest installment you have to find out why the town is being destroyed by Golems – clay figures who come to life. You are helped by an adorable mini golem. Morphing objects in every scene, figurines in some (indicated on map), overall a great game! One small rat in one scene but it’s brief. Various HO styles sane mini games. Elephant did a good job! Verdict:buy!

Great game, but a little short–perhaps because we were enjoying it too much. Great job Elephant again and thanks BF for better games. Lovely music, lovely scenes. We always love Elephant’s music–not so much with last game by Eipix. And Kim, et al, many thanks for the great reviews And the heads up about other new games. These reviews are about these games but are entirely "free" to give us, who want to read and play on, an alternative without spending $$$ on bad games. Loved this game, but it is short and at full price might be iffy. Off to play Nevertales, a favorite.


Great fun. Love the little golem. Would love a sequel. Look forward to more from this developer!!!

Thank you for your "order" that we "STOP PUSHING OTHER GAMES." Fortunately, we cannot comply. Here’s why: 1. We have, at times, recommended games more than once a month; however, many other developers do not release games even once a month so the majority of our reviews in the past have excluded any mention of other games. Just some here and there. 2. We care about other players, and many might not realize that there are other games released with good quality at affordable prices. Other players have done the same thing, including for this game. If you don’t like it or anyone’s review, just skip over it. There is no reason as to why this should be a bother to you. Some players have thanked other players, including myself, for directing their attention to other games. 3. We fully admit that we are changing our tone to sound less assertive because we are a nice person and do not want others to have a negative portrayal of us. We were just shocked at your review. 4. Do play Demon Hunters 2: New Chapter by Artifex Mundi; we think you’ll love it. Get it now though for only $2.99. Thank you anniel60 and LynxMinx for your kind words. Oh yeah….. Our review, in which the original we accidentally deleted. We’ll keep this brief. This was a good game with many good components and variety. We just loved the little Golem, but we almost cried at the end of the bonus. Varied HOS and fun puzzles; interactive inventory; nice teleport map; collectibles, etc. Lousy graphics and no customized settings, which are the reasons why we deducted a star.

Would be 5-star game but we felt it should have been longer; finished main part of game in an hour or two. Great variety of minigames and beautiful design though!

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