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Chef’s Blast Pop

Chef's Blast Pop

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Chef’s Blast Pop! Developed by the innovative team at 重天 梁, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 1st February 2024, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 1st March 2024.

Are you a fan of Casual, Simulation, games? Then Chef’s Blast Pop is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Chef’s Blast Pop

Over 1,004 players have rated Chef’s Blast Pop. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Chef’s Blast Pop Cost?

Good news! You can download Chef’s Blast Pop on your iOS device absolutely free!

Chef’s Blast Pop Release Date

Eager to know when Chef’s Blast Pop first graced the App Store? It was launched on 1st February 2024.

When Was Chef’s Blast Pop Last Updated?

The latest version of Chef’s Blast Pop was updated on 1st March 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Chef’s Blast Pop?

To get started with Chef’s Blast Pop, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Chef’s Blast Pop

Dive into the delicious world of Chef’s Blast Pop, the ultimate puzzle game where cooking and strategy blend seamlessly. With an endless array of levels, players will embark on a culinary journey like no other. Match and pop identical elements to progress through each tantalizing stage. As you conquer challenges, unlock a treasure trove of dishes and elevate your chef to new heights of culinary mastery. Explore the world’s cuisine with an ever-expanding food map, where each victory brings you closer to global culinary domination. Chef’s Blast Pop combines the joy of puzzle-solving with the satisfaction of character progression, creating a relaxing yet engaging experience for all food and puzzle enthusiasts. Ready your chef’s hat and prepare for a feast of fun, flavor, and adventure!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Chef’s Blast Pop updated on 1st March 2024:

1.Optimize UI adaptation.
2.Optimize and add levels.
3.Fix bugs.

User Reviews on Chef’s Blast Pop

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Chef’s Blast Pop below:

Ok super fun and easy * this is coming from a 9-18 year old:)* and it gives you prizes for 3 games including Roblox. So yep not fake if ya wanna get things for Roblox stumble guys and some kinda battle game! -Silverwillow.

We started playing and we enjoyed it but then we thought about the add saying it would give you robux but it didnt!!!! Dont Get!!!!

So fun to play we don’t care if it gives us robux it’s so fun.

People say its a scam but we actually got it!

The only reason Im going back in time for our next.

It does give you robust not lieing.

Does take a little while for the Robux to come but it is real game. Its really fun. Five stars.

We gave this a five star so you can see this, this game is way to easy and it will not give you any Robux this game lied to us and this is now our 13th reason.

We like this is cool and fun to get robux.

Dont that like you do that lie to us this is the real ads or real.

Even if youre just playing to play its a really fun game!

We cant see the robux and we got 999,99 :(

This game is so glichy that it literally affects our iPhone when we try to get out of the game it takes a while.

We downloaded this app because we have no Robux and hoping to get Robux so if youre looking to get Robux, we suggest you download this app.

Its ok we hate the ads and the verification but yea we love the game but the ordering is so annoying its long and Im mad if we dont get our robux.

So you need 100,000 diamonds just to get 15,000 robux and as soon as you get to 99,980 you will get like 50. And if you watch the 5 x you will only get 2.50.

We got alot of gems at the start like 4,000 but now Im at 1.

We love this game it is very easy and fun and after you get 100,000 gems and you do the challenges after that you will get Robux it will say in progress and we think it will take about 6 days and 10 hours for it to go into your account and we are still waiting for the Robux we have about 4 days and something hours until we get our 15000 Robux. Over all it is a really fun game to play and you might get some Robux out of it.

We just got this game. Its really fun, but two things. The ads, and the diamonds. You need 100,000 diamonds for 15,000 Robux. Thats right. 100,000. And the ads Right when we got on, an add. Right when we got off, an add. But we dont mind we mean, at least you get Robux So its pretty good, just a couple things that we think they could fix!

This app was fun so far we are doing good! Im very happy the only thing is they didnt ask for our account name so where are they going to send the robux(if there are any) Im just curious but the game is fun and but when you get close to fully having Robux, it will like stop giving you gems,almost overall four stars.

It should give you robux, we just havent got it yet. Theres just one bad thing we have in mind. The diamonds. You need 100,000 to get 15k. As you get closer to the goal, the amount of diamonds you earn gets lower. We have 99,983 diamonds and we get 0.20 diamonds per round. Id give a bit more diamonds like 3-4 at least. Its fun though. We played it for hours.

Well we like it because you get robux but it has a lot of adds and you know when it gives you diamonds when you get closer to the robux prize the diamonds the amount of them keeps going down of the amount AND we DONT LIKE THAT.

We realy like this game and its so fun but you need to get 100,000 gems to get 15,000 robux and its starts off good it gos pretty fast but when your at the 80,000 it starts to lowerdown witch takes forever and im at like 98,000 gems and every time we get some more gems it gives us like 50 or 100 gems and its so slow and so annoying and we dont evan now if itll give us robux or not and it just wast our time. We just got this game and we are aready starting to think of deleting it.

We just start and to much ads idk why and when you get to very close it comes up like 0.20.

Its a good game and it will give you Robux its just that when youre close to getting it, it will start giving you barely any gems. So Im really close right now but its only giving us 0.20 gems. Like Im at least at 99,830 gems so Im really close to getting the Robux its just not giving us enough. Same with the adds like we need to watch one add just for one gem! We also like a love hate sort of thing.

So the first time we got on, they gave us a lot of gems but after you come going and you get close to 100,000 they gave you 0.20 gem and when you got the 100,000 gems you needed to watch 30 ads and we thought it it a lot so good but it takes a while.

So we got this app today and we did the stuff and im in a line to get our money im waiting.

Right now we like this game im used t the adds because of other games and its actually kind of fun when ur not just trying to get robux. But we are getting annoyed at this game, so there is a goal for gems you have to reach to get robux and we were good with that at first but then we realized ever time you get closer and closer to that goal the price goes lower and lower until im at like 99,973 it will only give you 0.20 gems. So we got ticked of because of the low score but the IT GOT LOWER!!!!! It lowered to 0.10 gems! So after like an hour of that we finally got to the first goal and got 100,000 gems! So we were super exited to get our robux like anyone else would be but it made us do tasks first like watch A BUNCH OF ADDS. And that got annoying but then we finished all the tasks and we havent gotten our robux yet. It makes you wait in a REALLY LONG LINE! Im still in the 7,000 range so its gonna be a while until we see if this is a scam or not but when we see if its a scam or not we will right another review saying our feelings on it then to right now we gave it 3 stars but thats just until we see if we get our well earned robux.

We were patiently waiting for our robux we were 4075 in line after 2 weeks and then we checked again we were 9075 in line again! Please fix this.

Creators your add is so up to date but it lies like all games you dont expect it to give you robin but it dosent even have a robux button so we immediately knew fake. But why do you happen to say you have robux? Just so people will play your game? You are liers and this game isnt even fun. Stop lying you creators. You are a scam for little kids who are playing this for no reason and dont even like this game. So stop lying.

We’ve been in line and we keep moving to a higher number from 8,000 to 6,000 to 9,000.


Sure its ok but the robux we have ZERO idea where it is and we have a lot of stuff but the concept of the game is ok.

This game makes us want to shoot myself in the foot and then go listen to sad songs while we cry.

This was a total scam it did not give you robux, but Ill say it was fun the thing is no robux less fun we have been trying to get robux from our mom and she is saying no when we saw this game we tried to do it it was a scam,WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!! And if it even did it would take weeks too get it so dont get this game endless you want to be scammed!!!

Im sorry but we were happy at the game at first but guess what the gems slowly decreased.

This game is awful. You have to watch 300 million commercials and it hacked our account.

So we were in line and all the sudden Im like at the end we got sent back 5,000 spots and we’ve been waiting for 10 days.

It did not give us forbucks im on level 55 and it does not give us roebucks dont get it.

We hope this game works because we keep seeing it everywhere we go see it better work or else.

This Creator makes games that are BIG SCAMS! This game makes you wait in line to get your gems. For us it starts us at 8000 in line and then when we start getting down to 4000 it goes right back to 8000! Dont waste your time trying to play this game if you want gems. Its a total scam! We have even tryed this creators other games and they all do the same thing. Dont waste time playing this game.

It is a good app but it kinda false advertising for giving robux.

To little gems we watch to many ads and it isnt even that good.

This game says it gives robux but it doesnt give any and never fall for these types of games. These quick cash grab games.

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