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Rubik’s Connected

Rubik's Connected

Rubik’s Connected is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Particula Ltd, Rubik’s Connected is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th September 2020 with the latest update 29th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Education, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rubik’s Connected ?

352 people have rated 1.8

What is the price of the Rubik’s Connected ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rubik’s Connected released ?

Rubik’s Connected was released on 25th September 2020.

When was the Rubik’s Connected updated ?

The latest updated date of Rubik’s Connected on 29th June 2022.

Where can Rubik’s Connected be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rubik’s Connected from Apple Official App Store.



Rubik’s Connected is the classic cube reimagined and redesigned for the 21st century – a Smart and Connected Cube.
With its new technology, the Smart Cube offers a new and exciting playing experience for all levels of players, all ages and all capabilities. Including fun interactive tutorials for beginners, statistics and challenges for players who wish to level up their game, and the world’s first online cubing league and competition, turning the Rubik’s Cube into a social connected world.
More than that, Rubik’s Connected offers casual games that use the cube as a controller, enabling anyone to enjoy the classic toy, even if they are not interested in learning how to solve it.

Learn (for beginners) –
A fun interactive tutorial will safely guide you through the world’s most known puzzles secrets.
The tutorials breaks the complex solving challenge into small fun mini-steps, and includes videos, tips and real time feedback (from the Rubik’s in your hands, to the virtual one on your screen).

Improve (for intermediates & pros) –
Practice and monitor your progress with advanced stats and analytics.
The App measures your play down to the milliseconds. It provides accurate data for your solve time, speed, and moves.
The App will automatically identify your solving algorithm, and will provide you the relevant measurement for each individual step in it.

Compete (for all levels) –
The App matches include various playing modes, from fun scrambling competitions (spaceship racing for all levels) to pro’s versus battle matches.
Get into the world’s first leaderboard, and join live competitions. Play against your friends or vs strangers.
To ensure a fair match, The App recognizes the starting position of each player and guides them through a unique set of moves to reach a common starting position.

Mini-games, missions and third party games incorporate various aspects of cubing in order to improve handling skills, instincts, or simple games for pure fun.

Rubik’s Connected is a one-of-a-kind smart connected speed cube, for many hours of fun!
Connect your Smart Rubik’s to your iPhone or iPad, and start cubing NOW!

  • Be sure that your device meets the following minimum requirements:
    iPhone 6s or higher
    Bluetooth version 4.1 or higher.

Updated on 29th June 2022

Bug Fixes

Rubik’s Connected Review

It is good but very pushy (sometimes) but the rest is awesome but you need the rubiks connected cube and it turns very well so it is AWESOME!

The app helped us so much, it only took us 1 day to learn how to solve a Rubiks cube, YouTube tutorials are always so hard to understand and some steps you just dont understand, especially when you have to memorize left hand move and right hand move and L and R and so on. But in this app, if you keep playing the tutorial a few times you will start to memorize it automatically, you dont even realize it.

We a recovering after a significant surgery and always wanted to learn to solve the cube. This is the perfect app for a newbie like myself. It keeps us entertained and occupies our time while we are recovering. Great walk through guide.

This is the best app we’ve ever used for cubes but just make the software more colorful and complex pls.

We love this app – we an finally solve a cube :) However, the patterns section n games hasnt been updated yet, despite the Coming Soon status.

One day the stats just say available for edge cubers only and it has not changed since. Now we cant see our recorded solves and their scrambles, solutions, and times, which is annoying, please change it back.

We havent explored the app all that much, its good for timing yourself and seeing interesting stats. The cube itself is great. However unless youre among the best who can solve a cube in under 10 seconds, the app will not give you an actual rank, just >999 we would love to have a bad rank and see other players who are around our level and slowly work our way up as our speed improves. The app seems to only care enough to give you a rank if you are already a pro – this is quite disappointing.

We connect the correct cube set everything up correctly but the screen will show its complete when our physical cube is even more scrambled it worked the first few times and it was a blast but now its not working and it was a birthday present to our 9 year old brother he was loving it now its just frustrating.

This app is so much fun and offers much more than simply solving a Rubiks cube. Under the interactive match challenges they have the standard one-on-one live challenge where you solve the cube against an opponent. But they also offer live challenges to do a one sided face match (match all the colors on one side of the cube as fast as you can), a scrambling challenge (how fast can you scramble your cube given the standard scrambling notation e.g. U R D F L etc.), and the Rescramble challenge which is one of our favorites where they give you a scrambled cube and you have to take your solved cube and match every piece on the scrambled cube (very addictive!). We really wish the Gan developers of the Cube Station app would design their app to be as intuitive and user friendly as this app. Give it try!

So the cube is great we would just like it if the hint videos had sound.

Im a stupid person so we have never been able to solve a cube on our own and the app helped us greatly.

This is a great app but every app has a few glitches one of them is so do a scramble match next get the green face facing you do this algorithm L,D,R,Unext do the opposite U,R,D,L its a life saver but Rubiks if youre reading this please patch it.

It taught us how to solve a cube but, when we forgot a move we went back into the app and the colors on the cube didnt match the colors on the app!! We tried to do the moves anyway and all it did was undo everything we had already solved. Also the app says our cube isnt solved but it clearly is. We gave this app five stars when we first downloaded it but now it deserves two stars.


It teaches you how go cube, and has an excellent programm.

Ill make this quick and simple, The cube turns very well, the app allows anyone at any level of proficiency to enjoy the experience and not feel discouraged. The app has many fun features and games and also a tutorial for beginners! The best part is being able to compete with others in the comfort of your home! Especially in times like today! We havent been able to compete in a real comp yet and this app has allowed us to have the same fun competitive experience every time we play!

We love this app, our son and we got a rubiks connected and we verse each other all the time, we love the stats so we can learn on what we need to improve on. Definitely recommend the cube and app.

Love to cube. And to see it doing everything on our phone smoothly and timing it exactly, is awesome. Love to play the little games and to practice as much as we can we’ve been cubing a long time and this is awesome to see where the future is taking it!

This app makes cubing fun and easy. There is even stuff for the pros.

We have some Rubiks cube but we bought a new one and we wasnt really much of a pro but than we forgot how to turn it back to how it was since we were playing with it in the dark so than we worried and we been trying to solve it for months also we even asked for help since one of our family members used to be a very pro Rubiks cub person years and years ago and tried to help even tho it been years since they did it but than when we had enough storage and used the charger your app actually helped us and we were just following the instructions and The cube was finally solved and dude was we in shock we were like in shock for a whole 1 minute and surprise and we were actually very happy since we wasnt a pro Rubiks cube person and yall app helped us made us had so much joy!

This is a great app and it works very well with the cube. There are some things that it could improve on, but the truth is that we love playing with ours, and it is a good place for speedcubers of any level. Not only are there head to head matches in both scrambling and speed solving, but theres also some fun games and ways to play solo. The statistics system is so good and accurate. It tells you everything you would want to know and more with easy to read graphs. The cube itself isnt that expensive, and the app is free. Id say that if youre reading this review, you should definitely try it. Have lots of fun!

A few things here and there dont always work perfectly but Im very happy this cube has not disconnected on us one single time or miscalculated a move and lost orientation like our giiker does. With some improvement in the app this could be the best smartcube out there for people looking to learn and even all the way to those who are sub 15.

We really love the cube and app. We’ve had a lot of fun playing against other people. What we dont love though is that some of the games didnt have a tutorial so it was a guessing game trying to figure out how to play them. We also wish that there was a tutorial for the more advanced algorithms rather than just the beginner method. We already had the beginner method down pretty well but we cant consistently get our time below 1:30. You would think that with having expert mode where you have to be able to solve in under 30 seconds that the app would have a tutorial to help you learn how to get that fast.

If your a brand new beginner then this app is not for you. Online videos of pros will actually show step by step what to do slowly and it will all be explained very well. Unlike this app which punishes you for too many mistakes and it does a very poor job of actually explaining whats going on. This app was a total nightmare for us but after watching some videos elsewhere we were able to do the scramble and complete the cross in a few minutes. Also if you lose in a beginner match it says epic fail thats not a great confidence booster for a newbie and thats probably why theres so many bots.

We love the Rubix connected, little to no crashes and great games, definitely worth the money.

We love competing with people online because we’ve never actually done it, and we can connect with people all around the world!!! (My cousin and brother will never do it)

The set up is amazing. Its an amazing cube turns incredible.5 fun games theirs solo mode pro cuber online battle mode scramble mode and more. But their is one little issue once around 50 to 100 solves it doesnt show it solved but its so easy to fix absolutely amazing love it definitely recommend it.

Sooooo cool! Clearly a TON of work went into this app. The only issue we have is a bug in the Cubeysizer sound doesnt work.

Not only does the cube look nice, but it turns beautifully. We take it everywhere and we practice a lot. Our average times before this cube was over a minute. Now its under a minute. After a while without smart cubes, we got bored a lot, but this app keeps us entertained all day. Thanks gocube team!

The rubiks connected has changed the way we cube and it really is a game changer. It not only is a good cube but it draws attention in public and people are amazed at how it works! We highly recommend this product to anyone remotely interested in cubing. The one downside of the app in our opinion is the ability to cube offline. There is a way to do it however you cant get a scramble and you cant get averages of 5. If this fix is implemented then there is not a single thing wrong in our opinion. Keep up the great work!!

This cube is amazing and is so fun, we played against people and played solo and done all the modes and it is awesome.

We love this app because it is simple. We have the GAN iplay and cube station and the overall presence of this app has made us enjoy it quite a bit more. It would be nice to see algorithm training somewhere in the future, maybe in a memory game form in the solo section. Other then that we cant think of any reason this app wouldnt get 5 stars.

We finally learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube at age 50. After five weeks we can consistently solve it in about a minute and a half. This app is amazing. It makes scrambling, our least favorite part, not so bad. The solver is amazing, as you can scramble the cube and it will show you to how to solve it in 20 moves or less. Tons of statistics. A perfect timer. Really fun. Can’t believe so many people can solve it in less than 15 seconds.

Love this! Makes practicing much easier. No more pesky timer! Great interface.

Very good app for a smart cube. Highly recommend.

We really enjoy this app. Im relatively new to the speedcubing community and am currently building a circle of people who want to learn cubing. We like friendly challenges which this app provides, and also lets us connect with friends who also have the rubiks connected. The addition of the rematch feature is also fantastic for those matches where if you did just a little better, you may have won the round. Our 8 year old who has learned basic method also enjoys the challenge in the beginner level and looks forward to the friendly competition.

Amazing app for learning how to solve the all-time classic Rubiks Cube. We actually believe that solving the elusive cube of the Rubiks origin was the original premise of the Indiana Jones franchise. The app offers great tutorials, challenges, stats, and more. If you love the cube, or are just getting started, download this app NOW!

This is a great app and we love the ability to be able to compete live. The only things we would like to see are 1. Landscape view for the entire app and 2. To count double moves (e.g. U2, M2) as only one move. Well done though.

Best Bluetooth cube on the market! Its fluid turning inspires confidence and the strong magnetic strength helps you keep the cube aligned avoiding lock ups.

All in all we like the app and the cube is decent. The games are fun, we enjoy Solo solve mode. We wish it knew the ZZ method. After we do a solve it usually thinks Im doing CFOP or Roux. Also, we wish it knew about cube rotations and M turns.

This is basically the same app as the gocube app. Both apps are fantastic. But we find the sync orientation feature missing in this app. We are not sure if that is because of some missing hardware component or because the Rubix connected cube is $20 cheaper than the GoCube. Other than this, we have no complaints. We were insanely happy when we solved the cube in 3.14 minutes, but that time probably falls in the bottom 5%.

App works best when timing solves and providing random scrambles. The games and modes dont work well, and we’ve tried them all. It can show a live digital version of your cube which is cool, and it pairs with the cube instantly. Unfortunately, the app is poorly optimized for newer phones and the formatting seems stretched and feels gross. But it times the cube with perfect accuracy can which is what we use it for.

We have always wanted to learn how to solve a RUBIKS cube, and this app taught us the best way possible. It approaches the solving process in a very methodical way.

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