Rushing Alice

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Rushing Alice


Rushing Alice is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Yue Cong, Rushing Alice is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th July 2012 with the latest update 7th February 2018

Whether you are a fan of Family, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


314 people have rated 2.60

You can download the game Rushing Alice from APP STORE.


Rushing Alice is an action running game where you play as Alice who travels the mysterious scenes with adventures in order to find the way home, you can also collect the coins and gems laying around.

You can run, jump, air hike, fly, smash obstacles, and use items in the game to challenge each endless stage.

The coins and gems you collected in the game will be exchanged to points which you can use to buy avatar to make Alice more beautiful or buy items that can make game much easier…and of course, you can also buy points as an in-app purchase in the game shop.

-Impressive action feeling
-Amazing graphics & Smooth animations
-Many beautiful Scenes
-Many different character costumes
-Many different quests to complete for each stage
-Easy to learn, but hard to master
-Game Center Support(many different achievements and a leaderboard included)
-Facebook support
-Twitter support

-Basically, you can collect silver & golden coins in the game to increace your points.
-Use your dash action to break obstacles will also bring you points.
-There are many fragments of gem lay around Alice’s world, if you successfully collected 3 rubies, 4 sapphires, 5 Topazes, you will get a big extra bonus, the only thing you need to take care about is the collecting chain might be broken if you get a gem in different color before you finish collecting.
-You can use the points to buy items in the game shop to make the game a little easier or buy lovely costumes to make Alice much more beautiful in game.
-You can also buy points in the game shop as an in-app purchase.

Updated on 7th February 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

1.Support iOS11.
2.Fix the sound bug in DreamTime.
3.Add Break Rushing function, speed you up!!!
4.Fix some bugs.

Rushing Alice Reviews

More than iOS 11. Update? Edit: Its been updated! Im so happy to have this app back. Thank you dev!

Its a fun game. We like how you can customize the outfits and things.

One of our longtime favorite games! However, it does need some work. Itd be nice to have seasonal events like most games have. Theres also no new outfits to the game other than the ones there are. You cant connect to any other media for sharing so its a lot harder to get gems. Taking a picture during the swan ride will crash the game.

Our cakes disappear we turn off our extra stuff which it shouldnt auto turn back on it should stay off even when you come back in the game. You need to provide diamonds through the gameplay instead of only paying for them and we were gonna say thank you for finally providing us a starter pet but no you tease and want us to pay for it too. Needs to be ads for coins and bunny saves. Supports a joke Im surprised to see we think 2 new outfit sets or just we never scrolled down there cuz our goal outfit wasnt that far down. Had this game before under this account. It made us restart? How do we get our things on this device? We still have it and all the things on our iPod. Also you can connect to the Game Center but it doesnt restore anything we dont remember if this was even a feature when we played it.


We’ve had the game for a short time but it is so fun and addicting!

Rushing Alice is DEFINITELY our favorite app that we have downloaded. It’s fun and challenging and it never bores us. Plus, it has a great soundtrack. :)

We love this game please update it or make it work with iOS 11.

We had this game for over a year now and it still is one of our favorite games from the cute style and addicting gameplay .. We love it.

We like this game, but sometimes it just random dc, Plz fix it.

This game is great because there are so many outfits for Alice, and the challenges in the game are sooo addicting. We recommend this game to everyone who sees it. The only bad thing is that you have to work your butt off in order to earn enough to buy an outfit.

We’ve had this app for more than a year now. We first played it on our 4th gen. IPod. It kept crashing at some points. Ads would pop up only after we died in a session. Some clothing and all the animals are costly in jewels (which cost real $) though throughout time one can earn jewels completing new daily tasks. Earning jewels is a slow process which, for us, we do not mind. Now we own an IOS 8, the app never crashes nor are there ads popping randomly. We have not seen one ad pop up actually. You can play this game offline and online. We came to like this game not only because of its theme and graphics but for its ability to still attract our attention despite having stopped playing the app for a while. There are a few amount of ‘worlds’ you can buy with easily earned coins to experience running in a new setting. There are about 10 backgrounds and soundtracks to experience. For us, we love playing this game when we are on a long ride towards somewhere and we have no access of wifi. A good, quick time killer besides reading a novel.

It became infested with ads and extra power up iAPs.

Don’t listen to those other bad reviews this game is perfectly fine! I’d say the best feature is the beautiful graphics! But the make your own Alice is just a great because not many games let you do that. The never ending running just turns this game to addiction! So much better than Temple Run! We’re serious we’ve never had so much fun before!

This game had really amazing graphics we really love Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland when we saw this one it really took us It was really awesome to control Alice and also love Cheshire :) Definitely recommend this one to everyone try it out and you’ll see :D.

This game is the best game we have ever downloaded! Very kawaii, extremely customizable, and pleasantly gothic. As a lover of everything pastel grunge and steam punk, we find the graphics in this game to be highly satisfying. The gameplay is exciting and perfectly paced! You will not regret downloading this game!

We just wish there was a version of the app for Samsung. Overall, this app has a great range of options.

Highly recommend :3 If u are patient, u can fully enjoy the game without having to use real money. Usually, u will receive 3 gems per day after finishing daily task. This app is already great but we hope they will add more scenes and customs, or maybe another game mode?

We like how you can dress up Alice. The graphics are also very good.

Soooo great. I’d recommend it to all our friends coz this is such a great game <3.

Whoaaa!!!!! After sometime leaving and uninstalling the app for a while, Theres now a big change awesome we regretted uninstalling it for a while. Alice grew up, but still its a challenging game. Sugoi for the game Cheers to the developer!!! ^_^

5 stars despite 2 bugs we have noticed: 1. Sounds will not play while iPod music is playing, despite having them enabled. 2. Sounds stop entirely when we enter dream time, including music. Music resumes thereafter, but the sounds do not until the app is relaunched. – Please fix! Very well done! (I am using an iPhone 5C if it helps at all).

Easy running game with 3d cute character with lots do different custom and soothing music.

Will there be an update? We see we can no longer search for this in the App Store.

We have fun with this game. Good way to pass the time. Plus we want the music!!! If there is a way to get it then we will definitely get it!!!

Addicting game play, and rewarding cute customization for your avatar. It’s surprisingly addicting, and fun, although some challenges make you want to throw your phone across the room.

We just love how this game/app is put together. We love how you can customize Alice in many ways and how addicting this game is to us. Keep up the great job.

We love this game, although on the menu it keeps saying we need to update to 2.4 but in the App Store it says it doesn’t hVe an update. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this game we love it to death.

This game is awesome but you will get addicted to it soon but the purple gems are hard to get.

We really love this game, it’s simple and you don’t have to think too much to play it. Good for boring waits at doc or whatever. We preferred it before the update that changed the crystals, because we just liked collecting the crystals, and we don’t really like dream time. Otherwise we really adore this game. :)

We really love this game, but we don’t know if it’s just us tht the game keeps crashing every time we open…

This is a great but it needs updating to be compatible with the new iOS device an so on. It’s functions with the money exchange for gems don’t work everything else is fine. So fix it PLEASE .

The game is pretty fun, but it is also kind of difficult.

We love this game but it hasnt been updated to work with iOS 11 yet… Still waiting..

We just got Rushing Alice and it seems pretty fun. Some of the settings are still kind of confusing for us but overall, fun game! We recommend it to everyone!

Good game! We love playing the game the only thing id say is that everything with this purple gems costs so much that you cant get any of them, and the only way to get gems is paying real money. You can only spend .99 cents but the amount it gives you, you cant get anything with.

After the first dream time the sounds goes off and just remains the background music!!! Its bored without the original sounds! Plz fix it!

Before you get to the first dream time, the sounds are perfect-but when you get to the first dream time the sound goes off and afterwards it’s only background music. It’s not as enjoyable.

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