Rusty Lake Paradise

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Rusty Lake Paradise


Rusty Lake Paradise is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rusty Lake B.V., Rusty Lake Paradise is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th January 2018 with the latest update 17th February 2019

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,594 people have rated 1.8

You can download the game Rusty Lake Paradise from APP STORE.


Jakob, the oldest son of the Eilander family, is returning to Paradise island after his mother passed away. Since her mysterious death, the island seems to be cursed by the ten plagues. Find the mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the plagues.

Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake, the creators of the Cube Escape series, Rusty Lake Hotel & Rusty Lake: Roots.

Key features:

  • Pick-up-and-play:
    Easy to start but hard to put down
  • Unique storyline:
    The first adventure game based around the ten plagues of Egypt
  • An unforgettable puzzle experience
    Each plague brings its own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers
  • Atmospheric graphics
    The pastel background paintings are handmade by Dutch painter Johan Scherft
    -Immersive Soundtrack:
    Each plague has its own theme song and variations
  • Achievements
    The island has more secrets to unravel

We will unfold the Rusty Lake story one step at a time. So check every day for new content and follow us: @rustylakecom.

Updated on 17th February 2019

Thank you for playing Rusty Lake Paradise! We fixed a few bugs in this new version.

Rusty Lake Paradise Reviews

We love this game, its so disturbing and interesting all at the same time. Please come out with more of these that are longer and more complex.

Thanks for helping keep our brain active.

We love these games, they are clever and twist our mind in ways we didnt think were possible. Really captivating game that is definitely worth the money. Its fun to sit and play with two people. We highly recommend this!

Love the journey to this game. Got stuck by the bones part. But we’ve solved the puzzle. We will play it again. All the games are great.

The developers of Rusty Lake are some of the most dedicated people ever. Every aspect of this gamethe puzzles, the characters, the music, the art, was wonderful. Very eerie without being graphic, this game makes you think. A lot of people writing these reviews obviously dont understand the lore of this series, which is unfortunate because this game tells an amazing story. Im telling you, you HAVE to play this game, its just so good. Its only a couple bucks, and the developers usually have annual sales. We love their community and Im telling you youre going to want to be a part of it. Much love to the Lake <3.

Rusty Lake has done it again. Made a very strange but well done game. Im not sure if we LIKE the story, but it was a fun game. It can be gross and even disturbing. But it does create a unique, creepy game! The actual gameplay is very good, with a lot of puzzles spread throughout. The puzzles were a lot of fun as they were also very unique. You just had to figure them out. We enjoyed Plague 9 the best, as it was the least disturbing and the puzzles were the most fun. Overall, definitely worth 5 stars.

Definitely a little on the disturbing side but that is what makes it creepy and fun. May be the best game we have played on the App Store! Love the puzzles, story line and overall feel of this game!

Thank you for making them inventive, dark, addictive, and entertaining. When we start one, we cant put it down until we finish. Im glad you have the you tube walk throughs, though we try not to use them, you do get stuck sometimes. We prefer logic t o trial and error and most of the puzzles can be logicd. Thank you, we cant wait for another one. We wish you would do more after quests, like in roots, we really enjoyed going back for more!

  • Spoilers – Im replaying this game, and Im experiencing an issue on the Tenth Plague level where nothing happens when we spell owls in the stone at the bottom of the well. We’ve tried restarting the level and that doesnt seem to work. We dont remember this being an issue our first time playing sometime last year :(

We liked this one because it was challenging but not impossible and lasted much longer than some of the other stories. The puzzles are unique and creative. We look forward to more from Rusty Lake.

Great game- would love to see new titles from RL!

We loved this game – couldnt put it down the puzzles were the perfect level of difficulty and the art and gameplay was spectacular – best three bucks we have ever spent on an app.

This is a great game, we have played all of their games and they are all very fun and intricate. And we wish that they will come out with more soon!!

Buy it right now now because good.

As always, amazing! We only have one question after playing a couple of your games.. Is there a specific order to play them in?

We are playing these in order and am really enjoying myself. We can figure most of the puzzles out myself, but when we cant the walkthroughs are very helpful. We are going to be very sad and bored when we finish the last gamekeep them coming!

Dark but quirky. Gross but amusing. Edgy but friendly. Somehow this bizarre story line just works. Puzzles were challenging but not ridiculously hard. Definitely worth the price!

Each Rusty lake game is sort of tied together Its kind of creepy and a little bit dark when it comes to the plot but its really interesting and in a lot of ways not predictable. Thats good for us because, we can usually see where a game is going and then we get really bored. But this game had something interesting at every turn. There are easy, moderate and difficult levels incorporated throughout the game. The challenging parts satisfy our desire to accomplish something and feel proud about it. The moderate challenges give us the motivation to keep on moving through the game frame by frame like its a movie. The easy levels add a bit of relief and fun to balance out the more difficult levels. Sometimes the difficult areas will leave us with 1 million ?s in our head… But then theyll be something relatively easy and super entertaining thatll make us laugh or smile or just leave us in awe. Its a very good balance of entertainment, challenge and Beautiful graphics. In the three games we have played, we have not found any bugs at all. Its a super smooth game All of the rusty lake games that we’ve played are very consistently that way. If we could give it more than five stars we would. We enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed, Inside, Limbo, da Vinci and the Room games but, we must add that its not fair to compare the RL games to those because the Rusty lake games have their own feel and flavor The gaming style and controls are different and actually more enjoyable/accurate. We think that the controls can accommodate numerous skill levels. The storyline is much more complete and in depth as well as creative and the games are relatively long. So, you can enjoy them for some time, (even play over), and without getting bored. We never find the games repetitive or mundane. So many other games out there are basically just the same game with different pieces and players… The RL games are like interactive movies… Youre both an observer and a participant You get to interact with the characters as well as review some of the crazy life scenarios of the characters who actually develop overtime throughout the game. Also worth mentioning is the music score Its both relaxing and eerie. It always fits the mood and yet calms us during times in the game when difficult challenges arise. We like that because it keeps us calm while Im solving a hard puzzle as opposed to just getting us really frustrated and then putting the game down we dont want to have to time out on a game constantly because its ridiculously hard. We want the game to be enjoyable enough that even when we hit a hard spot we want to ride right through it until we’ve solved it and move forward in the game. That is very rewarding. If we have to stop and then go into the Internet to look and find the answers to some madcap puzzle we always stop and think to myself: why am we paying money to play a game that we can just watch on YouTube? We shouldnt have bought it. What a waste. We want there to be enough hints, alternative routes, interesting moments and surprises to get around things so that we can keep playing the game and really enjoy it. If this company were able to incorporate decision making on the part of the player that would determine the outcome of the story at the end, then these games would surpass all others. They are Good value for the money and very fun. That actually keeps us coming back on top of all of the other good qualities mentioned above. Thanks, RL, for putting so much detail, creativity and effort into making a really rewarding game.

This is a delightful game! We absolutely love all the games by rusty lake. Visually and mentally simulating. We keep checking in to see if there are any new games! Havent been disappointed yet. Thank you for these lovely games! They are gems!!

We have played all of the games. They are so awesome. Please make more!

We downloaded this game on both our macbook and our phone and every time we reach the fifth plague it freezes up during the cube flashback to Caroline writing her equations in the cave. Even when we close the app or uninstall it we cant get past that freeze and cant finish the game. Is there anything we can do or is this just a bug?? Otherwise, great story! Great game!

Creepy and interesting. We love this game so much.

We absolutely love everything about this game! We like how it was creepy but not overly creepy, we LOVE the art, we love how you have to think, this is 100% worth the money. If you are thinking about getting it, do it!

This is one of the most imaginative and thought provoking experience we’ve ever had with a game, a mobile game nonetheless. The story is creative and enjoyable, and utilized the 10 plagues very well. Oh, and dont get us started on the music, the perfect mix of calming and unnerving elements make the music yet another aspect of why this game is great. We do hope you continue this series. And hey, maybe you might get a full length film someday.

We love the creep and the freaks we think its the best game we’ve played in a long time, seriously if you dont have this game it is so worth it!!!!!

This is a super game. Very creative, strange dark. The puzzles are challenging and its nice and long so its a bargain at twice the price.

We are HUGE Rusty Lake fans after completing all of the games. This one is our favorite- the narrative, creep level, perplexing puzzles- all of it kept us engaged and excited to keep playing. Thanks Rusty Lake for another great one! Love, L+D.

Just buy it you wont regret it.

So it was great but when there wasnt inter net the game stope d working.

Thats why you pay 3 dollars. Better that the already awesome free ones. Ten chapters. Wow. Love the production. So good!!!!

We cant even begin to describe the mind blowing wonderful joy of these games. We’ve played all of them, gifted them to friends and family, and theyve seriously blown every single other game/app out of the water. The creativity of these designers is insane. Snails coming out of grandmas nose? Yes please. Our only complaint: there arent enough stories! Our life feels incomplete now that we’ve done them all. Please please please keep making more of them!! We could rave for days, but this should get our point across. You will not regret purchasing these. Start with this one before moving on to the others. Our only caveat: the story is a little chilling and theres a little bit of gore so if you are sensitive to that, beware.

The Room is our favorite puzzle game, but this one has easily come in second. The graphics and storyline are superb! This game kept us thinking and on the edge of our seat the whole time. We highly recommend it!

Challenging, intelligently creepy, addicting and immersive.

Played this at near binge level speed, loved it, hope sequel comes soon! Beautiful graphics and just clever enough puzzles.

We discovered Rusty Lake games by chance when Samsara Room appeared somewhere in the indie games category screen. We thoroughly enjoyed how bizarre and unique it was so we played through most of the Cube Escape games before seeing Paradise. We completed it in one day and was completely enthralled the whole time. This game is absolutely worth the money you pay for it and totally different from other games offered on the app store.

You guys do a fantastic job with these games. This one so far has been our favorite. No matter how many different escape games we play with Rusty Lake, you never fail to keep us intrigued by your surprises and oddities. Its just too cool. Keep up the great work. Im off to the App Store in search of our next Rusty Lake escape so keep em coming.

Rusty Lake games are the gold standard for us in terms of adventure/puzzle games. We loved the point and click adventure games of the 90s (Monkey Island, Kings Quest, etc), and these are different but they scratch that itch. Keep doing what you do!

Paradise was by far our favorite of the Rusty Lakes games. We love the continuity between all of them but the story for this one was great!! We think Im gonna need more please and thank you. Great job!!!

Hey what r u guys doing? Im waiting for new game! Work work work!

We’ve played all of these games in chronological order. The free ones are short, the chapters you have to pay for are much longer. Theyre worth purchasing. Do yourself a favor if you like creepy, interesting puzzle games. Buy and download all of the chapters, Google the chronological order of these games, and play them in order. We cant wait for more chapters to be released!

We’ve done the Cubes Roots Hotel now Paradise we had no problem paying for the ones that cost since you gave us Cubes for free. But now that we’ve done them all what am we supposed to do?! No really. -_- we loved the journey. Loved the puzzles. Loved these games! We need more. We reallyyyyyyy hope yall are about to drop another one. Because we dont know what else to do with our phone.

Very interesting blend of plot inspiration thats basically Bohemian Grove + Biblical plagues.

We have purchased every cube escape game that has hit the App Store. This was the last one we did. And now we cant find any other games that can fill the need of puzzle and adventure. Rusty lake (along with second maze at times) has blown us away with their gameplay, storylines, and characters. Every app brings a different element of the story and a different adventure that is crucial. We will be forever replaying old games from here and hoping that another game series will begin. And you know, just like a matchbox in a dresser drawer, Ill always be here for Rusty lake.

We love all the games by Rusty Lake. The puzzles, the stories, the art. All of it. We love them. Our favorite games. Ill even watch the Rusty Lake timeline videos to piece it all together and walkthroughs to see what we’ve missed. We hope they continue to make more games. And so many are free that we really dont mind paying for the few.

We love this game so much. We loved every second of it and we cant stop thinking about it. Ill be trying some other Rusty games, but this ones going to be hard to beat!

Im a huge fan of the whole Rusty Lake series. This was great fun, as was Paradox. Love the lore and craft that goes into these puzzle games. Wish we could go back and listen the the backward speaking figure. Lets Rock!

We’ve play all of their games and we put them up there in the top tier of this type of game. Looking forward to whats next. They have a ton of free ones too that you can try out first to see if you like the style.

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