EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 11:50 pm

EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like


EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ilmfinity LLC, EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th May 2015 with the latest update 31st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,550 people have rated 1.9.13

You can download the game EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like from APP STORE.


Played by millions of players worldwide.

  • Over 170 monsters to catch, train, battle, fight & evolve!
  • Explore a massive open world!
  • 30 hours + gameplay, playable offline!
  • RPG adventure with multiplayer arena

Do you have what it takes to be an evoking master?
Catch, train, battle, fight & evolve to prove what you are capable of.

No energy bars, no waiting! EvoCreo offers a twist to the monster battle and monster capture genre!

Embark on a journey through the world of Zenith. Become the top evoker by capturing and battling over 170 kinds of Creo!

Play, battle, fight, catch, train and evolve with your monster online and offline wherever you are.

Test yourself in the arenas, and work your way up to the Coliseum! On the way, you’ll be fighting the sinister plot of the nefarious organization, Shadow Hive!

  • Over 170 monsters to capture, train, battle, fight & evolve!
  • Fully animated monsters and characters
  • A massive open world to explore where Creo roam
  • An epic adventure over 40 hours long (also offline)
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Challenge other evokers and become the ultimate evoking master!
  • Customize your Creo’s moves, traits, and abilities to suit your very own strategy!

You think you can show the EvoCreo world what you can do?
Catch monsters, train creatures, battle enemies, fight with your monster and evolve your pets even when you’re offline!

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Updated on 31st July 2022

  • Added a delete account function. This will remove all your data from our servers.
  • On screen button will only animate if there is an object you can interact with.
  • Fixed the battle creo sizing issue
  • Misc bug fixes

EvoCreo™: Pocket Monster Like Reviews

This game is similar to Pokmon to like it as a Pokmon fan. But its different enough to not get annoying. If you liked Pokmon uranium you will probably like this. And there is also a sequel coming up so be ready for that.

This is a great mobile game if youre still making the EvoCreo 2 can you guys make it a paid game for 3.99. Can you guys have over 500 creatures to catch and a bigger map, better graphics and over 70 hrs of gameplay.

Ok, so small issue- we were playing as we normally did, and we found some rubies, so we went to it, and it just glitched us out and restarted ALL MY PROGRESS. Other than that issue, some rubies we’ve been unable to pick up for some reason, but thats about it. Other than that we love this game SO much.

Hi we love this game but when we use the recover move it sometimes freezes and we have to restart the whole thing, hopefully you can fix this and thank you.

Best game we have ever played we love it!!!

With the new update with the iOS can you guys add a mode where you can play with a ps4 control or an Xbox it would mean we lot to us and others or when you make EvoCreo 2 you can add that feature.

Every time we have tried to buy gems it says theres an error and purchase cannot be completed. Why?

Hello creator if your seeing dis its hard we wish we had did 5 stars but its hard. May you plz make a tutorial and give Marie potions and Plz give EXP share. BTW we are a noob so maybe modes??? IDK thanks creator!

Absolutely love the game we got the free version but it wont let us transfer our free game progress on local play to the full version which we bought and we’ve made a lot of progress and dont want to start completely over it wont let us sign in with apple or google so if theres anything that can be done PLEASE HELP!!

Honestly a great game. Typing is unique, Creo, sprites, battle, overall look, and other things are very well designed. Maybe this is just us, though, but some of the games flaws make the game significantly worse than it could be. To start off, the most frustrating thing in our personal opinion is the ridiculous chance to miss a move that isnt 100% accurate. Battles just get annoying because everything always misses and we just have to spam healing items. Not a huge problem, but aggravating nonetheless. Second, is prestige. When you prestige a Creo it goes back to Lvl. 5, as we all know. What about when you want to level your Creo back up from Lvl. 5, though? Theres no post-game anything to help with that. Nobody would be expecting a whole new region or world like how you can go from Kanto to Johto in Pokmon, but theres gotta be some better way than just grinding in different parts of Zenith forever. Something more interactive than just fighting a bunch of higher level Creo pretty much half-blind. Third, as whoever reads reviews has seen multiple times, the story. We know its shallow. Its honestly understandable, original story is tough to see these days. Especially from a Pocket Monster-type RPG. Even Pokmon isnt doing good with that. Im sure EvoCreo 2 has something special in the making but as for this game, its harder to enjoy when we can skip through a lot of what they say and still get the plot. But again, overall the best monster taming/catching RPG for mobile Id say. Great work.

We have a strange issue where we have to close out of the game mid-battle because we lose the ability to tap anything on the screen. Its like the game freezes. Other than that the game is pretty nice for what it is! We had heard that there would be a second version coming out in 2020 but it never came out, is it still in development? We love this series and would love to play the next version!

We love The game is so awesome The only thing That will make ir better is to challenge friends and also make co-op mission as something that we and probably people of the same phone as we will love to have on the game just like a preference is for the game to be on the entire screen we have a iPhone 11pro Max and it bothers us a bit that we cant play full screen and we think that people with the same phone thinks the same.

We would love to give game 5 star… Im confuse on how to ride an evocreo.

The game is good but it needs a screen format for newer iOS devices and a better map system so we have a better idea where to go.

We cant sign in :( it says sign is not complete is there a way to fix it we tried closing it and opening it we normal sign up in apple account.

We feel like its pretty good so far. However, they need to develop a little bit more creo. It just feels like the creo are repetitive. Also we wish they fixed the navigational system in this game. Its pretty off when it comes to you, trying to figure out where to go for your next mission.

Let us start off with saying that we’ve played this game to completion on our tablet and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Its everything a love in a creature collecting game and more and it being available on our IPhone is great as we can play this on the go or in short bursts. Despite all of this we’ve been having problems syncing our local save data and well as using the multiplayer features of this game. While signing in on multiplayer mode that game uses a google account instead of an apple store account. Not only that but when attempting to sync our save to a cloud save the game tells us to sign in despite already having signed with our apple account. The game is great but us not being able to access the online features as well not being able to backup our save game are two major problems we would like to see resolved.

The hiccup: once a player has won at their first tournament, the game revs up and forces the player to almost skip over battles. Our suggestion: Slow it down. The Pokemon gameplays between tournaments and arenas was much more relaxed than yours. Since both your game and games like Pokemon rely heavily on experience for both player character and the different creatures that they have, a relaxed momentum between arenas is a sure fire way to letting the players achieve their goals.

We would rate it better but it freezes sometimes when we play.

Kind of fishy it wants access to email drive. Game is just bad, doesnt tell you where to go or what to do. Your first battles with lvl 1 monsters leave you dead fast. You cant cause any damage to them and they hit you every time for 1/4 health. They give you auto battle that you have to watch and for (how lame) and the add never loads, battle comes back to you dead. Deleted this trash fast!

We’ve been trying so hard to play this game but every time we enter a battle with another NCP trainer, the game freezes and we lose all progress we’ve made during that session of playing. Very frustrating especially since we paid real money for this game…

We cant sync our play to google and we just want to be able to play as our self from the free version on the full version !!

Honestly, compared to Pokmon nowadays, Im finding myself returning to EvoCreo far more often than any other RPG. In many ways, this game innovates and keeps what is good. Our only constructive criticism is that the battles are still a little slow, and the prestige mechanism was much better before it was changed. Our favorite creo is Vulpesol. We always keep one on our team. Thank you for the great game. We look forward to a sequel.

Everytime we try to make a new game with google it always says its or problem or it wont lemme do it plz fix it.

Every time we get into the game it makes the screen upside down and we cant even play it Right please fix this.

You should add more Creo and add Eggs pretty pretty please with with the Cherry on top.

This game is fun dont get us wrong it brings back a lot of nostalgia for us at least. But there are some issues, and it mostly has to do with the store. First we tried to buy a creo with a different color palette and whatnot but it didnt even give us one and the second time we did it it was just a normal looking creo so idk.

This game is obviously going to be compared to Pokmon, and for the most part it measures up. Pros: The gameplay is fun, engaging, and diverse enough. In battles, the sprites really shine. The evocreo leveling and evolution system allows for a great amount of customization. Cons: The in game store is unreliable. The overworld character sprites leave much to be desired. Walking is awkward and clunky. This may be a situation where less could be more, removing overworked detail to make it smoother, like in earlier Pokmon games, emphasizing the battling aspect of the games. Battling is great, and this game has a lot to sink your teeth into. If we could polish the overworld a little in EvoCreo 2, then we think thisll merit a 5 star review. Definitely 4 stars. Weak… Barely connected story (although Pokmon was hardly much better), but great gameplay all around.

When we downloaded the game at first we were skeptical. But it actually is a very fun game. But after the most recent update we are unable to log in the game with our google account like how we were before. It will just say Log in failed please try again we really enjoyed this game but now Im contemplating deleting it. We would love to get a response from a developer.

Porque no se puede jugar multi jugandor un amigo y yo quisimos hacer ina batalla multi jugador para ver quien hera el mejor y no su pudo porque tambin no lo dejo entrar y cuando quieren entrar dise error intente mastarde y luego intento de nuevo en la tarde y vuelve a pasar lo mismo que pasa miren disculpen pero para eso compre el juego por el multijugador y resulta que no tiene funcionamiento…????????????!!!!!!!!

Hola, He tenido un problema en el evocreo y es de que no us deja meterme a la option de multiplayer pero no us deja. He investigado con unos amigos con los que quera jugar pero igual a ellos no les deja meter a multiplayer quera averiguar si van a arreglar esa option que por eso compr la versin completa.

We’ve enjoyed this game to the fullest. Closest thing to Pokmon we’ve seen. There are issues, however, that plague this game. The flux links have been not working, as you need to tap the screen for it to be more effective. But when we tap the screen the light orbs do not appear as to signify that it is being powered up. Certain Creos appear in areas where they are not listed in their creopedia page, for instance lumigon can be found in Koppla Tunnel/Cave. We think it would be nice to have the locations of creos to be more accurate to make it easier to find them. Aside from personal preferences of certain creos, we highly recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a great campaign.

We love this game but we cant play our saved data that is on the cloud, it will load it but if we try to play it they game turns off, we really want to keep playing this game we were really close to completing.

We just got the game today after finishing the lite version and it wont let us get anywhere without crashing. We really love this game, we hope this can get fixed soon. We would love to give it more stars, Ill surely change it when this gets fixed.

Best game of the century we think it is.

We would like to help our channel by playing our favorite game and showcasing it to the world it is the best game we have ever seen in our eyes.

We give it 5 stars overall but around a year ago it wouldnt go to the loading screen no matter how many times we restart our phone or delete and reinstall the app. It would just be a black screen until we exit out of it. Now that its been around 6 months since the reinstalling and its working. We hope it doesnt do that again though, we really like this game.

We’ve played this game for a long time and we think this might be one of our favorite games on the App Store, Id absolutely recommend trying this game.

Hello. We would like to say that we have wanted to play this game for a long time. We finally pulled myself together to buy the full version. There is one thing that could be put in and that is how to differentiate a normal creo from its alternate counterparts such as genetically modified or shiny besides seeing the different color once you know what it looks like. Other than that this game is great. We have found a bug where we had transferred our lite version to the full version and was glitchy due to the save being weird but we finally got it to work. However now that we have progressed we saved in the woods and now our game keeps crashing whenever we try to log on again, but we have fixed it by syncing the cloud to local.

We’ve played this game for years and we’ve always loved it. So much fun!

Currently am bored bc of covid and was looking through app store purchases. Saw the game was still being updated and its as good as it was then.

While Im sure Im too late to have any real impact the game is unfortunately only good for an extremely casual pokemon-like time consumer, the self healing moves the player gets exclusive access to as well as traits that nullify a damage type (AI is very basic and will continue to use moves that have no effect) would be ok if not for the major downfall of balance, statuses, aside from chill, confusion, hesitation and flinch every other status is so utterly overpowered that it doesnt matter what creature youve got as long as it can learn 3 status moves, effectively nullifying the entire point of a game like this as your mon nor its moves matter when you can hit 100+ dmg per turn after the second turn through bleed, burn or poison while 1 sleep or blind will effectively give a free 3 turns. All that said it is surprisingly polished and has a very good basis to its feel and look and is good for a bit of fun if you can stay away from abusing statuses.

Great game overall; however, the recent update does not load our saved game and only shows a black screen. Update: The game developer is extremely friendly and cordial!

We cant see to purchase any in-game content. It always freezes up on our then we have to power off the game, then get back on. And the auto-play is busted. That freezes as well.

We’ve really enjoyed the game so far but we seem to be having a crash issue that has kept us from continuing our play for over 2 months now. We log in and load into the game and before we can even move our game crashes.

Love the game, we played through it a while ago and didnt realize there were two expansions. We just bought those and beat one, just started the second. First major issue: before starting the expansions, if your Creo already have reached lv 100 they wont gain any experience and wont level up any further. Meanwhile one of the opponents Creo get to about 107 or so. If your Creo are below 100 then they level up like normal. Second major issue: if your Creo do level up past 100 and you decide to put them in storage for whatever reason, they will revert back to lv 100 and you wont be able to level them up any further just like the first issue we pointed out. If these two bugs were fixed then it would be even more amazing.

We stop playing this game a year ago but when we tried to sign in to our account in gmail, it loads in and kick us out of the game when Im in for a sec. Please fix this issue.

We bought the expansions for the game and closed out of it… Now its saying that we have to purchase both expansions again? We dont know why this is happening, Im sad that this happens because we didnt even play the expansions either.

The game was really good until it recently started crashing and kicking us out. Now we cant even load our game before we get kicked out. Is it because of an upcoming update or something?

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