Secret Files: Tunguska

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Secret Files: Tunguska


Secret Files: Tunguska is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Animation Arts Creative GmbH, Secret Files: Tunguska is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th April 2017 with the latest update 6th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


61 people have rated 1.4.0

You can download the game Secret Files: Tunguska from APP STORE.


[ FULL GAME! NO EPISODES! The award-winning point and click adventure returns on the App Store, localized into seven different languages and fully optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! ]


When Vladimir Kalenkow, a high-ranking scientist looking into the unexplained Tunguska catastrophe from 1908, goes missing, his daughter Nina and his assistant Max are drawn into a conspiracy of epic proportions. Chased across the globe by the Russian intelligence apparatus and a zealous secret society, the two adventurers solve mysteries in Germany, Russia, Cuba, China and even Antarctica. But the more light they shed on the truth, the more they put themselves in danger!


Help Nina and Max, the adventurous protagonists of Secret Files Tunguska, to solve a variety of challenging quests and elaborate riddles as the title’s fascinating plot leads you to the most remote corners of the Earth. Travel to exotic locations, explore rich sceneries, engage with interesting characters and collect useful information. Unravel a mystery that remained unsolved for more than a hundred years!


  • An interactive mystery thriller for smartphones and tablets
  • 12+ hours of suspense-laden playing time
  • No micro transactions or in-app purchases
  • 2 playable main characters
  • Dozens of NPCs with individual background stories
  • Lots of demanding quests, riddles and puzzles
  • More than a hundred exciting locations
  • High-quality graphics with amazing attention to detail
  • Full voice acting by popular dubbing actors
  • Fully localized into German, English, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Spot-on touch controls made for mobile


Secret Files Tunguska has received dozens of honors from games reviewers and jury members alike. Among others, it got a 92 points “Gold” rating from Adventure Europe, a 89 per cent “Gold” award from Game Hunters and a 86 points “Gold” star from Gamaxx. In addition, it has also been named “Game of the Year” by the editorial departments of Gamestar and The Gamer’s Base as well as “Best Adventure of the Year” by the readers of PC Games and Adventure-Treff.


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Secret Files Tunguska requires iOS 8.1 (or higher) and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game does not contain any in-app purchases or micro transactions. Instead, the initial purchase gives you access to the full array of content and features.

Updated on 6th May 2019

Walkable areas fixed in various scenes.

Secret Files: Tunguska Reviews

This was a great game and it was super long. But the hints arent always consistent with the objectives in the game. They were fine for the first few sections, but got progressively worse as the game went on.

An entertaining game. Some of the challenges require solutions that do not make sense. Otherwise, the story and process of moving through it hold your attention. For us, it was well worth the money.

This is a fun game with lots of hours of play. Every time we thought it was over, there was a whole new section. We did find it amusing that – slight spoiler alert – in a diary entry dated 1949 Ninas dad wonders if hell ever see her again. That would make Nina almost 60 years old in the games present year of 2006.

This game brought us back to when we played it on our first computer on the kitchen table. Its been a long time and its so fun to play and remember as we went along. Its so much easier on our iPad then it was with a mouse. Thank you for bringing this back to us!!!!

Developers please continue to support and update and please make more full version games without in app purchases.

This is an amazing creation, some bugs.

One of the better point ‘n click adventure games we’ve played–LOTS of content. Liked the highly developed storyline and numerous characters. Some of the dialogue was silly or weird but generally that was fine, even with the few language translation oddities. Well developed diary. Very nice that there were in-game hints, if needed, though we prefer not to use them. Some of the "puzzles" (really solutions to a situation problem) were too obtuse; we prefer those kinds of puzzles to just matching colors or clicking on locks but got fed up with some of them. Also, pros and cons on how the characters moved. They looked pretty natural a lot of the time but other times really weird. And having to walk specific paths to look at an object was goofy–even if the character was acutally closer to the item before clicking on it they had to step through the right squares to "line up" however they were "supposed to." Overall am a fan of the game but some of these issues were annoying enough to take you out of your immersion in the game at times.

There appears to be a glitch which prevents us from adjusting or tampering with the satellite dish outside the hospital. Disappointing that we wont be able to finish the game.

Unfortunately trying to drag an inventory item will drag the entire app off the screen. We got used to touching the icon very very very lightly a few times which worked once in a while. We decided to save our place in the game by overwriting a previous save and it crashed. We lost all of our progress. At that point we gave up. Im going to try one of the later versions but Im really disappointed because we were hoping to binge play the whole series since it looks so good! If you fix everything Ill come back and change our rating!

Wow! We’ve played many point and click adventure games and we must say this is in our top 5! The graphics are great, the storyline is interesting and easy to follow. We liked that most steps to be taken were logical and we only got really stuck a couple times, however, there is a help guide in the game that will give you just enough to get past the section you may be stuck without ruining anything else. We’ve already downloaded the 2nd installment and cant wait to start playing!

We are actually playing this for the second time, and we never experienced a glitch. The game saves automatically at critical checkpoints, so if you quit in between, you will start again at the last checkpoint. You transport quickly between scenes by using your motorcycle. Available scenes are depicted at the bottom of the screen. You can quickly identify interactive points within each scene by clicking on the magnifying glass. If you want to speed up the dialogue (which is dubbed and subtitled in English since the original language was German), you can click for an immediate skip to the next line in the conversation. There are a few minigames, but most of the challenge is figuring out what to do In order to progress the story. The built-in, detailed walkthrough is awesome if you get stuck. This is definitely not a simple hidden object game, which for us is a giant plus. Great graphics, storyline, and cut scenes with sympathetic characters. If you enjoyed the Syberia, Broken Sword or Runaway series, we think youll like this too.

We had been enjoying this game very much (love the mystery plot line and the graphics), although not as much as as the Syberia series, which is why we bought this gamebecause it was somewhat similar to itbut we got stuck early on, because an obvious glitch. At some point, you need water to combine with plaster in a bowl if you want to advance in the game, but the item is nowhere to be found in any of the screens. We cant proceed and we dont want to go back to the beginning of the game to start over again in the hope that the glitch has been solved with the newest update. Its very frustrating. We hope the developer solves this problem. Otherwise, we cannot recommend this game.

Old and buggy. Things dont work as they should and often nonsensical. Oh well.

This game is almost close to perfection in few aspects. The dedication for details is amazing. 1. Sharp graphic and amazing video scenes 2. Very interesting plot with multiple locations 3. Long. In many games you feel the developer got tired halfway or were out of budget and the story closes almost abruptly with no attention to details at all in the closing scenes. We felt like that in Timbelweed Park. 4. Loaded with humor. Thats one of the main reason we are playing those games and this one had tones of it. 5. They thought about everything to make it comfortable to play. Clear hot spots. Easy manipulation of inventory objects. Inventory items dont take big part of the screen. The green circle makes it easy to combine objects with items on he screen without the need to try different combination only to hear something like we cant do that from the character. 6. Perfect help and walkthrough inside the game. Although had to go to a website as on one of the scenes it didnt make sense (the one with Evenk its not mentioning few steps) 7. Perfect voice acting Few comments: 1. The idea of picking a picture for the dialogue is very nice. However it puts you in a feeling you are not actually controlling the dialogue. One major fun of those games is the feeling things you do night change outcomes and in dialogues here you feel like just pressing buttons. The humor also take out of the dialogues. In some games you can ask or say hilarious sentences only to se the reaction of the other character but here dialogues are used only as a method for passing information. 2. We know we are on the minority here but we still like to see more realistic looking lead characters. Here we have 2 whites with perfect skin and facial characteristics. They can both do modeling as part time. The game will be more realistic if the leads will have more day to day look. They dont have to be ugly but looking like a super models take the realistic feeling out of the game and assuming young people play those games gives the impression that the good guys are the beautiful whites and the bad guys are the rest of the world. Also all other characters in the game have the same skin color and generally have the same facial characteristics. 3. In Russia it would have made more sense to have the locals talk with Russian accents. They sounded good but with American accents we couldnt help but thinking about paid actors talking in American studio. 4. Not sure we got the joke in the end: we are a man – we are not holding a grudge Excellent game!

We absolutely love everything about this game. From the storyline, to the graphics and all the different scenes… By the way, theres a lot of them…. All the puzzles and things you need to do to move on, combine and build and even the voices. Truly, this game rocks, we were never bored and have played again and again. Its pretty long, which we absolutely love and takes quite awhile to finish n most definitely a brain teaser… Worth every penny plus more! Highly recommend.

We originally played this game and couldn’t finish due to glitches. We decided to try again with the re release and was pleasantly surprised at how long it was and the glitch was gone. If you like point and click adventure games in third person. There is nothing not to like. Especially since it’s free.

Maybe playing this on a larger screen would be fun. Playing this game on a phone is an exercise in madness. We hated it. We gave it two stars only because there were some sections that were playable. It would have been nice to have a better zoom system and for items to be a little larger. We recommend skipping this, unless you have a larger screen.

The main attraction here is predominately the intriguing and suspenseful plot presented as a cinematic experience; and for the small portion of the game that we could play, the storyline is attention-grabbing. The characters appear to be compelling enough, as demonstrated through their realistically portrayed speech patterns. The banter between characters is entertaining and humorous; but the protagonist has a ditzy, melodramatic voice, which frequently tests our nerves. Some of you might think that the copious amount of dialogue is burdensome and abates playtime; however, we believe that it strengthens the backstory and helps us feel connected to the characters. The graphics are satisfactorily rendered with fairly sharp and clear visuals. You cannot choose between any modes of difficulty; you are forced to play in the singular mode that is programmed into the game. Inventory is labeled, and you can combine items by dragging one on top of another; you need to figure out when to do this on your own. There is no teleport map; however, clicking on the motorcycle will transport you to other locations. You are given a journal to read light story development; and if you get stuck, you can click on the lightbulb icon for clues. Unfortunately, there are too many vexations and programming flaws that wholly obstruct gameplay. Firstly, the mechanical controls of the character are awkward and cumbersome due to the ceaselessly repetitive movement and dialogue initiating every time we tap within the scenes. You do not play from a first-person perspective; rather, you move your character in circles, resulting in extreme frustration while finding an interactive area. Secondly, we loathe having to steadily choose between hearing information as it is dictated (magnifying glass icon) and accessing an interactive area (hand icon); this drawback is imposing and disrupts fluid progression. Thirdly, this game is completely devoid of HOSs; avoid playing this if you cannot do without them. Fourthly, we have not come across a single puzzle in the three laborious hours that we spent manipulating a character in every direction. Furthermore, saving our progress was like solving a Trigonometry problem. It would take too much time to convey the state of befuddlement we were in while trying to find a way to save our progress. If it worked, it was not for long. We would open up the game hours later to realize we had lost a portion of our progress. This was the nail in the coffin. The only good moments were the dialogue of the characters and the interesting storyline. We’re glad we downloaded this during their free-trial period.

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