Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 at 01:00 am

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MYTONA PTE LTD, Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th July 2015 with the latest update 5th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects ?

86,968 people have rated 2.29.0

What is the price of the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects released ?

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects was released on 30th July 2015.

When was the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects updated ?

The latest updated date of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects on 5th October 2022.

Where can Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects be downloaded ?

You can download the game Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects from Apple Official App Store.



Refresh your mind with an exciting combination of hidden object game and match 3 puzzles!

You find yourself in the cursed city of Darkwood, whose shadowy streets hold many secrets and mysteries. And it falls to you to unravel them! You are the Seeker, the owner of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map! It is you that is destined to save the city from the oppressive Curse. Don’t waste another minute—start your battle against evil right now!

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

  • Gorgeous graphics, striking characters, and picturesque locations
  • Free updates: new quests, fabulous locations, and unique prizes await you every month
  • An awesome plot and fascinating storylines with unexpected twists and turns
  • Spellbinding puzzles: Treasure Box, Haunted Lights, Mosaic, and Ancient Cards
  • Desk guardians: a charming cat, a funny raccoon, a mysterious unicorn, and other cute friends
  • More than 10900 exciting quests
  • You can assemble over 1520 amazing collections
  • A variety of events and daily quests with fantastic rewards
  • Unique jewelry boxes, stickers, and medals for completing quests
  • Enchanting music that will plunge you into the mysterious atmosphere of the game
  • Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor
  • Trade useful items with the residents of Darkwood
  • Use magic talismans and craft powerful artifacts
  • Banish dangerous monsters and placate magical creatures
  • Join guilds and play with your friends!
    We’re already 6 years old! Thank you for being with us!
    Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device’s settings.

Subscription Options
We have the following subscriptions in our game:

  • Double Energy Restoration (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 14.99$ which makes your energy restore twice as fast;
  • Double Experience Month (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 9.99$ which doubles your experience.

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  • The price indicated is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual changes may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after confirmation of purchase.
  • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • The account will be charged for renewal during the 24 hours before the end of the current period, and the amount charged will be the current cost of renewal.
  • Subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off at any time in your iTunes Account Settings.

Canceling trial or subscription

  • You can turn off auto-renewal for subscriptions whenever you want through iTunes. Please see
  • When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed.
  • The current active subscription period cannot be canceled.
  • When your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements included in the Subscription Options.

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Updated on 5th October 2022

The chilling Fair Deal event! Download it now and get free energy!
— The fascinating Swamps location hides a number of chilling secrets!
— Sticker shop in guild chat helps share emotions with friends quickly and easily!
— Numerous improvements to the visual aspects of the game. Seekers Notes is now even more beautiful!
— Exclusive event rewards and mysterious creatures. Only the best for you!
— The grand Bloom Festival event: unlock all the festival rewards!
— Guild competition: Magister’s Path!
— Paint a picture in the Colorful Adventure event
— The Starcatcher event: catch as many rewards as you can!
— Join Gremlin Fun and compete for the top spots
— Tasty event: Ice Cream for Yeti! Help Yeti find amazing prizes
— Search for the Talisman: explore locations and put together a mighty artifact
— Unravel the Emerald Mystery and get a unique guardian—Arthur the Wolf!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Review

Love that you can change to a quick puzzle in the middle of things . Keeps us interested for hours. Wifi willing.

Been with you since the beginning, never gets old always something different. Thanks for the entertainment!

Sometimes it gets a little boring when playing some of the same rooms over and over again. But we know its just a way to have people spend money on prizes to move further and faster. But still love the game.

We like to play it, but all the updates are taking up too much storage space. So soon we wont be able to play, bummer.

You will be frustrated if you dont spend any money. Its been really fun, and we find we are more willing to spend money on this game than any other. But you dont have to. Plus, any time there are issues, once fixed the developers send out a little something to everyone with an apology. Upgrading our rating to 5 stars.

This is the only game we play constantly. Its our favorite. The only issue we have is at times it will not give us prizes or energy. Other than that it is A+++++ game!!!

We love this game and have been playing it forever but about a week ago it said no progress found and wants us to start over from beginning. Please fix this.

We were addicted to the game but lost progress in a game update: in fact, game reset as if it was first time ever. In the past we have sent in a note to technical support. We have refused to do so. We have moved on to a different game that does not take up so much of our time.

We love this game and have been playing it forever but about a week ago it said no progress found and wants us to start over from beginning. Please fix this.

Great graphics and game play but lost a star because way too many pop ups to buy things.

This game used to be great, but since they replaced the Magisters Path, its disappointing. They had a good thing, why did they change it?

The game is fun but we cannot continue to put in money to play. We will move on to others games when our money is gone.

We got immediately addicted once we downloaded. We play the Darkwood cup and rewards dont register in all cases. Also, the ads are glitchy and cause our iPad to freeze and we lose game time having to restart our iPad. If not for the glitches, this would be a five star rated game.

Way better hidden object game than the others. You dont pay to keep playing. Plenty of opportunities to get energy and tons of fun levels to explore and win things on. Addictive! BUUUUTTTT please for the love of everything in the Universe, STOP with the freakin pop ups of stuff you want people to spend money on. Its annoying to have to constantly close these out and they hit you rapid fire. You list it on the right side of the game so stooooopppppp popping them up all the bloody time. We get it, you want people to spend on your app but forcing it on the players who just want to jump in and play is off putting. Do better with that.

Have played game for a long time and they keep changing things especially the puzzles, giving moves instead of time! They need to leave things alone.

The only problem we have with this game is that there is no option to remove ads.

We’ve been playing this game for about three months and we absolutely love it. The scenery is so vivid and the levels can be challenging. Love the old guild option over this new one which has slowed the gameplay of a few members in our group including myself. Would be super excited if the guild event could be reversed to how it was!

We love playing this game. We love how it has so much variety but we’ve noticed when we order things through Apple theyve been ripping us off, so be careful and watch your charges if you by chance order through this app.

Love playing the game but there are soooo many updates! Seems like every other day.

Clever game but constantly interrupted by prompts to buy things. The ads to double rewards when you win are getting longer. A shame its excessive as the game is fun.

We’ve been playing this game for several years and have enjoyed it. The guilds were fun until the recent MP change. We hope there has been enough complaints that it reverts back to what it was. Another recent changes is the increases number of ads and their duration. You cant choose personal preferences. NO we dont want Oprahs gummies for whatever they are supposed to cure. We dont want to download a killing jail game that has the women look like hookers. And we dont want to watch 4 – 10 second ads where we have to hit next to proceed. We honestly have played this game a lot less since those new 10 second ads started. Get rid of the ad format or we will become an occasional player instead of a dedicated daily player.

Please consider undoing latest update, Im the head of the Elementals and there is a lot of criticism about the new format. It is starting to show in their participation. We told them we would let you know Thank you.

Whoever is selling advertise on the app is going a piss-pour job. Doesnt anyone check to make sure the ads actually end. Having to shut the game down and open again just to get out of an ad stinks.

Love the games but HATE all the ads. Other games we play have ads but the ads are very short.

The bombardment of ads to buy things when first logging on is obnoxious! Be confident that your game is a good one you dont have to hit people over the head. Collecting pearls is our favorite sideline; please offer that more often. And we appreciate your sales.

It is unfortunate that Guilds no longer work as a Team to compete against other guilds. Instead there are individual games (like Guardian Quests) for each laver to complete to compete. Mytona has quarantined each guild member to play independently. There is no need to join a Guild to encourage camaraderie and cooperation. There is no need to get better at difficult locations. The excitement of working together is lost with the new Darkwood Cup format. And the overall game has lost its Charm of being a place to work with other to accomplish a common goal. We will be happy to amend our Review if Mytona brings back our Beloved Magisters Path format of Guild Competition.

We originally rated this game 5* but the change from Magisters Path to Darkwood Cup is the worst decision the game makers have ever made (and since they recently gave us the Illusion Hall, thats saying a LOT). Its nothing more than a money grab. It forces you to use more energy and spend much more time playing just to keep up. Then they make you wait for hours on end to get more points for the weekly competition, that theyve now structured the same as the daily quests. Theyre hoping to wear you down and inspire you to take the easy way out and just pay for stuff, especially with the constant pop-ups with packages for sale. Worse, the give you quests to fulfill but dont explain them so you waste time and energy and/or access passes doing what you think they want and its just not that. We now sit and watch rockets in the Treasure Box not remove anything from its path when it should have cleared the row or column. Lots of people have complained but they dont care. They must be manipulating enough people to spend more money that what others think doesnt matter. If we didnt love our guild of 2 years and not want to let our friends down we would probably delete it.

Even though players said they didnt like the new format for DC and you seemed to acknowledge it, the new challenge is the same. Very disappointing. Bring back the old challenge format.

Interesting game with lots of good graphics, but this app uses too much of our storage. Too bad.

But serious overkill on the ads.

We loved this game until the latest, continued moves by the developers to increase costs to users and decrease rewards from playing. We would not recommend this game until substantial changes are made.

We get it you want to sell us things, but having 5-10 popups every time we complete a segment is too much, and Im not talking about a pop up for score and a pop up for progress. We swear when we completed our last puzzle we got, 2 pop ups for different new events, one asking us if we wanted to join a guild, 3 different packs they want to sell us, another trying to give us a tutorial on level 14, 2 more because we completed a mission, oh did you want something for sale? Really, are you sure, its your last chance to get this fabulous deal? Did you know you can customize your ads? Are you enjoying your game? How am we spending more time trying to navigate the pop ups than playing your actual game? And it is like that /every time we finish a puzzle/. Not just when we boot up and do our first puzzle of the day If anything we are /less/ inclined to buy things, because we are so bombarded by things youre trying to sell us. This is the first time we’ve ever had to rate poorly for there being too much stuff.

Update: Developer responded to us on feedback. An in game notice was posted about reviewing changes do to in game survey by participants. This is a great response and we will update again after results This game has weekly or biweekly challenges for your guild. The competition is stiff and fun! That is until recently. As a new player we were challenged finding items in locations we have never seen before. It encouraged us to get better and work harder with more frequent play. All this just changed. Now they have updated to challenges that require you to play more using your own energy instead of what they used to give you just for the challenges. The challenges are skewed in such a way that you have to spend much more time (and energy) to be successful. Our entire guild is unhappy and many backing off from this new Darkwood Cup challenge. We had been spending small amounts of money to make the game more fun but NO more. To play this way we would have to invest a whole lot more to be successful. NOT. HAPPENING. We hope the developers will listen to their reviews and their surveys. The last game we played lost tons of players when they made similar changes. Hope that doesnt happen here.

We absolutely adore this game. We get so involved, hours go by! We stopped playing for awhile..& just started again about a week or so ago. We just went to play & it says an update is needed. So, we click update and then it goes through the process and then the update button is back again.. Lol. So, basicallyI cant play the gameb/c it wont updatedont know if its an Apple issue or the game issuehope its figure out soon we tried going through the App Store to do it, tried shutting the phone down, etc etc etc.. Boo.

We hate the new competition format and have lost interest in competing in any competition again.

This used to be a good game. The latest changes from a MP to a DC seems like a greedy move on Mytonas part. You have to use your own energy, it takes to long between quests for it to renew. We have been playing for over 4 years and its sad that we cant afford it anymore.

The change in the Darkwood Cup event is ridiculous. Just another way for the company to get more money from its members!

The Mytona management changed Seekers Notes with the latest Sept22 update. A fun game turned into a dreaded chore with the intent to use up credits gained over months & years! The backlash has been 99% negative with no response to complaints. Maybe, its time to skip this game if it continues !

We dislike that new feature so much that we’ve stopped playing. That has been the only portion that we’ve played for a long time and have stopped playing now just because of the limited moves. We’ve enjoyed the game for several years, but that did it.

Whhhhhhhy is there so many updates??? How info do you need?

If they didnt have incessant pop ups for $$$$ and videos (even when you dont agree to watch we return for done benefit). Ill keep playing until we get really annoyed. (FYI we havent paid a penny for this crap)

This game has gone from being amazing to play.. To nothing but an ad based game. Some of the ads are short and others are up to a minute long with the pauses between each timed segment. The Darkwood Cup, although a good idea, the wait time between each quest is too long in some cases. Yes a person can watch an ad to shorten the time. But again always the ad.

Our entire Guild, 38 members, hates the Darkwood Cup. Greed is the only reason.

30 minutes to download new updates is excessive.

Stop ruining your own game! The new guild quest was a bad idea. No way to work as a team, the quests are just like the individual quests, forces you to use your own game energy, is in conflict with personal achievements, forcing the long wait times between completions for very few points not thought through, LAME!!

If they didnt have incessant pop ups for $$$$ and videos (even when you dont agree to watch we return for done benefit). Ill keep playing until we get really annoyed. (FYI we havent paid a penny for this crap)

Gorgeous game. Elegant steam-punk and Victorian era theme. Some colorful fun maps, some spooky ones, and always magical.

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