Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MYTONA PTE LTD, Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th July 2015 with the latest update 3rd January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects ?

88,101 people have rated 2.32.0

What is the price of the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects released ?

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects was released on 30th July 2015.

When was the Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects updated ?

The latest updated date of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects on 3rd January 2023.

Where can Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects be downloaded ?

You can download the game Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects from Apple Official App Store.



Refresh your mind with an exciting combination of hidden object game and match 3 puzzles!

You find yourself in the cursed city of Darkwood, whose shadowy streets hold many secrets and mysteries. And it falls to you to unravel them! You are the Seeker, the owner of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map! It is you that is destined to save the city from the oppressive Curse. Don’t waste another minute—start your battle against evil right now!

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

  • Gorgeous graphics, striking characters, and picturesque locations
  • Free updates: new quests, fabulous locations, and unique prizes await you every month
  • An awesome plot and fascinating storylines with unexpected twists and turns
  • Spellbinding puzzles: Treasure Box, Haunted Lights, Mosaic, and Ancient Cards
  • Desk guardians: a charming cat, a funny raccoon, a mysterious unicorn, and other cute friends
  • More than 11200 exciting quests
  • You can assemble over 1550 amazing collections
  • A variety of events and daily quests with fantastic rewards
  • Unique jewelry boxes, stickers, and medals for completing quests
  • Enchanting music that will plunge you into the mysterious atmosphere of the game
  • Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor
  • Trade useful items with the residents of Darkwood
  • Use magic talismans and craft powerful artifacts
  • Banish dangerous monsters and placate magical creatures
  • Join guilds and play with your friends!
    We’re already 7 years old! Thank you for being with us!
    Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device’s settings.

Subscription Options
We have the following subscriptions in our game:

  • Double Energy Restoration (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 14.99$ which makes your energy restore twice as fast;
  • Double Experience Month (1 month) offers a monthly subscription for 9.99$ which doubles your experience.

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  • The price indicated is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual changes may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after confirmation of purchase.
  • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • The account will be charged for renewal during the 24 hours before the end of the current period, and the amount charged will be the current cost of renewal.
  • Subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off at any time in your iTunes Account Settings.

Canceling trial or subscription

  • You can turn off auto-renewal for subscriptions whenever you want through iTunes. Please see
  • When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed.
  • The current active subscription period cannot be canceled.
  • When your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements included in the Subscription Options.

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Updated on 3rd January 2023

The magical New Moon’s Eve winter event is here! Download it now and get free energy!
— Magnificent Dragon Estate location!
— Exclusive event rewards and mysterious creatures. Only the best for you!
— The grand Bloom Festival event: unlock all the festival rewards!
— Guild competition: Magister’s Path!
— Paint a picture in the Colorful Adventure event
— The Starcatcher event: catch as many rewards as you can!
— Join Gremlin Fun and compete for the top spots
— Tasty event: Ice Cream for Yeti! Help Yeti find amazing prizes
— Search for the Talisman: explore locations and put together a mighty artifact
— Unravel the Emerald Mystery and get a unique guardian—Ice the Hedgehog!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Review

Game is interesting to play. We enjoy a round or two daily. We love that this game is updated on a regular basis. On the occasion that there is a glitch or problem its normally corrected very quickly. Thanks Mytona for a really good app.

Been with you since the beginning, love the 5X need more of them!! Keep up the great work!

We downloaded this game years ago but had to delete it coz it kept shutting down on us before we had the chance to play. Fast forward to 2023 and we happened to see it again as we were searching for a cool new game to play. So we thought, Ill give Seekers Notes another try. The developers mustve done some awesome updates over the years coz we’ve had no trouble at all! In fact, we’ve found myself playing for a couple of hours straight without encountering major glitches. Im even typing this review past 1:00 a.m. Coz we dont wanna miss the chance/forget to give Mytone ! What we love: 1. Numerous games within the game itself the morph puzzles are the best coz youre forced to pay attention to the screen lest you miss something before time runs out. There are matching games; egg-hunt type of challenges; connect-the-dot type of puzzles, and much more. Definitely NOT boring! 2. Play as much or as little as you want. In our case, Im obsessed with completing challenges and receiving rewards that we play Seeker for hours! Time flies when Im at Darkwoods coz the storyline is great and the challenges are engrossing. 3. We DONT feel forced to watch ads. They give us the choice to either watch or skip ads. Theres just this subtle nudge: You dont have to watch the ad, but if you decide to do so, your game reward will be doubled. It has this Pavlovian effect on us ha ha. 4. As with all online games, you have the option to spend $ if you need something to up your game or if youre running out of rubies or energy. If *unlike us, youre content to play just a 10- or 30-minute game, we doubt youll use up a ton of rubies or energy. Spending $0.99 – $3.99 on rubies and such doesnt bother us. We just have to keep in mind that yeah, Im having fun, but we dont want to burn a hole in our pocket after 2 hours. If youre worried that youll be forced to spend $, trust us, the developers *arent pushy about it. 5. Terrific graphics, special effects, and storytelling. (Gosh, we hate story-based games that misspell words or feature weird grammar.) Seekers Notes is executed quite well. Its flow is engaging. Room for improvement: Im iffy about the Diary. Im still trying to decide if it has enough info for noobs or returning players (from a while back) who forget the story and need a refresher. Overall: Two thumbs up and all the happy emojis you can tap! We highly recommend this game to those who love solving puzzles and those who get a kick out of beat-the-clock kinda games.

We are so addicted to this game! Every week we get a screen review where it tells us how many hours we have averaged per day. We usually average 12 hours a day. It breaks it down to each place we play, ie: Social Media, Game, etc. And the vast majority of our time is playing this game! We cant seem to stop playing it!

We’ve been playing this for a couple years and enjoy it a lot, especially due to the different games within the game. There have been glitches but we’ve gotten fast responses after contacting them about them. We wish the clues cost less, but everything costs more now.

We absolutely love this game. Its so much fun! Theres barely any adds. There is so many things to do. Best game we’ve played in a long time.

Seekers Notes is a fun game with gorgeous design. The setting has a steampunk feel. The storylines and characters are terrific and the stories move at a good pace. The game sometimes seems rigged to coerce players into spending money, but with patience it is possible to play for free. The premise of the game is that youre trapped in a town thats cut off from the world. This means the searches get pretty repetitive because there are so few locations. And sometimes the place youre sent to search doesnt have any connection to the storyline. We need to research this problem! Search the Garden. Ummthe Library is right there. The search assignments seem random at times. Every four weeks a new location is added with special event quests around it. One can complete all the quests without paying for extra location passes, if you grind away at the game enough. But youre unlikely to finish anywhere near the top of the event rankings unless you pay for passes or invest a lot of time. Other special events have two tracks; the free one is sufficient and the paid track has bonuses. You can pay to get tools and location passes fast, but they can also be acquired in-game without paying cash. Basically, you can play this game for free, slowly, or pay and go fast. The energy limit is frustrating at first, but the more you level up, the more energy you can store, so that gets less inhibiting over time. And once a day the developer offers an hour of free energy, which is fantastic. Join a guild! Its great to have other players to chat with and trade helps. And the tournament is a fun way to pick up extra prizes. Bonus points for being playable in airplane mode, even though there are repeated messages that youre offline and need to reconnect. Need an Im not paying for airplane WiFi to play this game button to silence those. There are an uncommon number of pop-ups selling tools and other downloadable content, which gets a little irritating. But we are so Im love with this game Im not going to dock a star for that.

This game is great we love to play and see goes fast we can find objects some boards are challenging but its always fun!!

This is hands down the best hidden object game EVER!!!! It is so addicting!!

We play this every day since it came out under Seekers Notes. Just to get a screen finished it wants you to continually buy rubies. We have never minded doing this but not it is within 15 secs and even down to 5 seconds just to play. Please fix!! Update: we love this game and play every day quite a bit. When we play it is much harder to get to the next level without buying something to go ahead. We got three Apple gift cards on Christmas and we have used them all. Sorry this may be our last month of playing. We are on over 800 points and realize it is harder but it goes off the screen for more more rubies etc. Just as we go to hit the final point of the puzzle. If this gets fixed we will play much longer.

Update; we received a nice acknowledgment from the developers that they would take this into future consideration. We hope it can be done as we are sure there are thousands with sight challenges that would love to see this happen. 1/4/23. We used to like this game but even when our vision was much better the game had become increasingly "muddy" in the scenes you find objects in, not to mention the pearls. As we have gotten older and now am challenged with the beginning of macular it is so frustrating. We enlarge the screen, try to play with contrast but am continually frustrated by the lack of clarity in the scene. Hiding objects but making the scene clearly defined should not be mutually exclusive. At the least, with technology of today add some settings for those who need more clarity. Also a pet peeve of ours is when boosters are suddenly taken out of the game with no notice or explanation. Our favorite was the one that allowed creating gems, boosters etc for x minutes with no coin cost. This was not an easy talisman to get but was great when it did show up, but it’s history. So sad the direction games are going these days. We haven’t deleted the game, check it every so often, but no improvement. Too bad.

Way too much going on with this app. Slack off on the offers.

But way too many interruptive sales pitches. Way too much!

The Christmas graphics are stunning. Im really loving them and the Christmas theme games. Thanks.

First and foremost, easily 5 stars. We started playing in 2018 and was immediately sucked in. The game is beautifully designed. The developers and programmers are obviously talented. Graphics are outstanding. Its never boring and always something to do whether its a quest, the guild, the monthly theme, etc. Lots of rewards and definitely can be enjoyed without spending money. Although, we’ve spent quite a bit over the years. Our two recommendations: the sounds are awesome and really bring it to life and the music is pleasant. The sound effects are one of our favorite features. However, it would elevate the experience if we could control the volume of the music. Its so loud and overtakes the sounds which are cool. We’ve seen other games allow you to adjust the level of volume of the sound effects and music. Sometimes we just want the music to play softly in the background. 2nd: the new update has an arrow that points to the tools when you take even two seconds to find something is soooooooooooooo annoying. We know the tools are there. We use them all the time. Its a seeker game. Part of the fun is . Seeking. So when this arrow keeps popping up its very obnoxious and distracting and stressful. Just let us look for Petes sake. If we need it Ill use it. We really hope someone from the developer team reads this and if nothing else, the music thing. We love the sound effects and the music. Bummer at this time only one or the can be enjoyed. Thats all. Other than that we love this game and play almost daily. Great Job!

Ok look it guys we are a grandma we wonder why some of these games dont have grandma and grandpa people all we see is young people we want a grandma with gray hair and glasses. We still love this game.

We have been playing this game for years and it never disappoints.

This is the first time we have reviewed an app on here, and it is well deserved. This game is very fun with beautiful graphics and a lot of variety to keep you playing. There are story lines and different types of games and a lot to do every time we play. There are no ads, which is a major plus. We really appreciate the work that has been put into this app. We would agree with other users that we wish there wasnt such a push to spend money on it and more boosters to be earned by playing more instead of purchases as they help a lot when playing and are fun to use. All in all, a great app! Worth the download.

We’ve been playing a few months and have not had to pay anything yet. It uses energy which you sometimes have to wait and let build, but there are various activities in the game (such as trading with townspeople) so plenty to keep us busy. We have recently joined a guild. The other members are extremely welcoming and patient. They truly have a wonderful community here! We would like to see rubies earned more easily. We are hoping you earn more as you level up. That is more of a suggestion than a complaint. They do have Happy Hour quite often and we have our notifications on to alert us when it starts. You dont use energy during Happy Hour. We love that added perk!! We are really impressed with this game and look forward to future updates as locations are added.

We’ve played it for over a year and we really like it. We do much better during the day than at night but we like it with the lights off.

We had an issue after a recent update and couldnt get the game to load. Developers reached out and worked with us to resolve the issue. Back to playing, great game with lots of diversity in the puzzles!

Good game! Awesome! Only wished the game would show you the items you couldn’t find! Will continue playing regardless!

So we totally get the developers need to make money but we do not need 10 pop-ups with deals of the day before we can start playing the game. Its crazy how many there are now and frustrating. The length of ads is getting longer and many are now interactive which means in order to get past them you have to click through several times in order for it to play. What we mean is once it plays the first ten seconds you have to click to get to the next ten and then the next ten seconds etc. Honestly its gotten to the point if we get one of those we close the game because we get frustrated and move on. The game is fun and challenging although in some cases we have no idea what Im doing but hey thats us! . We still have no idea what the coins are good for because we cant buy arrows etc except with rubies. Overall worth the download but be prepared for ALOT of pop ups and ads.

We are a huge fan of Hidden City and it just seems they are not making a game like that one. This is very similar to the others from this companyOpera, Secret Society, etc. We think we like this story line the best and it has great graphics. The pictures are not too dark or small, so you can actually find the objects without being forced to either buy hints or play the scenes multiple times. We have only been playing for a few minutes but it seems like this one is pretty good.

We started to play this game about 3 weeks ago. We have found it to be very relaxing, and the puzzles to be fun. We recommend this game!

This game is really amazing, take all our free time! Buuuut since the last updated is so annoying have to many adds popping out and the worst part is those freezes our game and we have to get out and open it again. Sometimes take us some minutes close and close all the pops up to start playing. In any case still being a really wonderfull and fun game.

Its an ok relaxing game. Rewards are lacking. Guild competitions can be fun.

Interesting story line and beautiful graphic.

You can play all parts of the game and excel for free which is nice but if you do not pay extra the ads are non stop. At least they are not during gameplay. If you have extra time on your hands it is ok but a chore. Game is challenging and fun. Not sure what all the things that you collect are for but you are always collecting things. At least the ads are not videos. Just a yes or no to a purchase and yes we are sure we do not want its.

We love playing this Seekers Notes but way to many updates. We have decided if this continues we will look for another game elsewhere, sad because we really like this one.

This game is fun to play – but there are glitches that often cause issues and result in lost points. Especially in the guild competitions. If they are in favor of the game maker they go unremarked. If they are in favor of the player, you are penalized. Unfair at best. Especially if you choose to purchase items.

Two things related to the Emerald Mystery event: It is very difficult to, sometimes impossible, to touch the green highlighted item when multiple objects are stacked on top of each other which reduces the emeralds collected. If you insist on running ads, especially long ones that you cant leave without going through the app store or quitting and reloading the game, at least stop the timer for the duration of the ad.

We enjoy the game, but every time we open it up, we have to wait 1-2 minutes for all the buy us pop ups. We bet there at least 10 that pop up right when Im trying to start playing. If we want to buy something, we will! Please remove the pop ups.

We do enjoy this game. Unfortunately, there isnt enough opportunity to play with out in-app purchases. Also, to many updates. This game does overwhelm your devices storage. We’ve already had to delete other apps to make space. This game uses more storage than any other app. If it continues we will have to let this app go sadly.

Game can be fun. Depends on what is available at any given time. Be Careful. They have tricks to get you to spend money. And if you finish a particular game you get rewards. However, you really dont get what the screen says. Example, Rockets – gremlin gameI always win Energy but we never actually get the Energy indicated. Also some Talisman given are only available at the moment. Cannot use in the future. Like we said, the game has tricks. Updated review: Once again we did not actually receive Energy reward after placing 3rd in Gremlin – rocket game. Developer responded after last review but we could not respond back as we do not have access to the help area as directed. They did not attempt to fix game as an update has been done several times. So disappointing.

We really enjoy playing this game. Actually the story is quite dull compared to what it advertises, but we still like participating in the events and competitions. But one thing that is extremely annoying and highly unnecessary is the new feature of a flashing arrow reminding you to use one of the tools during every scene or puzzle, flashing almost constantly. We like to try to solve it without a hint, and we cant buy them all the time. When we do use them, especially the last item in the scene, it lights up the item, but you cant even see what the item is, because its already fading out the scene to show your reward. We like to see it, since sometimes we dont know what the item looks like. Also, half the time, Im convinced the item is not even there, as we search thoroughly over and over till the time runs out, and we have a pretty good eye. When Im concentrating on finding the items, it drives us crazy to see the arrow flashing. But even if we finally do use a tool, it still flashes. We’ve even seen it flash after we’ve completed the scene! Please get rid of this feature! We know theyre available, we arent clueless. Maybe do it for new users at the beginning, but not all the time, please. Also, the fox that cries when you lose is super annoying, and it sometimes pops up 4 or 5 times at the end. Once is plenty! Believe us, if we had more time or rubies, Id use them. But mostly we dont, and we dont need a crybaby animal, its not comforting at all. Lol.

Love this game, dont like the ads especially the one Royal Match when were doing the guild and you need to watch the video in order to get more purple energy…. That video dont want to end……. Then it winds up shutting us down and then we dont get the energy or another video,that gets us so frustrated…. Not everyone can afford the prices of the rubies most of us are seniors playing tobhave something to do……

The ads are getting more frequent and longer. We believe its trying to get you to spend money to prevent ads. Also get you to spend money on things such as the reveal arrows, etc. At times we’ve been looking for 1 item with magnification, its not there, go back 1 last time after cursing the screen, saying thats it not playing anymore! And wah la, there it is. Cant help but think there are triggers to cause control of the game by pc.

The reason for our 3 star rating is the ads that lock up the game today. The most recent ad for Royal Match takes over and will NOT go back to our Seekers game. We have had to restart our phone FIVE times this morning. So, we cannot play during the Happy Hour without turning our phone on and off after each ad so we can get back to the game. If we didnt enjoy Seekers Notes so much, the rating would be one star. Very enjoyable game, and we get the need for the ads, just dont like that they are taking over.

Players should have a choice to choose what pops up on the main screen. Every time we log in we get too many pop up screens and it eventually gets tiring. It takes away from the game.

How is it we can have everything in game setting sounds OFF & ads still make loud obnoxious sounds we have no control over!!???? We may have to stop playing due to sudden piercing awful noises!

These ads that are on seekers notes are long and keep glitching. So annoying to get stuck on one.

Super fun, but special events require way too many fixers without providing enough in game. Kinda feels pay to play. Heads up on that but otherwise Id give this game better rating.

Customer service is fantastic until you have an issue with being over charged. Challenges could pay much better rewards. This game is extremely expensive.

Update: we had a problem and followed directionsnow we find that several years worth of experience has disappeared completely and Im back at the beginning. Im fed up with this!! Its a very addictive game with nice graphics and a good storyline. The guilds are fun and challenging. However, some of the places are so dark and/or cluttered that theyre nearly impossible to solve. A couple of them have been revised and are much more fun. Some features that were working just fine have been revised and are now really annoyingif it isnt broken, dont fix it! We now have too many clicks necessary to find coins balance. Some of the ads are majorly annoying in that there are four 10-second parts with 5 seconds between the segments, so the ad takes up nearly a full minute of time. That is NOT a short ad!

We’ve been playing about 3 years. Im not into the story line but enjoy finding hidden objects and gifting friends. We dont mind watching a few ads here and there but some of the ads are way too long, in stages. Click next, click next, click nextargh. Also the game which is normally pretty stable has been freezing and crashing. The WORST though is that with the Christmas update we lost many collection items. We lost hundreds. The game is all about collecting items and to have so many wiped out is very upsetting. It took a lot of time and effort to get them. Their FB page said it was a bug and with the next update the items would be restored. Update came but items werent restored. They said it wasnt possible. They sent some consolation gifts which in no way make up for the losses. Customer care is usually good but for our recent problems they havent had a good solution.

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