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SET® Mania


SET® Mania is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PlayMonster LLC, SET® Mania is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th December 2013 with the latest update 31st July 2018

Whether you are a fan of Education, Family, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


57 people have rated 1.8

You can download the game SET® Mania from APP STORE.


The OFFICIAL app from Set Enterprises, SET Mania brings the award-winning SET® card game to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Challenge yourself with three addictive game play options: Classic SET, SET Puzzle and Sprint SET.

SET Mania includes an interactive tutorial that makes it easy to learn. The goal is to find all the SETs as quickly as possible. A SET is 3 cards in which each individual feature (color, shape, number and shading) is either all the SAME…or all DIFFERENT on each card.

· SET is the most highly awarded visual perception card game in history including: MENSA Select, Parents’ Choice Best 25 games of the past 25 years, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games.
· Easy to learn
· Challenging to master
· Wonderfully addictive
· No luck needed to win
· Sharpens your mind
· The OFFICIAL SET app by Set Enterprises, Inc. makers of the card game.
· Same developers as the 4.5 star SET Pro HD iPad app

Personalize your experience by adjusting the following options:
· Sound
· Background
· Colorblind deck
· Auto hints
· Solid Basic Deck or Advanced Deck.

Achieve the highest ranking of SET Master by getting 3 Stars in BOTH Basic and Advanced decks in ALL three game plays:

· Classic SET challenges you to find all the SETs in either the Basic Deck of 27 cards, or the more challenging Advanced Deck of 81 cards in the least amount of time.

· SET Puzzle challenges you to find either 4 SETs in 9 cards (Basic Deck) or 6 SETs in 12 cards (Advanced Deck) in the least amount of time.

· Sprint SET challenges you to find the most SETs – in either 60 or 90 seconds (Basic or Advanced).

Dare yourself and your friends to sharpen your skills (and minds) with one of America’s favorite games. Do you have what it takes to become the next SET Master?

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Updated on 31st July 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

bug fixes

SET® Mania Reviews

We’ve been playing SET for the last fifteen or so years, mainly as the card game, and its always been one of our favorites. We like the app a bit more, as the portability is unbeatable. There are some things to know, as the game, like all games, has a couple quirks. (Also, we only play Classic SET with the advanced deck.) First, there are not always sets in a given group of 12 cards, which can be frustrating if youre new to the game. (1/33 chance, we believe.) If we dont think there are any, Ill start from the upper left and scan starting from card to right and all the way to end, repeating with next card (since any two cards have exactly one card that can make the three a set). Second, the way this app rewards with one, two, or three stars is intense! It takes some luck (i.e. No or almost no no set groups) to get top marks. It will take some practice to get even one star. Our record is 9.6 seconds per set, but we average around 14 or 15.

This is a fabulous version of this game. We used to play it with our middle school students during recess. They have a beginners level and advanced level, so you can train newcomers to the game on the strategy for playing. You also have the option of getting a hint if youre stuck. Very well done and easy to play. Once we started, we couldnt stop.

We would love to see our place in global rankings of time per set for each category (classic, marathon, etc). It would be very exciting since the star ratings are not that challenging. Otherwise it is a great game and a perfect app. Everyone we know refuses to play with us, so we like competing against myself xD.

Set is a great game this isnt the most polished app in the world but It lets our play as much Set as we want, anytime and anywhere. That alone is worth the money.

This used to be our favorite card game. We kept a deck at work to play in breaks. We usually had a deck in our bag at any given time. We were so excited to have the app. The messages at the end were so off putting that we stopped playing the game altogether. Seriously, who wants to read them?

This app is a great way to practice and improve in Set. The card game is better because you play other people, but this is a great way to improve. Good God, we see several bad reviews for this app from snowflakes who dont like that the comments at the end of a game dont praise them for non-praiseworthy Set times. Trophies for everyone!

Sometimes theres no set even when we select the guarantee set setting. Theres no no set button either, so maybe consider installing a no no set button button( ???) or just fix the program so it makes sure theres always a set when we use this option. Overall the game is amaz.

We also got hooked on the game by playing the freebie in the NYT. It would be nice to be able to turn off the time clock. Pattern would be a nice option to color and we agree it is hard to see the yellow highlighting the card.

We’ve been a SET fan for nearly twenty years. This rendition still scratches the itches. Our number one recommendation: allow play in portrait orientation, not just landscape.

This app is great except for one thing that was removed about a year ago. There used to be the option in the settings that would make it so there was always a set out on the board, sure it may seem cheap to those who have played the physical card game, but it was great for playing on the app. Now that that is no longer an option the game can get stuck throwing out cards with no sets and killing an otherwise perfect round! It is also helpful for those learning to play the game. So basically what Im trying to say is, great app, but bring back the old options!

… And they went all the way back to 1993 to find their graphic designer!

This is very well done a great and authentic version of the card game. But, we would love to see one improvement over the card game. Why not program it so the player is told (if s/he wants to be) when there are no sets? This would make the app even better than the card game.

We like the game Set a lot. We love being able to play it on our phone wherever. We’ve been spending our time analyzing the mathematics of it. We’ve been modeling it as a 3 or 4 dimensional torus, and a set is any straight line within it. We wish that the app explained what all the different games are. For Rediscovery, Marathon, and Arcade, it feels like Im just playing regular Set as fast as we can, and then it stops at some point, because we cant figure out what the rules are precisely. We got really into Set when we found it on the New York Times crossword puzzle page. It gives you four games of Puzzle, 2 basic and 2 advanced. With the basic pack, it picks one attribute to keep constant, but it changes from day to day for variety. In this app, the basic pack always has all the cards have a solid pattern. We really wish they could change that up randomly, because it doesnt change the gameplay at all, but it does give you opportunity to see different sets. And variety is fun. Id love it if there could be a shuffle button to rearrange all the cards. Its a nice tool when we are stuck, and we use it all the time on the nytimes page.

Kind of a bummer to pay for an app with ads (the ads are for other games by this maker, so not the worst ads possible). We do love Set, and the app is pretty good.

Pros: a functioning digital version of the game set Cons: This app feels like it was made and then abandoned, the UI is hideous, you can only play on a horizontal screen, no multiplayer functionality and theres weird messages like do better next time or you need a hug at the end of rounds, just sort of bizarre and discouraging?

This is our favorite game in the world and we play it every day.. But this app needs a MAJOR upgrade. It feels like Im playing a game from the 2000s. Theres no shuffle option, & the interface is rudimentary and sometimes theres no sets even with 15-18 cards Also Id love to see other peoples stats too.

Like another reviewer, we find the messages at the end of each game off-putting. We just finished a game, ending with a new high score, and at the top there was a banner that said "Don’t be discouraged, try again." I’d rather have no message at all than these "encouraging" messages. (I looked in the game’s settings to see if there was a way to turn that off, but the settings area is pretty bare-bones and there was nothing about this there.)

Love the game of set. We’ve been playing it since we were a kid in the optimal card format. Having an app is handy for solo play. We did find all the game descriptions buried in the settings somewhere. That helped. Having them more easily findable would be good. But what we really want is to be able to rotate the game and play 3 cards across and 4 down and be able to play one handed. In horizontal mode you really have to have two hands unless maybe you have gigantic hands.

This app is fine as a rudimentary set game, but so much of the fun of playing is playing against other people. Its beyond our comprehension why there couldnt be a multi-player mode wherein, as soon as you click on a set, a little screen pops up asking which player to credit the set, which the player who got the set can click, after which it returns to gameplay with three new cards. Without that functionality its seriously stunted in what it can do.

Couldnt agree more with other reviewers about the tedious game-ending messages that cant be turned off.

Please make a simple, clean version of this game. Its garish.

We were hoping you could play against other people or a robot. Or at least go through a decent sized deck of cards. We get through a round in like 20 seconds. We were just expecting better from a paid app.

Love the card game. Love the game as it appears in the app. Hate hate hate the discouraging messages at the end of play. We end each game feeling like an idiot. And a lot of our friends are too dumb even to play the game lol yet we end up feeling like a pathetic loser. We think we did pretty well and the app tells us Dont give up! We have a good time playing and the app tells us Persevere and get it done! Like we just slogged through some difficult and boring task. How hard would it be to either take all these messages away and say nothing OR say something encouraging like Way to go!? The card game that sold the rights might be able to prevail on the developers who have probably moved on to other things. As a teacher we cant even recommend this to our students for fear of discouraging them. Get it together, Set! Try harder!

This App failed so badly that it locked up our iPhone X which then had to be rebooted to regain control. Even with this massive failure, Apple refuses to issue a refund.

Latest version of the app lags. Takes a while to register that we’ve tapped the cards and it really interrupts the flow of the game.

We can not get the scoring to save on the achievements for the marathon with advanced deck. We have finished the hand with a 1 and 2 star hands.

This was such a womp womp. Not only can you not play with friends, but the game assumes that you are an idiot and cannot possibly handle more than a 1-2-3 same shape, color, pattern combo. Literally. Every round. Unimpressed.

What is the point of this even at all? Add multiplayer functionality or its seriously useless.

Game present unsolvable combinations. We screen captured and sent to friends thinking we were going daft. No. Just a crappy app.

Im obsessed with this app! Thanks for fixing the screen formatting!

Set is a fantastic game. It may seem hard at first, but be persistent. We’ve taught the game to many people and they are all hooked. The app itself has the basic game plus some other game modes like Arcade, Puzzle, and Marathon. For each game mode, you can choose a basic deck (easy) or the advanced deck (harder, more like the real game). We’re not giving the App 5-stars for two major shortcomings. 1. The statistics can only track your best speed. More stats would make us play the game more often. Also, more stats would encourage players to use the app to exercise their brains. And they could see improvements on different factors beyond speed. Come on guys, give us more stats. 2. There is a hint option. But the hint itself is hard to see with only a light border around the card-hint. Please make the border into a black, bold border . In fact, a border should also appear whenever we select a card. Currently, we can’t tell which card has been selected so there are a lot of time-wasting taps.

Title says it all: the makers of set have a multiplayer version for the iPad, but this iPhone / iPod version wont do that, even if you have a screen thats big enough! So annoying! Dont waste your money; set is far less interesting with only one person!

We thought this was going to be the game sets. It isnt bc it is missing the shading factor. Like playing Tetris with just straight pieces.

This is really a five star app except for the ads that keep popping up. Even though they are easy to ignore, it breaks the flow of the play. We play Set Puzzle a great deal to see how fast we can can find the 4 sets in the basic deck. It absorbs our mind and is just plain fun. We play it on the iPad and iPhone. Here are some improvements Id like to see: make the iPad start screen the same as the iPhone. Keep track of all our scores and let us see how Im doing in a variety of ways: for example how many games were under 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds, etc. Graph our performance over the session (relaunch). Graph our performance for the week, etc. We sure you can come up with some great ways to show performance. We think if you did this, the game would be even more fun to play against myself and by being able to email the performance stats friends could share their performance with each other. Keep up the good work.

Set is a great game that really stretches your brain. It’s a great way to pass the time at the doctor’s office or on the train. This app while not sleek or modern in design has the look and feel of playing with an actual deck of Set cards. We like that there are a few options for ways to play (Arcade and Marathon are our current favorites). We also like the feature that guarantees a Set.

This game gets our brain kick-started every morning. We like to compare how we do before coffee and after. We love playing the two player feature with our daughter.

First, for people who are familiar with the physical version: this is very close. We enjoy being able to play a quick solo game of SET whenever we want to. If you like the physical game, get this. But there is one really, really annoying misfeature in the game: apparently in an attempt to get you to play more, the game basically insults you at the end of every game. We just finished what we thought was quite a good game, and it said "Don’t be discouraged, keep trying." In other words, what we thought was pretty good actually sucked, and we should feel bad. We really just want to enjoy the game without it telling us after every single game that we’re not good enough to meet whatever standard it has. If we could just shut that freaking insult thing up, I’d have given it five stars. Also, the "statistics" report has only your average time per move, not even things as basic as the number of games played. If I’d gotten it for (or even caring about) the statistics, I’d be very disappointed. But we didn’t; we got it to play SET, and it does that very well. (except for the "you didn’t do well enough" insult every game)

We love Set, and we enjoy playing it. The originally-purchased version works well (except that the quit and hint touch responses can be VERY slow), and can be quite addictive. But we purchased both the Arcade and Marathon/Discovery versions from within the app, and receive a product restore failure notification when we try to add them. They are not useable. Judging by the version history and other reviews, this has been an issue for quite some time, so either no one is reading these, no one is working on it, or it is taking far too long to fix the problem. It’s disappointing, because I’d like to experience more with this game.

Has become impossible to play: iPhone auto-shuts off while you stare at the screen! Note: it costs an additional 99¢ to get a game that matches the IRL version with actual cards. IMHO: worth it!

Although the initial games are fine, when we try to buy a game within the app, it doesn’t allow us to access it; as if the game can’t be downloaded.

Set is a great game, but the quality of this app is quite poor. A lack of customizable settings, regular touch response issues, and unintuitive user interface make this app lie far below what it could have been. If you really enjoy Set, you’ll probably get something out of this, but if you’re coming to Set for the first time, don’t let this be your first impression.

We find this to be a fine, simple, and challenging puzzle game. I’d give it 5 stars on the merits of the game itself. However, when one pays for an app and is interrupted regularly by the a developer who is hawking other games, a good experience quickly devolves. Be prepared to pay for annoying advertising that intrudes upon your relaxation time.

We also didn’t think the graphics were great, but we enjoyed the game so we ignored them. Moving on from that, we decided to try the in-app purchases, but they didn’t work. We uninstalled the app, installed it again, tried again. It didn’t work. We uninstalled the app, shut down our phone, turned it on again, installed the app, tried again… It still didn’t work. It’s hard to say this app is functional. We think proper testing should’ve been done before releasing it. This is no way to leave customers… Up the creek… :/

Im going to put this simply: the game itself is great but this app is not. We tried to buy the in-app purchases and they would not download in the app. We shouldnt get a refund because it does not work and we will not be using this app anymore.

We paid for stuff and we can’t get it. Also the app crashes a lot, is very slow, won’t do portrait mode, and is generally below the standard of care for the App Store.

Why am we getting ads after paying for this game?

Paid for additional content and all we get when we try to play it is product failure messages or pay to buy. What’s up?

Keeps our brain from melting! Always a challenge.

Fun and challenging game. However, the graphics in the app are worse than horrible. We’ve played this game on the NY Times website, and the graphics are clean and classy, very much in keeping with the elegant simplicity of SET. In contrast, the app has a distracting tacky background, heinous cartoon characters and nauseating comments upon finishing a game. Oh well, it’s still a great game, but the app could be vastly better.

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