Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:29 am

Shattered Pixel Dungeon


Shattered Pixel Dungeon is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Evan Debenham, Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 17th August 2021 with the latest update 14th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


827 people have rated 1.2.3

You can download the game Shattered Pixel Dungeon from APP STORE.


Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler RPG with pixel art graphics. Every game is a unique challenge, with four different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and hundreds of items to collect and use. The game is simple to get into, but strategy is required if you want to win!

Choose Your Hero
Start the game by choosing a hero, which can be improved and customized as you quest through the dungeon!

  • 4 heroes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress. Each hero has a different playstyle.
  • 8 subclasses which let successful heroes further specialize their abilities.
  • 13 unique lategame abilities that grant special power at the end of a game.
  • Over 100 talents, which let you incrementally power up your hero as you level up.

Explore the Dungeon Depths
Every run though the dungeon is different, with randomized layouts, enemy placement, and items!

  • 5 distinct dungeon regions over 26 floors, each with their own enemies and room layouts.
  • Over 60 enemies, 30 traps, and 5 detailed bosses to test your skills.
  • Over 100 equipment items, including powerful wands, rings, weapons, and armor.
  • Over 150 regular items to find and craft, each with their own uses.

A Full Game on Your Phone
Shattered isn’t a limited mobile game, it’s a full game designed from the ground up to work on any device!

  • No ads, paywalled content, or microtransactions.
  • Intuitive touch-based interface that works well on all screen sizes.
  • Free updates once every ~2 months, with fixes, improvements, and additions.
  • Active and helpful communities on several social platforms.

Find an issue with the game? Have a suggestion? Then contact me! I can be reached at: [email protected] (My ability to respond to emails in languages other than English is limited.)

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is open source software under the GPLv3 License, and is based on the freely available source code of Pixel Dungeon! You can find the current source code here:

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is available in multiple languages thanks to support from the community. The translation project is hosted here:

Updated on 14th April 2022

Shattered Pixel Dungeon has been patched!

This patch contains bugfixes.
This patch contains translation updates.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon Reviews

This game is actually so fun, such a good remaster/upgrade from an already fun game! Learning how stuff works in it is so rewarding! We look forward to updates in the future!

We now have this game on our Android, our iPad, and even Steam. Its a fantastic little dungeon crawler. Frequent balance patches, lots of content (but not overwhelming), no micro-transactions, its just great. Highly recommend.

Insanely difficult. Now difficulty settings. If you screw up once or just unlucky, you lose all progress and start over.

Both Pixel dungeon games are awesome! If you enjoy rogue likes, youll love these games!

Used to love this. But now the game is bloated with so many other things. Alchemy, in particular, is a mess. Its just not for us any longer. Developer is great though.

Loving the way the game is going!!! Keep it up!!!

Lost track of time playing, always a good sign. Doesnt play itself & doesnt throw micro transactions at you or ads. Support good games & support small developers. Just give it a try if you like classic dungeon crawler.

We’ve played shattered pixel dungeon for literally years, both on pc and android. The game has only gotten better and better, with depth and complexity that isnt difficult to learn. The skill ceiling in this game is astoundingly high, and resource management becomes second nature as more time is invested. TDLR: If you want a game where your skill directly correlates to how far you progress, and where difficulty is not just enemy health but how the resources you are provided need to be used, this is the game for you.

Im taking off one star because no rouge-like RPG that so perfectly meets the hand-holding expectations of todays youth merits 5 stars. Save if it ends with a pixelized Sir Patrick Stuart whispering his email and the proper etiquette for arranging to have tea with a knight of the United Kingdom. Presumably, one would offer to fly out for a visit, an impropriety which would be gently, but firmly, corrected.

Like a decade? Idk. Its been fun or else we wouldnt be playing still.

We love the original pixel dungeon, and have played multiple different versions people have put out from the open source. We last played shattered PD years ago and thought it was great, but we are in awe of how much theyve done with the game to present like wow. The amount of improvement since we’ve played it is incredible. From level design and class mechanics, to the expansion of item usage and ability upgrades. Theres so much to do, and we have barely scratched the surface so far. Its exciting discovering what theyve put in, and we find something new every playthrough The game was already amazing this is next level. Take note developers this is how you do it.

We played the original game for a long time and when we learned there was an open-sourced revamp of it, we were a bit skeptical. But, after finally beating the first boss, Its an entirely new experience and has us hooked!

Its pretty hard to find good mobile games nowadays but this is a game that will always keep you on your toes.

This is a great time passer, we remember playing the original version when it was free a while back in high school. This game is incredibly simple, but has the potential to be something significant.

This is a great game for being able to jump in and out of. Its rich deep and engaging. It isnt exactly a net hack clone but feels so similar its hard to put it in another category. Very well done. Super looking forward to further development!

We played the original pixel dungeon when it came out on android a and loved it, so when we saw a sequel we bought it for our phone and our pc. Game is so fun and creative and always a different game every time you play (developer if you are reading this we beg you to make more classes the ones we have are so good and would love to see more!)

Best turn based dungeon crawler we’ve played in a long time!!!!

We love this game! It is our go to game to play on our phone and IPad. Its challenging and has great replay value.

Great depth for a mobile time waster. Lots of fun!

Fantastic game, fantastic dev, 10/10.

Its simplicity leads to emergent synergy stuff that is surprising and fun. If you like the genre then this is a great one.

This is becoming one of our favorite roguelikes. We’ve played a lot of Brogue and a fair amount of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and this is a great option if youre looking for something on your phone!

Excellent phone game. Took a bit to get used to it but worth it!

Fun and surprisingly complex dungeon crawler / rogue like game. We are a dozen or so runs in and just beat the first boss. Takes a while to learn how items act and how the enemy AI will interact with them. Newbie tip – if you are drinking random potions be sure to stand in water so the fire that you end up drinking will not kill you.

The best dungeon crawling roguelike game on iPhone! Far better than the original pixel dungeon.

Its so fun we dont like how the snakes act But its so fun nothing betherr.

One of the very very few true games on mobile, Shattered Dungeon has improved incessantly over the years and is one of the best games in the roguelike genre.

Loving this game! It is so challenging at first but it has been a great experience inching our way down to lower floors!

The last time we played pixel dungeon was almost 7 years ago, getting back into this new Shattered version is even better then we remembered. We were really hesitant because of the $5 price tag, but we love this kind of game and know its gonna be a while before we actually defeat it making this $5 more then worth it.

This game is amazing. We love rogue likes, bue the App Store doesnt have many that are as fleshed out and user friendly as this one. We liked the original pixel dungeon, but this greatly expands the game to near perfection. It scratches the roguelike itch.

We’ve played this game on and off for years, usually for a quick game to play on breaks. Its always kept its charm as great alternative for someone like who dont always have a group or the time to play a RPG.

Honestly one of the best mobile games that we have ever come across, it can seem a little bit expensive, but trust a random stranger on the internet when we say that you will definitely get your moneys worth, the game is still being updated, and so there should be some new features coming, there are a few cons to it,( but from where Im standing it one of the best parts of the game) and that is the fact that is very hard, a lot can depend on luck, but there is also a whole bunch of strategy when it comes to winning. Thats all we wanted so say, and we are very satisfied with our purchase.

Glad to see it get it brought over for android well more than its asking price easily dumped 100+ hours on it.

We’ve played regular old PD for a long time and have always wanted more from it. We eventually found out that PD can be played on pc, but we were disappointed because we didnt have a pc to play it on. We found out from a quick internet search that shattered PD was the best option for a more fun and interesting PD. Im so glad Evan decided to put shattered PD on mobile because we’ve never been able to play it as we dont have a pc. This game is seriously fun, and we’ve only been playing it for like 20 mins. We havent found any gripes yet about the game, but we will be sure to leave another review if we do. Thanks Evan! – Henry.

It would be a kind of cool feature to turn on and off the isometric tiles- like in Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Rogue on Android.

If you love dungeon crawlers and randomely generated games this is amazing!!

We love the game we’ve been playing pixel dungeon for years and shattered years ago when we had an android. We love that Im finally able to play this on iPhone. We only have one complaint. When you hold the clock to sleep, its a little too slow it takes about a two second hold before sleep kicks in. Evan if you can in a future update make it a second faster im sure us and others would be extremely thankful. Thanks again for this amazing game.

Addictive game, never gets boring or too easy. Love it!

This game is actually quite very challenging to start. When dude says get used to dying he wasnt playing around. After a while we started to learn how to use equipment properly and then alchemy. The game has infinite replay value as the dungeons are never the same. Even more replayable as you unlock new characters. All in all a great challenging dungeon crawling with a splash of alchemy. We look forward to new updates as they come out.

We beat the eye boss and chose to stop. As we started with a new character 2 floors down it said it was corrupted and deleted itself and now it just keeps happening.

30 seconds into game ran into unkillable enemy that dodged every attack and followed doggedly so escape was impossible extremely disappointing.

So this is gonna be a wild one, we’ve been playing shattered pixel dungeon since its first iteration of a mod of vanilla pixel dungeon as an android only game, we were even an emerald donator for the borders lol, kid you not for we think like 8 years. We’ve taken breaks from the only because of switching to IOS. We just learned this came out on iOS about 5minutes from writing this review and we’ve already bought it. This game is perfect, very difficult at every stage of knowledge of the game, one mistake will end your run and its glorious. Its not hard to learn at all either, its a very skill based game, nothing is p2w and we’ve been in love with it since day one. Over 300 wins and Im hoping to hit a new record on this phone.

This has been one of our favorite games for years on end and the dev manages to keep making it better and better somehow. This is in our opinion one of the best games made in a long time and best maintained and developed.

Yooo!!! We enjoyed this game from when it was free that we decided to buy it from the apple app since we switched to Apple we also was wondering if you could please tell us how to use the OG music because we really like that better to be honest!! Pleaseeeeeee and Thank you!!!