SHINE – Journey Of Light

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 09:05 pm

SHINE – Journey Of Light


SHINE – Journey Of Light is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fox and Sheep GmbH, SHINE – Journey Of Light is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th November 2018 with the latest update 9th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


579 people have rated 1.83

You can download the game SHINE – Journey Of Light from APP STORE.


SHINE is a unique journey through an atmospheric world of light and shadow – an epic adventure that centers around friendship.

SHINE’s vision is to immerse players of all ages in a magical world that allows time for new discoveries. In our everyday life, where calm has become rare and all devices are fighting for our attention, SHINE invites you to take a break from stressed-out life and find peace. For all ages, SHINE is a game that does not feed on your dopamine levels.

40 hand-built levels take you on a journey through stunning colorful worlds, looking for lost friends. An emotional game experience where you can discover and admire something new in each level.

A soundtrack to dream and linger in. The acclaimed film and TV composer Christian Maier has produced an interactive soundtrack for the game – and 3D sound technology creates a unique listening experience.

The soundtrack to SHINE is available on all streaming platforms including iTunes.

· 40 hand-built levels
· Fantastic illustrations by Oliver Popp
· Exclusive soundtrack with 15 songs
· Ad-free
· Wifi-free – playable offline everywhere

If you enjoyed world one of SHINE, support us and buy the full version. Exciting adventures, new worlds and surprises are waiting for you.

Handmade with love in Berlin, Germany

Updated on 9th March 2022

We have fixed some bugs and optimized the app. Enjoy!

SHINE – Journey Of Light Reviews

Seriously one of our favorite games on mobile devices.

Awesome, sunny, little luminescent gem of a game. Lots of fun for just ticking the imagination once in a while.

When we found this game and read some of the reviews, someone said this was the same as Flappy Birds. We almost passed it up after reading that. For some reason, we decided to try it anyway. This is not Flappy Birds! We found this game to be both relaxing and intriguing! Its absolutely beautiful from graphics to gameplay to music! If youre looking for something stressful, get Flappy Birds. If you want something mysterious, beautiful, and relaxing, Shine is the game for you and us!

This game is absolutely stunning! From the very beautiful music, to the playing, it gives the player a magical experience! Dont look further, get this wonderful game now! Thank you so much to the creators that created this game!

We wish we could say we enjoyed this game more than we have. The design was really pretty, but most of the levels in chapters 1-3 were too easy. Im currently on the second level of chapter 4, and it isnt really hard, just a matter of figuring out which direction the gears are trying to take you. Cant exactly say its worth the $2.99 just because it gets kind of boring after awhile.

We could not close it out on our iphone11pro. So we had to power off our phone. The end.

Great game, but super disappointing that the second time we launched it it came up with an ad.

App doesnt work. It keeps replying same video. We want our money back.

We had to delete it because every time it starts it exposes our children to advertisement that is hard to dismiss. And its a paid game! These developers should be ashamed of both their greed and how stupid they are to ruin their own hard work with these ads. Youve forced us to flush this app down the metaphorical toilet. Our kids actually were very intrigued by your game. Now they cannot play. Shame on you.

Music and graphics very good relaxing we love this game use headphones for better sound.

It doesnt appear to be working on our iPad. We understood you use your finger to move the light around but it doesnt do that. Instructions on how to play this game would be very helpful.

We keep expecting it to pick up pace or difficulty, but never does.

This game is outstanding and beautiful. Replay is just as fun and gratifying as the first time and you can increase difficulty in the settings. It’s also a great value as it offers hours of pleasurable game play.

Does not seem to respond to touch and hold/swipe gestures. IPhone XS on latest version of iOS. Our little moonie or whatever the character is called just hugs the ceiling and dies, again and again. Either Im doing something really stupid or there is a bug. Suggestions?

The music is hands down amazing. The voice acting is top notch. But we feel like tricking people with 50% off before they know what theyre getting into is annoying. Also, we didnt purchase the full version, but we did watch someone play it on youtube and we honestly expected it to be a calming but interesting game. We expected there to be stories like a slide with images as you float through and bring in more light, with music that goes along with the story basically. But we mean, honestly seems like a fun app but isnt worth the price for 40 levels.

We really love the soundtrack and the voice acting was good in the intro but as soon as you get to actually PLAY the game it turns into a boring snooze fest.

Loved everything about it, especially (like we read in another response) that it is not focused on dopamine hits, and gives your brain a break. We could feel this as we played. As a side note, how do we go left to get the dark Moonie on level 29?

This is seriously one of the best games we’ve ever seen on a phone. The graphics and music are amazing, and the gameplay is just hard enough to be interesting without being overly frustrating. Well done!

The music, plot, setting, and aesthetic are riveting, gorgeous, hauntingly ethereal, and carry a sweetened purity in their simplicity that you simply dont see in many forms of media these days. It offers a sort of shelter and peace from all the bustle of life, especially with headphones and a lost heart. It can make any day one of bliss, peace, and enlightening beauty with its message of friendship, hope, and love. A definite play, sure to make you cry.

Great game, controls need work, but it kept us coming back to find the moonies.

Has potential so we purchased the full version. Sadly it just seems to be redundant level after level. Is there any more to this game besides floating around in a cave?

The music is great! We love it. But it isnt fun at all. It is really slow, and we would not pay 4 dollars for the full version.

Wow! This game is amazing! The music is very beautiful too. We also love the amazing story aspect of it!

This beautiful, atmospheric game gives you the first level allowing you to see if it is worth purchasing. The music and visuals will hook you.

We loved Badlands and this is obviously a spin-off. However, the controls are plain bad. It feels like everything else got much love except the controls. Sad :(

This game is very pretty but very simple mechanics. The story is cute and intriguing but the gameplay is repetitive. Its okay if youre either a child or a very bored adult that enjoys looking at beautiful things.

This is basically Badlands with a lower difficulty. Its also missing a lot of the personality of that game. Its very pretty but too simple. As is its not much more than Flappy Bird with better graphics. Suggested improvements… Add a gauge that shows remaining light so you can tell when youre running out. As is, you drain and die but theres no way to see how low you are. We’ve played levels and cant finish a level from a check point due to being too low. The controls could use improvement. We get what theyre going for, something so simple anyone can play. Unfortunately what they got is something too floaty to feel good which leads to boredom. This one could be a contender with some updates so it could be worth watching.

Very pretty and simple game. Elegant you might say but Im lost and on concept and has no real personality to it. Definitely not good enough to buy the 40 full levels. Please give it more storyline and explain the concept and goal.

This app is fun app but no one wants to pay 3 dollars to play a game. It also needs more difficulty and different speeds. Sadly we cant pay for it so we cant play it anymore.

We played the game for 5 seconds and its horrible. You cant even move your character. Dont get this!

This game is really addictive dont play it at work.

To have such a nice concept and then transform into something so calming and beautiful is remarkable, Great job!

This is a very relaxing game. If you ever need comfort, here it is! But the app is lacking. It has the music and the levels but it bored us in 5 minutes. Some addition to the game would be great, and we hope you read this review.

The story line, ambient music, and amazing story book like visuals are so immersive. The only thing that can be improved in our opinion is the controls in the game. Its a little frustrating how slow your blob of light moves. Maybe add a setting so you can chose to have more sensitive controls and move faster if you want to. Cant wait to see what comes next!

Nice chill little game, lovely sounds and visuals, easy to play, just complex enough to keep us engaged.

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