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Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:00 am

SketchParty TV


SketchParty TV is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Magnate Interactive Ltd, SketchParty TV is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th July 2012 with the latest update 4th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Education, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,283 people have rated 4.6.1

You can download the game SketchParty TV from APP STORE.


"If you like Pictionary but hate cleaning up all those scraps of paper, SketchParty TV is the game for you." – Macworld

NEW! Completely redesigned. Dark Mode. Drag-and-drop Team setup screen. Time bonuses awarded for speed. As seen in WWDC keynote!

SketchParty TV is the fun Pictionary-style drawing and guessing party game to play on your iPad and Apple TV!

You could buy an easel, a huge pad of paper, and some markers, then write down a really long list of words and make up some rules and try and keep track of points and get marker smudges all over your furniture. But who wants to do that?


You could play a fun drawing game using items you already have around the house, like your iPad, high-definition television, and Apple TV. Just enable AirPlay Mirroring, choose sides, and start a SketchParty. It’s so simple!

SketchParty TV is a team game like Pictionary or "Win, Lose or Draw", and up to 8 players per team can join in on the fun. That’s a pretty big party! And it’s fun for ages 8 and up.

Gather up your family, call your friends, and play SketchParty today!

Note: SketchParty TV requires an AirPlay Mirroring-capable device and either SketchParty TV running on the 4th generation Apple TV or an Apple TV 2 or later to play. SketchParty TV can also be played using Apple’s AV adapter or a Mac/PC app like Reflector. (See for device compatibility.)

Engadget/TUAW and Mac|Format Magazine Editor’s Choice app. As seen on ABC, Macworld, Fortune, Mashable, Techcrunch, Gotta Be Mobile, MacStories, iMore, Touch Arcade, 148Apps, The Loop, and more.

"SketchParty TV is an extremely fun app, built to entertain friends and family members for hours on end." – CNET

"It’s ingenious, executed to perfection and a huge amount of fun for groups." – Engadget

"If you own an Apple TV, you need to own SketchParty TV." – GottaBeMobile

"One of the best iOS party games." – iMore

"SketchParty TV is a real gem." – MacStories

"If you like Pictionary but hate cleaning up all those scraps of paper, SketchParty TV is the game for you." – Macworld

"There are some games, like SketchParty TV, that really sing on the Apple TV." – Mashable

"SketchParty TV really shines. Huge family fun." – Sixcolors

"SketchParty TV is a great way to get the whole family involved together in a fun game." – TWiT

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Made by Matt Braun | magnate interactive

Updated on 4th January 2023

Improves the way AirPlay second display handling is done for latest OS.
Note: if you experience issues with AirPlay and you are using an older model Apple TV, please consider updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest OS.

SketchParty TV Reviews

We could not get this hooked up to our tv. So it was a waste!

Looking for the Russian language support. Thank you!

Love this app. It is so much fun. But. It seems to only work with Apple TV, which we dont have at home and we cant just mirror the screen. Also, we cant adjust the score after the time is up, which sometimes we need to, because we get too excited and cant get to the pause before the time is up.

Great game but incredibly frustrating in that if anyone in your party hits the power button on the iPad or accidentally swipes causing an app switch the game will be lost. Even with careful management of the iPad its hard to not lose a game. We love this but its way too frustrating. Just lost a game with 14 ppl half way through.

We bought the app. Half way through the first game, everything froze. We tried restarting the app. 5 minutes into the next game it froze again. We could never finish a game.

Great game for the whole family, but the words repeat. It would be great to have more variety of words.

Game is fun but the app always crashes. Every time. You cant finish a game because it crashes every time.

Havent played in a while. But now it crashes constantly. Loops within a single tram. Total mess. So disappointing. Just deleted.

This game is very fun. You can enter act with your family members on your TV. It works great and the creators are amazing! This is an AWESOME GAME! And we recommend it to even (246810) family… SO BE AMUSED TODAY! DIAL 057473394584Y3 FOR MORE ANSWERS.

Used to play this a lot with friends back in the iPad 2/3 days. Eventually stopped using those iPads and forgot about it. We recently purchased a new iPad Pro 12.9 after years of not using an iPad. The other day, we decided to check out what we had on our iPad 3, and we found this game! Immediately went to download it on our new iPad. Looks like it works with Apple TV natively now (instead of AirPlay). It also works with Apple Pencil, which is a huge plus. Cant wait to play this again and relive some memories! The only thing Id suggest is to add more mature word lists. Other than that everything is great!

Our family and we love this game. Its a regular thing for us to play. We play so much we know most of the words so please update more words in the kids section.

This is the closest game to Pictionary we have found for iPad. Using it with screen mirroring makes for a great family game night. Our only complaint is with the words and categories. The standard words are sometime so abstract and weird that they are impossible to draw (e,g, extra sensory perception or charity event) but the kid words are far too easy. Overall a great game.

Our kids ages 5, 9 & 11 love this app! Brings back memories of pictionary when we were their age. Works perfectly with the apple pencil and iPad Pro along with the apple tv.

Update!! We heard from the developers and they worked on a fix! Since the last update early July 2018, this has been a blast to play on our SE and the whole family has loved it. Thanks! Old version review-Since the touch on the screen does not correspond with the resulting line being drawn, it is beyond maddening. The most fun youll have is when you give up and just starting laughing at the app for failing so much.

This is a fun game! Love love love it.

We have been playing this game over a year without a single crash, delay or hiccup. None of our friends are super artistic and those slightly inclined this game levels the playing field enough to be fun for everyone! Some people have connection issues or out of sync(delayed). We dont know how theirs is setup or maybe using an old router.

Im Sydney Pepple and this game is da best.

Please make an option in the app to make it say the word out loud when a word is correctly guessed. We use this to teach English for ESL students.

We thing its fun but its five dollers?!!

Could have been fun, but, until the interface works this is $4.99 wasted.

Waste of money, wish we could get it back, fails to connect no matter how you try, the help the app provides is a huge joke. Save your money skip this one.

Sketchparty has entertained countless party guests with its easy to use, high resolution screen app. The larger the device, the better, but the instant mirroring to the apple tv has made it worth every penny.

No matter if you are doing tv mode or through airplay this is littered with connectivity issues. Dont waste your money on a game that works for a partial amount of time. We are running and iPad Pro and an Apple TV 4K yet somehow it cannot stay synced. We have a strong reliable network powered by an Asus AC 3100. Apple TV has direct connection with network, still unable to maintain a good connection. App is not worthy of the 5 star reviews that it has.

Downloaded this game and had a blast with 6 friends. We did two teams first then at the end, passed the iPad around and one person would draw and all others guessed. That was a blast.

We played this with our family and our father in law over thanksgiving and we all had so much fun. Great game to bring families together.

Great app. Super fun. Need some new music.

This is really a good app! Fun and has a lot of options…

This app gets everything right. But what would make it crazy-awesomer is if they moved the five dots of progress to somewhere else that doesn’t block our view of drawings. C’mon. Poor design right there.

At first we were ok with paying the $4.99 for the app because it looked like fun. However, after purchasing it and downloading it on all of our families devices, we found out that we cannot each use our own device. It is a pass and play game so we have to use just one device. It would be so much easier if we could all use our own phones instead of having to pass them around the room the whole time. Also, there are some other bugs that need worked out. The color chooser won’t slide over right, and there is too much in the middle of the screen that blocks the view of what is being drawn. Fix these, and I’d be willing to give it a higher rating.

We needed something to do on a hot Saturday night and couldn’t decide. We remembered this game and thought it was worth $6 to give it a try. We had a total blast! Drawing on the iPad Pro and watching on the 4th Gen Apple TV is genius, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Highly recommended for family fun or party game!!

We bought an extra Apple TV just to play this on vacation with our friends! It rocks! Enjoy; gt stuff!!

If you have friends coming over soon, get this game and set it up with your Apple TV. It’s so much fun!… Especially if you have an iPad for the drawing part.

AirPlay works elsewhere, but with this app our screen goes black, unplayable black. Looking for an inexistent display app. Developer’s advice? Buy the app and a new Apple TV to run it. We think not! Back to pen and paper – they don’t need a hardware upgrade to work!

Our friends came over the other night, and we loaded up Sketchparty on our Apple TV and used the iPad with Apple Pencil to draw. We had so much fun, making fun of each others’ drawings and guessing. This is one of the best synergies of iPad and AppleTV, and we can’t wait to have friends over again to play.

Great game, our kids really love it. Best feature is the availability of a "kids mode" for limiting the words to those that are easier to draw. This mode is available either through the paid app or via in-app purchases with the free version. Well worth it for the younger players. Also kudos to the developer for lightning quick replies to our basic questions. Don’t think twice, go buy it today!!

Our fam loves to play this. If you have a new appletv you will love this game.

Great for families with young kids. Would be nice if they had an adult version.

Really fun. Played a few times with family over the holidays. Great excuse to have friends over for drinks and a game.

We play this with 3 young children and have a blast. It was the hit at our New Year’s Eve party!

Was so much fun for us over the holidays. It’s become an instant family favorite.

We have the new Apple TV. And we play this game all the time with our family! It’s a great game and the ability to create your own custom word list is a nice feature.

Downloaded this over the holidays and had a great time playing it with family and friends. We all loved it. App worked well when mirroring to tv using Apple TV. A few changes I’d like to see: 1. More words! We got through the entire word list after a few rounds of play, and getting repeat words took some of the fun out of the game. 2. Ability to edit ALL of the word lists. This would be really helpful. We could then add words ourselves rather than waiting for an app update, or starting a whole new custom word list ourselves. 3. A way to get bonus points based on how quickly you finish your round of 5 words. Overall, great app with the ability to be even better with a few changes.

Had a blast with this game on our new Apple TV. With 2 kids under 12 everybody had fun playing this game and entertained. Worked great using an iPad 2 for drawing. Only feature I’d like to see added is the ability have a different word list for each team. This way if it was adults vs kids, the adult team could have a harder list then the kids team. Add this feature and it is a 5 star game.

We are not going to list all the reasons why we are giving it 3 stars, because so many others have listed the many short comings in their reviews. We will add that the game needs a no repeat of words option. Really frustrating to have the same easy words show up game after game. It would be better if the game just came standard with no repeats.

Only three stars! Great idea, poor execution. LOVED the free version, bought the paid app, then severely disappointed at what we got for our money (not much in our opinion). Subtract one star for not letting us be able to edit all the word lists. We have a 12 year old who doesnt know how to draw several words. It would be nice to toggle words and edit EVERY list. The emoji list is plain stupid (12 people agreed with us!) The pop culture list might be more stupid (7 people agreed with me). Seriously, we havent found one person who could figure out how to draw Internet celebrity or Vin Diesel. The winter list might as well be called the we want to call this the Christmas list, but we dont want to offend anyone so well call it winter, but well throw a lot of Christmas stuff in there just to cover our butts." Second missing star is because you have to scroll to get through all the colors. You should not have to scroll to select colors, its very frustrating and time consuming (12 people agreed with us!) The Pass" and "Got It" buttons should be more in the corners of the screen. We found ourselves limiting our writing area because of the poor placement of the buttons in the middle of the screen.

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