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Skip-Bo is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mattel163 Limited, Skip-Bo is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd October 2021 with the latest update 9th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Skip-Bo ?

98,009 people have rated 1.0.35

What is the price of the Skip-Bo ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Skip-Bo released ?

Skip-Bo was released on 23rd October 2021.

When was the Skip-Bo updated ?

The latest updated date of Skip-Bo on 9th March 2023.

Where can Skip-Bo be downloaded ?

You can download the game Skip-Bo from Apple Official App Store.



Skip-Bo™ is a fun and competitive card game for all card game lovers, and now officially available on mobile. This new take on the classic solitaire card games will get you hooked and you won’t be able to stop playing!
Whether you’re new to Skip-Bo™ or a real Skip-Bo™ veteran you’ll love the adventure!
Hundreds of fun and challenging levels that will keep your mind active and train your brain are waiting for you to explore. Solve satisfying puzzles in this new solitaire variation by stacking cards in sequence and clearing the board to win.

Classic for a reason!
Skip-Bo™ is a fan-favorite and loved by millions around the world. Now you can play the official Skip-Bo game just the way you remember! Play offline anywhere at all! Or jump online to play with friends! Skip-Bo™ has fun in spades!

Play and explore!
There are hundreds of levels just waiting for you to beat! Cruise through a richly illustrated world as you clear levels and progress through the maps. Harvest bundles of coins along the way! In this farm adventure mode, it’s solitaire showtime!

Customize your adventure!
Whether you’re new to Skip-Bo™, a loyal fan, a solitaire player, or just need a refresher, we have levels for everyone! New levels are added regularly and will challenge your skills in this strategic and fun card game. Clear the pyramid of Stock cards to win!

Download and play today!
Skip-Bo™ is the only official mobile game and available for free, to bring you a relaxing mobile experience that can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Play Skip-Bo™ with family and friends, this is a card game for every occasion.

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Updated on 9th March 2023

This update adds all kinds of new fun!

  • Added chapters with new challenges to overcome and more coins to win!
  • Squashed bugs and greased wheels! Skip-Bo will run smoother than ever!

Skip-Bo Review

We play with our lovebug and by myself sometimes and with people online! It’s never a dull moment and we like the little banter.

We love this game we dont like the lady in dark hair pointing a finger at us that and rude disrespectful. The other on a older lady in a black night talking to someone in a bed. We love this game game we dont want to stop playing but we cant take anymore. We know that how you get paid for your app. Must be different commercials to choose from.. Thank you. We hope you can help me.

BEST GAME!!! Its our fav game ever we play it all the time!! You guys should make a uno one to!! Love it.

It is so easy to play and the tutorial is so helpful and we get online people so quick. You should totally download this game.

Can you teach us how to change our name.

We LOVE to any kind of Skip-Bo. Doesnt matter if its with the cards or on our phone.

It is very fun game and if mor people download it then we think they will love it who ever made this he or she was good at thinking because this is a great game like Slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Very much like real game. We love it. Plus, so far, no ads.

Lots of fun we wish we could do 20 cards tho.

We were just minding our own business when we get a text from our sister saying download Skip-Bo and we thought it would be boring best game every to good the lose.

We would have done a 4 star but we want this to be seen. Everytime you finish a game and a round of skip-Bo (same thing) You get a ad we know yall need money but dont make it free or just do something cause its also inappropriate ads. Kids play this. Change the rating to 12+ not 4+. Parents should be concerned about the ads that is on the internet. Just change the ads you guys play. Parents be concerned about the ads. Make sure you guys read review before you play.

This game is amazing tha we you for making it.

We love Skibo, but the only problem is that you have the authority to change your profile picture you have to have a Facebook account but we dont have one because we dont like be on Facebook so we like doing about it is that why are you like we love Skibo you just like wont let you change your profile picture unless you have a Facebook account but most people dont have song what are you want to get this app you might have to get a Facebook account.

Skip-Bo is so fun no ads for free its free to download you can play against people or like family we play with people in our family and other people!

It doesnt have adds and we love playing without interruptions.

Definitely a great game. Love it.

We love this game so much and Im so glad we can play it.

It works well there is offline and online and you can even play with your Frieda just give them the code and have fun.

Not working since upgrade this week!

A lot better than before keep it up with the new upgrade with idea its more fun than plain.

Excellent game. Hasnt ever glitched in us. Keeps us entertained without keeping us up for hours.

No adds for us a very fun and easy game to play we definitely recommend to play this.

We love Skip Bo because it is a non internet game. But not just that you can also play online with friends and more!

Game is great. The activities or events are great too.

Is a really fun game and if you like to think you should love it.

Lately, we’ve been wanting to learn how to play Skip-Bo so we could teach our friends, but we didnt know anyone who could teach us. Just today, we saw the ad for this game and thought it could help us, and it did. Now Im absolutely obsessed with Skip-Bo and Im excited to teach our friends how to play! Definitely 5 stars!

A very good game and explains everything. Very good for beginners.

Would like to play larger deck. 20 cards.

The games are incredibly short, we would pay for longer games.

This game is amazing we will give you 1000000000 stars any time your hands you deal are awesome thank you for you kindness and this game.

We like that it has the normal game but also an adventure mode with unique challenges.

We love this game, we’ve cleared over 300 levels on the adventure mode and gave completed many of the event challenges. Anyways we think for the adventure mode there should be a leadership board for like globally anyone who plays Skip-Bo and have races with people to see who can complete – amount of levels in this time frame and it could be beneficial for you as the creator it could encourage those low on coins to buy more coins to win the challenge. Also we think you should have more card designs and frame designs. Thats all we love love this game.

We LOVE this game we’ve played it for years . We also adore the features and new updates . We talked a friend into learning how to play and sent her an invite. The invite stated us and a friend would receive 2,000 coins if they reached level 20 .. She was able to complete past level 20 .. We received the gift of 2,000 coins and a new frame to add to our collection . Although our friend didnt receive the gift as well . We hope theres a way we can fix this :(

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