Slap And Run

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:31 am

Slap And Run


Slap And Run is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Slap And Run is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th October 2021 with the latest update 5th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


65,892 people have rated 1.6.2

You can download the game Slap And Run from APP STORE.


Thrilled to announce our newest game!

-Hit pedestrians and run away without getting caught.
-Swipe left and right.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Updated on 5th April 2022

Minor fixes

Slap And Run Review

You are so good at game keep up the hard work.

When im mad& we wannna smack someone yess this the game.

Started from around 27000 rank and now we are at first rank. We became world champion in this game .

Run around and slap people! Fun!

Never thought Id really like it this much. Just gotta live smacking the crap outta people as you play. Great stress reliever.

Coolest app ever lol lol ok lol lol.

Hi this is very cool game Im glad Im playing it.

Its a fun, addicting game but the ads are obnoxious.

This game is very fun and satisfying for people from the slapping noise but after every round theres and ad. Its can get annoying after a while a while but other than that, this game is super fun!!!

Love this game its like a moving pop it. The sound of the slaps is awesome. Recently another menu was added that blocks a portion of the screen. Gives you task to complete. Its in a really bad spot and not sure of the purpose.

We’ve realized there isnt much room for the game to become more difficult as you level up. We’ve maxed out all the power ups, and bought all the skins and hands available. The levels dont become more difficult as you go on, once you get to a certain point it just becomes kinda boring.

The game is fun but when a lot of people started playing there were these updates that werent needed. When you kick the guy now we have to break through walls, to get speeds cost more than they need to be.

We purchased the ad free mode, but Im still getting flooded with ads.

… We’re still getting very LONG ads in between rounds even after we paid the $3. Whats up with that? Makes us not want to play; too annoying.

We like the realism in showing police officers for the overreaction they display in this game and real life. Our character was shot while running away. Way to go in highlighting injustices.

The game is fun, however we’ve paid for the no ads version and Im still getting ads every five seconds it seems. Thats the only issue we have with the game. If that can be fixed , that would be great! Otherwise Ill have to delete!

Fun to play, was disappointed that there wasnt a Borat character like we saw in the ads for this game. Way to many ads in game to make it enjoyable.

Super fun game just hate the advertisements.

Even though you pay for no ads you still need to watch ads to increase acceleration. Which is beyond stupid. The game itself is a nice time passer. Although the ranking system is just made up scores so when you get 1st you pretty much just stay at first and theres no reason to play it any further. Last bad thing about this game is the fact that theres literally a few different style of levels and thats all. And they dont get any harder except for the boss level which is still extremely easy. All in all, we dont typically request refunds especially for $3 purchases. But we felt like we had to this time.

Short runs culminate in a kick for extra points.

We love the idea and satisfaction of slapping people in the game lol.. But we’ve bought all upgrades, no ads, etc .. Also played over 1200 levels and the difficulty does not change of increase It would be great if our avatar got faster or if the path was more difficult with new obstacles but its not increasing at all. Gets boring after a while.

This has way too many ads unbelievable the game is ok.

This game is about slapping people your kids should not slap people its un good to slap people and your friends or your kid just might go stop pops up this game is about slapping people your kids should not slap people its un good to slap people and your friends or your kid just might go stop stop slap and its just so bad but the good part about the game as you can to do all the stuff so much fun.

We love the game a lot! However, there is an ad for everything even if you skip earning extra money! Also, since we’ve played this game our phone has started to freeze and slow down during the time we played. We had to uninstall it, when we really didnt want to. Fix the ads because it is disabled in settings, but we get them every time we are done playing a game. Its very annoying. We want to give it 5 stars, but the ads are a MAJOR issue for us.

Paid for add free (high cost btw) and still getting ads.

Ok so we were looking for a funny free game and we stumbled upon this. We downloaded it and thought it was funny, also a little glitchy. Until we hit the ads they were dirty and felt very uncomfortable they were constant too. Please fix this and then we will download it again.

Lags sometimes maybe cause Im on FaceTime while playing but still, a simple game like this shouldnt be stuttering so much while call of duty never does when Im on FaceTime.

It keeps freezing and when not freezing it completely shuts down and takes awhile to restart.

Paid the 3 dollars and the ads continue,.. Not cool.

Game is okay but ridiculously long ads in between every game. Bit of waste of time.

Absolutely riddled with predatory ads.

Downloaded the game and its pretty fun so much so that we wanted to pay and remove the ads bc everyone is right THERE ARE TO MANY GYADDAM ADS!. So we paid the 2.99 to remove them. They took our money and not one BLOODCLAAT ad was removed from the game. Theres also no way to directly contact the app support group so our only option is to request a refund from apple. IF YALL ARE READING THIS FIX THIS DEVELOPERS!!

You literally spend more time watching ads than you get to actually spend playing the game.

Trash theres an Ad after every run.

Fun way to pass the time, still waiting to see the things that you show in the advertisement and now youve added another Add pop up for a free boost listen we PAID yall for no adds. So you need to quit putting up the options. If we wanted to watch adds we watch YouTube.

Muchas publicidades dot Fe o uh vf.

Cant even turn off wifi to stop the ads.

We love the game but there is just to many add maybe lose like half of the adds and it would be enjoyable.