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SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino

SLOTS - Black Diamond Casino

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino! Developed by the innovative team at Zynga Inc., this Entertainment game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 17+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 19th August 2015, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 24th August 2023.

Are you a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Simulation games? Then SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino

Over 31,588 players have rated SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino Cost?

Good news! You can download SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino on your iOS device absolutely free!

SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino Release Date

Eager to know when SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino first graced the App Store? It was launched on 19th August 2015.

When Was SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino Last Updated?

The latest version of SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino was updated on 24th August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino?

To get started with SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino

Enjoy the Real Vegas Casino Experience

Step into the world’s most elegant social casino, designed exclusively for slots lovers. Let us transport you into a world of escapism, intrigue and luxury, filled with tantalizing slots with high payouts, BIG WINS, amazing jackpots, great bonuses and rewards every step of the way. Play one of our top of the line slot machines with authentic sounds and familiar faces from some of Hollywood’s biggest box office hits, or experience the thrill of Magic Spins, Free Spins and massive progressive jackpots. Our mission is to provide you with a true Las Vegas experience — with a hint of fairy dust, and the touch of a magic wand. Free casino slots have never felt this real!

Install Black Diamond Casino slots and enjoy luxury features:

  • Beautiful slot machines with captivating graphics and audio in both Classic and VIP rooms – Come on a Voyage with the Pirettes, Roll the Double Dice and earn from American Bank Roll, Party and earn with Party 7s Delux, Enjoy the bonuses from Cleopartra’s wealth and Super Golden Kitty – as well as many many more!
  • Huge progressive & personal jackpots
  • Progressive jackpots and leaderboard – let the whole casino know that you’re climbing the ladder
  • Free Coin offers every day – the more you play, the more slots coins you’ll receive!
  • VIP Experience – Play and win like VIP and we will take care of you!
  • High bonuses with VIP Tiers and Levels
  • Social – Share coins with new and old friends and also get additional coin bonus with more friends

Black Diamond Casino – where the Vegas magic never ends!

  • The games are intended for an adult audience.
  • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
  • Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino updated on 24th August 2023:

Exciting 7-year anniversary celebration on the way with grand, big, huge, Snazzy rewards and bonuses.
Easier than ever to access all your “Favorites” with a New Interface!
Look out for the Daily Las Vegas Challenges and the Free Spins every day.
Race towards being rich! With the new and exciting Coin bonuses and New Tiers! Gear up for the zooming experience.
Explore the Candy world machine with an exciting twist.

User Reviews on SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of SLOTS – Black Diamond Casino below:

Their latest update has issue with VPN- if you use VPN for internet security, message No connection detected shows up and you cant open the App. Just disable VPN and Open the App, turn it back on, you will be fine.

You can go weeks with very few wins. Takes forever to level up. To go from bronze to the next silver and so on you have to spend hundreds of dollars buying coins just beware.

The app keeps giving us error messages. The game is fun, but this glitch is irritating. Also when we first started playing, there were much better slot games, they take them away as soon as we start enjoying it. 2023 Update: game doesnt glitch as much anymore! But the available games are boring. Theyve taken away pretty much every game we used to love playing. A couple of years ago the game selection began going downhill fast.

This game used to be fun but now every time you turn around something is gone missing off of your app. Things are starting to end early and its just no fun to play anymore is no fun buying coins because half the time you dont get them and then when you try to get your money back they dont they dont see where you purchased them and so you lose your money. This game really used to be fine but we dont know Im just not happy with it anymore and if it doesnt get any better, Ill be deleting it.

We just got a notification when we opened our game. On June 29th 2023 this game will be partner up with Take-Two And using they, them, us, we crap. IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE evil uses them, they, us Just saying. This is how it all starts. Nope not today satan, not today!!

We love playing this game but the past week everytime we try to get enough money to play them games like bingo we lose everyting before we start we dont want to delete this game because it took forever to reach the level Im no.

What happened the Wonder Woman slots.

Come on play with us its fun,, we hope to see you Very soon . Meet you there.

Really enjoyed the machines in the past but constant failure to load the games or just being terminated because you want to play the flip was to much. We had accumulated a great bank and probably it is unrecoverable if the reload works. Truly a sad situation, does anyone beta test before going live?

We’ve been playing this for years and have only 1 favorite game. Voodoo wild has now become locked and can only be accessed at the highest possible level. Why this game? Give it back please!

Was playing the game and it showed that we were the high scorer on a certain contest, was showing this for several days. We thought it was a good thing so we kept playing and it kept showing us in 1st place with no one even close to our score. When the contest was finally over, it said that we didn,t win. What a ripoff.

If you want to play for more than 5 minutes, ask your credit card to increase your limit. Then come up with a good reason to tell your family you cant afford to buy them food and shelter. This game is a very disappointing rip off. Pretty much like actual slots except the few times you do win, you cant actually cash out.

We honestly didnt think these slots could get any tighter.. We were wrong. Loosen up! We want to enjoy playing again with a big win every once in a while.

Great fun especially when you when BIG!

Game is fun, been playing for years. But you always lose. If you so happen to win billions, its gone in 10 minutes. We guess they mimic real slots. Dont gamble! The side games give you minimal coins. Starting not to be fun anymore.

Daily dice rolls after midnight and the game keep freezing, we cant get our coins. We cant get in touch with the tech support.

This game turned to crap. Lost our friends , no daily or hourly bonus . No way to contact Zenga , game goes to Woops reload . So disgusted with Zenga games with no access to support .

Latest version crashes when trying to get bonus.

All of the DC games are gone! No more Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman gamesugh!

We dont appreciate that the minimum that you can bet is 200 million, when we first started the game it was whatever we chose to bet, now you burn through 26 billion credits in less than 30 minutes. Go back to allowing the better to choose what he wants to bet, not what you think he should. Its just a money grab on your part and nothing more. Too rich for us.

Fun site but you lose your free money very fast.

Got 5 Tarzans and it did payout any coins! What?????

Hop on these exciting, epic, mega games. They are fun, rewarding, relaxing. Hope to see you all soon. Mega blessings to all.

We joined this app a few years ago and yep still playing and still enjoying!! Thank you Zynga, we really enjoy your games.

Never bothered to pay attention to our total because we had billions but this morning noticed a decimal point and M and was left with 1,879,333.839M ; then decided to check daily bonuses and WOW what you see is not what you get. After three hourly bonuses which showed we won 188,722,500 each hour we actually only received 188,722, last one just now showed the 188,722,500but actually received 188,722. Read you can win up To ; the dishonesty is they dont show what they actually give you what they show so you assume you won that amount. We’ve played for years and havent played because they changed their ridiculously high ante and just took hourly bonuses. So our billions disappeared and they left us with 1,879,980.206 ; one million,eight hundred seventy nine thousand, nine hundred & eighty .206 M so Beware !!!! Will play more fun and honest games.

Zero stars.. Beyond stupid -deleted app after playing for 4 yrs.

We won the Biggest jackpot we wish upon luck this happened to us in real Life.

The game is enjoyable but we dont understand why o many how long you play you never ever get the jackpots it stupid.

Free spins pay less than a normal single play. Each time a free spin shows you are a loser. Also, you will never see a triple 7 win… It’s almost impossible. They have algorithms that as soon as you are losing will trigger a get back your coins (by buying this offer and will never let you wincrazy rigged, no random gambling here.

We have been playing a long time and we love the gabe but we want them to bring Grease back for 5 stars.

Used to be one of our favorite games. Spent tons and things have changed a lot on winnings. Kind of disappointed in all the zinga games. Used to have great hits even on high bets. Thats why we didnt mind buying coins. We guess fun things dont last forever. Too bad. Maybe some day it will start paying again. Dislike all the extra games bc bet requirements are too high.

To hard to win. Its supposed to be for enjoyment.

This app is awful you can spin 20-30 times and hit absolutely nothing. Zynga games are the most greedy ripoff, all they want is your money. DO NOT download this app you will have ZERO fun and spend money if you care to. We personally would not give them a dime to play this worthless app. There rating should be zero there not worth one star.

Look forward every day to play our Bingo.

We have played this game for years, and it WAS our favorite, but the last update has just about destroyed it for us. It takes so many more points to be able to get the extra bonuses now, we cant bet that high. If you happen to win points, dont expect to win anything else until you have lost them all. It went from our favorite game to one we will probably just delete. The update was terrible. Dont agree to it if you have a choice.

By far our favorite slot game. But customer support is like non existent! They make the event like coco pearls give out a lot of coins but they make it literally impossible to complete( betting 300,000,000) and it gives us 20-70 pearls and we need 100,000 to complete. The gameplay is very unfair for the events.

Graphics are beautiful. Keeps us interested a lot longer than other games! Payouts are terrific; you don’t have to purchase coins all the time. Good work… Keep it up!! We love these games! Give it a try soon!! There are so many games to play. You never get bored!! Great game!!

Notifications mentioned Bingo but havent seen Bingo in weeks. We miss bingo.

Still our very favorite after playing every day for years. Wizard of Oz has been very good to meFunny Little Womanst playing every night loving it. Thank yall for the free credits.

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