Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 03:15 am

Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot

Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot

Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by International Games System Co., Ltd., Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot is a Casual game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 17th October 2015 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot ?

10,833 people have rated 3.6.4

What is the price of the Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot released ?

Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot was released on 17th October 2015.

When was the Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot updated ?

The latest updated date of Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot on 30th May 2023.

Where can Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot be downloaded ?

You can download the game Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot from Apple Official App Store.



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● This game is designed for adults aged 21 and above. There are no functions for actual gambling or winning real currency or prizes by chance. Experiencing success in this game does not guarantee that you will also succeed in a real-world casino.

● This game does not provide Cash Gambling, and there is no chance of winning real currency or prizes.

Updated on 30th May 2023

●New Game – Golden Feast
 New slot – Golden Feast! Trigger fg to play the ultimate treasure bowl
●New Fuxing Card Collection
 Start your fuxing card collection! Collect cards by spinning! Complete all card sets to win huge prizes!
●System optimization and big fixes

Slots GoldenHoYeah-Casino Slot Review

Its an interesting and fascinating game when you can get the coins you need and more coins but you are gonna lose them quick. It is ridiculous to have to watch hundreds of ads just to get an adequate amount of coins to start back over and lose those too. Then when you lose your special weapons its hard to get those back. Not too much fun any more, we wnt be playing much longer, no jackpot or nothing!

Its hard to win spend good money still no jackpot spent good money on the dice and box still never hit only took our money.

Every game we have played is nothing but a bore. Spin rewards are almost always way below your bet. We have played a number of different games and have yet to win a bonus. Gets really boring to watch the reels spin with no lucrative return.

We’ve always been addicted to this game. Spent so much money to try to get to diamond status. And this is the tanks we get. We were recently suspended and cant log in anymore. Like why be loyal when they suspend you and lock you out of your own account?

To many things they want you to purchase and not enough ways to get free coins, we are deleting this game.

Keep try to charge us 11 dollars for something that a dollar spend almost 100 dollars on this just for this game to take all the coins back.

We won a free game jackpot after collecting 15 coins and they didnt even give it to me.

We love this game the fishing ones in the d Ed evening time you hardly are able to play because of not responding get that fixed and.

We really like this game we love the vampire fish table we wish yall would add the Aladdin table just like the vampire one.

Ad promised pachinko, there was no pachinko. Also, there are so many irritating pop ups and manipulative practices it is EMBARRASSING apple allows this on the store.

This app was fun at first but then we realized we just keep topping up to play longer we’ve already wasted and we mean wasted hundreds on this app it starts off fun just to get you hooked then you start wasting you money here a dollar here 3.99 there 20 10 it s as lol adds up do not get it or you will end up wasting your money and you dont even win anything physical just waste your time and your money do not get it and if you do remember it starts off really fun then once you know it 30 dollar days do the math it is no longer fun to us we had 100000000 million coins one time and 4 min later all gone others times 300000000 million gone too even went to 800000000 million and yeah you guessed it gone in min so yeah Im done wasting our money here .

Just love this game! We just wish we could get into our old account because we have a lot of coins that we have bought and we purchased a new phone and it wouldnt let us log in and nothing changed but us getting a new phone. But we simply love this game and wish the coins were were real because we are homeless and if were real we would buy us and our kids a place to call home!

Horrible game its ment for the Asians not for Americans.. These scammer we hope your apps gets shut down.

Hi Ho Yeah Team in Taiwan! Im looking for a full refund of all our purchases. Our lawyer is on it because this game behaves fraudulently. Its been recorded numerous times on numerous platforms with friends and the results of the study result in favor of people in the asian market not North America. Explain how someone who spent $200 USD and its gone in a few minutes? But yet you cant even downsize your bet in Ocean King when you have a certain amount of coins? Didnt we buy the coins? Why do you get to dictate the minimum Im allowed to spend in ocean kind? Because we bought $200 worth? Not right. Also, how obscene is it that the top up offers sometimes go up to $10,000? People are that stupid to spend $10,000 on this game on a single session? Yall are thieves and you know it. This app needs to be removed from the App Store with the way that it behaves. Disconnects you because service is bad yet was just working perfectly fine and somehow the guy thats diamond next to you happens to get everything? Although he has over 400 BILLION not million coins? Elaborate yourself Ho Yeah! You can try and run but this is America and you are deliberate tricking people into buying your OVER PRICED coin packages for a VERY LOW pay out return. Its called fraud. Even casinos have to abide by certain rules. You think youre an exception? No. There are laws in this country to protect us from companies like this. This will be dealt with legally and federally. This app needs to be removed permanently.

Never win anything even spend alots of money !!!!

The best free fishing game out of all the ones we have played jus wish you didnt have to spend money to up ur vip status and unlock certain things be better if it was totally free .

Can y’all add the aladdin board and King Kong board and the buddha board please.

The win rate on this game is very poor they have the best feel out slots or fish game out there but you barely ever win. We hardly ever do win and end up shooting all our coins. We’ve bought coins a bunch up times to see if that would change anything but it doesnt.

Double charge on our PayPal and Apple account. Called Apple to get refund then they banned our account. Contacted them via email they told us we had to send $.99 fund to their account but our bank charge us 45$. Its ridiculous!!!

Dont download this app, everything has adds that you cant close asap, very low winning rate and app always ask you to but this and that and those, youll waste your precious money here, go to a real casino instead because youll be spending the same amount on a real one and here, this company is ridiculous, we gave you a warning, like this so people would know.

Not worth playing if youre a US player. Random disconnects especially during fish games. Went from 600m points to 100m due to disconnects. Not worth investing time or money into. Highly disappointed as we were enjoying this game during our free time. We repeat. We advise staying away from this game if youre a player playing from US. From recent reviews it seems that contacting the support team form this game is highly unlikely. Unfortunate.

Now we are forced to see ads when we switch between slots? REMOVE THEM! You have IAPs and enough ads as it is. Knock it off, and remove them.

We enjoy it its a different type of casino that we have not played before and so far we havent had any problems.

Once they have your money they will not give it back even if you have made a mistake in your purchases these people are thieves.

This game is a scam game .. After put more than 15k plus on this game .. We finally get to diamond and save up a bunch of coin and gem and now they just banned our account send an email to see why but no answer at all.

Just wish you would bring back the other tournaments and add a bird shooting game that would be cool.

Over all we usually have a fun experience with the game, until we run into an issue. Today Im trying to watch ad so we can redeem the ad og rewards, we’ve watched about five videos and everytime our phone freezes and we can not redeem the award and the video doesnt count because Im still stuck on video number 8!

Sometimes you win and most of the time you loose, after all the money we put in Im done with this glitching game and kicks you out after you put so much money on popping the big fish. And when you try to let them know the only thing they send you is a message that you need to send pictures and date and time. This is our id #32015293.

We’ve had this game for a long time now. And all of a sudden its telling us that through our Facebook that the app is still in development mode and it doesnt let us login to our account. Im very upset.

Game is really good if you have coins. However you can have 400,000,000 coins and lose it all in 20 minutes. Thats really ridiculous. Im not prejudice or anything. But it seem mostly the Asian community gets all the jackpots. Theyll have one player from America like once a month hit a jackpot or major win. If im going to drop $200 on a game we might as well go and try to win real money instead of paying to lose on this game. We have 10x the success playing real money fish tables and slots than we do playing for FREE and for FUN.

Purchased a package for 39.99 and it was things we couldve gotten for less than 20. So scummy.

Amazing game, we only have one complaint is that every server we go to somebody is over using lighting powerup and we just suggest that it needs like a cool down of use cause it is very powerful.

For the past two hours the application has been running super slow. When we finally get into a slot game, each spin takes like 15 seconds with the message POOR CONNECTION! Please check internet connection showing up as well. Thought it was our mobile connection but on WI-FI(getting about 247 download and 14 upload) and it is still behaving the same. Restarted phone couple times and even uninstalled the application with the same symptoms. Clearly seems to be something on their server side which is quite annoying being a high tiered member. Please address this issue.

You suspended our account. We play all the time. We signed on today and it says your account has been suspended. Dont know why.

We love the game but every since last week our game keeps cutting out.

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