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Smash Up Awesomizer


Smash Up Awesomizer is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lightwood Consultancy Ltd, Smash Up Awesomizer is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd September 2013 with the latest update 13th July 2017

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4 people have rated 1.15

You can download the game Smash Up Awesomizer from APP STORE.


An unofficial companion app for the card game Smash Up. Randomize factions, track scores and post results to BGG!

  • Choose factions
    No more arguing! Pick random factions for everyone playing, or make some choices and shuffle others around them.

  • Expansions included
    Includes factions from Awesome Level 9000, The Obligatory Cthulu Set, Science Fiction Double Feature, Monster Smash, Pretty Pretty Smash Up, Smash Up Munchkin, The Big Geeky Box, It’s Your Fault, Cease and Desist, What Were We Thinking?, Big In Japan and Sheep. Tell the app which card sets you own and which you don’t.

  • Scorer
    A digital scorer to track points. Particularly handy if you don’t have the expansions which include scoring tokens!

  • Post to BGG
    The app can automatically record the play to BoardGameGeek, including player names, scores and playing time!

Updated on 13th July 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Now includes all known current and upcoming factions. Added in this update:

  • Cease and Desist
  • What Were We Thinking?
  • Big in Japan
  • Sheep

Smash Up Awesomizer Reviews

This app makes keeping score, assigning random factions and even helping new players pick factions. We use it every time we play. Its past time to update the newest expansion though.

… We just wish there wouldnt be such a lag between expansion release dates and adding them to the available factions in the app. That said, we would be lost without it. The faction pairings are perfect, without making a group underpowered or overpowered. Great balance selection.

This app is terrific as a support for the game. No need for the scoring tokens, no need to debate on who gets what, etc. Its everything a companion app should do. However, it has a LONG history of taking years to update and include new expansions. For a lot of games, this wouldnt be such a huge deal, but the constant flow of expansions and new choices is a big part of what makes SMASH UP so much fun. And when this app doesnt include the new expansions we just bought, then the app becomes pretty useless to us. Part of why we give this 3 stars is because we were prepared to give the benefit of the doubt on this issue until we saw that the majority of these reviews (some as old as six years!) make some note of slow updates. So this is a known issue that they have simply made little to no effort to correct. For a paid app designed to support an ever growing game, its not unreasonable to expect better. Its a real bummer, because the app itself is pretty much perfect.

This is an amazing app for smash up we hope they update with the new set that came out last month.

A wonderful app. It does what it says it does. It would be great to be able to add more than 4 players, and it lacks the Cease and Desist expansion. Add those features, and it would be a five star app and a must have for all Smashup players.

As of January 9, 2017, this app does not include the factions from the Cease and Desist expansion that came out back around September 2016. The app is great other than that.

We agree with the other review. No undo feature exists. If you want to buy the game, this is not it. This simply is a very basic method to keep score. We wish we never wasted our money on it. We have applications on our iPhone that will do the same thing at no additional cost.

We really like not needing to get every deck out just to play one game. The random deck shuffler is very useful. Things we would like to see added: The option to have multiple of an expansion/set. (Double locals is stupidly fun) The option to remove players when you have accidentally added an extra one. The ability to add more than four players. When you have every expansion, 6 – 8 player game become very possible. A small list of intro rules and explanations for new players. While we don’t need this, it would be a nice touch for anyone new to game. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful. Thanks for making this app.

This is a must have for anyone who plays the Smash Up card game. Great way to keep track of points.

Great app, use it often, just need the munchkin deck support.

Great app. It’s nice to have a shuffler, and we like the design. A few quirks keep it from being a 5-star. 1. Inability to remove players 2. ShapeShifter logo is the random logo. They have a test-tube logo. Some suggestions to make this better: 1. Ability to do other shuffling. We usually play you get dealt four random decks and have to choose two. 2. Ability to add more than four players. Some suggestions to make this the best Smash Up app that we would pay $5 for: 1. Have base counters as another portion of app (way more valuable than score counters). This would be extra useful if it kept track of the total power of each player on a base as well as the total power. 2. Add a paragraph about each deck and the gist of what it does, so new players could choose best combos.

The app itself is helpful for any serious smash up player. It makes other randomizer options look a lot less fun. PLEASE update the app to include the new Munchkin release. The game is out and it would be nice to have all factions available to "smash-up". Hopefully in the near future an actual Smash up iOS game will appear.

We don’t really like writing reviews but we feel this app deserves it. First off its essentially $1 score keeper that keeps track of everyone’s score classes / decks. A great random feature and draft option. There is always a argument on how over powered draft is so we use shuffle random a lot. As a suggestion we would suggest the ability to add more players because it’s limited to 4 but when you have all the expansions and your averaging 5-6 players we can’t use the app because not everyone has a spot. There is no option to pick what expansion you want to use. This does not effect us because we have all of them but it did at a time. Also as much as we hate day in this chuthlu should be added many of our friends like it even though we don’t but having the options to pick we could turn that off when we played everything else but chuthlu.

The group we play with is always more than 4 players and this app only supports up to four so it’s basically useless for us. Also there’s a screenshot that shows the ability to turn on and off expansion packs individually but the actual app doesn’t have that. It just has one that says Expansions. So if you don’t want to include the Cthulhu pack only, you can’t. It’s all or nothing. A bit misleading that. Add support for more players, add the ability to turn off individual packs, and add the latest expansion and we’ll revise our review.

Please make an update for the newest expansion, monkeys, spies, shapeshifter, and time travelers.

The app is good but it needs a update to let u see the cards -actions,bases, and minions- so look at them and plan strategies for your next turn and so u can see if expansions are really worth it for example if saw Steampunk or Bear Calvary-level 900 expansion- or Inmoths and minions of Cthulhu- Cthulhu expansion- we mite get it, any way it would be nice to know what your going up against because we would like to win by avoiding some ticks of other players and being able to plan some tricks of our own.

It’s great for randomizing parts of the game, but we really wanted a way to help score the bases. It can get tedious doing it by hand and we thought this app would do that seeing as how it counted other aspects of the game. A base scorer would really make this app better.

They give you two slots for players and allow you to add two more. We have the expansion and 7 people in our family, we can’t use this app if we can only log 4 players. Also, this is "unofficial," which means proceeds do not go to the game creator(s). We did not notice that information until after we bought. We thought it seemed like a cute idea, but we regret our purchase.

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