Snood Adventure

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Snood Adventure


Snood Adventure is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Snood, LLC, Snood Adventure is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th October 2013 with the latest update 15th August 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


627 people have rated 1.3.5

You can download the game Snood Adventure from APP STORE.


Snood is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Snood is a fun puzzle game that tests your intellect rather than your reflexes. Your goal is to save all the trapped Snoods by launching other Snoods at them. If you connect three or more Snoods, they will disappear. If that leaves any Snoods not connected to the top of the playing field, they will fall to safety. Don’t take too long, though – every Snood you launch increases the danger level.

Play with the Classic Snoods or "New and Improved" Snoods!

Snood is simple to learn but difficult to master and therefore great for ages 2 – 102!

Updated on 15th August 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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Snood Adventure Reviews

We’ve been playing this game for decades. Its a great way to kick back and play after a long day. No, its not a fancy and elaborate work of gaming genius. Its a lot of fun and relaxing. Enjoy.

Always great to come back to. Year after year.

We’ve been playing Snood since 1998 and its our favorite. Saving Snoods by combination of puzzle solving and marksmanship never fails to amuse and waste time effectively ;-). If its good enough for The Woz its good enough for us!

Been playing for way too long. A day without Snood is a day without sunshine. This is the game.

Fun and hard! Easy to get hooked!

Not enough extras to win the levels.

Been playing for over 15 years. Glad its been updated for the iPhone now. First started playing on the computer, but have it on our phone for years also. Its our relaxation Definitely addicting!

Ah snood. Such a good game to unwind with. We love that they included the old-school faces. But …. This game has a major flaw in the mechanics where , especially when trying to aim those tricky bounce off the wall angles , the cannon gets stuck and doesnt know you want to shoot , but keeps getting repositioned. Or you cant drag the cannon to the right spot in one swipe – it is sooooo frustrating and definitely throws off our grove. Why, snood, why ? Unfortunately this little bug has huge consequences because we find myself aiming badly or settling for whatever we land on, ultimately killing that super satisfying sense of honing of ones aiming skills. The beauty of snood is its simplicity – dont need to be fancy – just need to work right.

Always loved playing this game. Thanks for bringing it to iOS 11. Same fun gameplay. Very responsive.

Youll be frustrated if you remember playing the old snood. Too hard to be fun.

We love Snood, played it for years and play it every day. Then we discover this new update on our phone! It’s awful, aiming is destroyed an in app purchases! Unless we can restore the original version on our phone this app is being deleted. Snood has been destroyed.

Works great, just as addicting as it was 15 years ago.

Used to be our time-killer while waiting for flights, doctor appointments, car oil changes, etc. Freezes on our new iPhone. Argh.

Glad they rereleased this game. And that it’s optimized for our iPhone 5! Hope they keep coming out with updates.

Please update to the new iOS 11 please!!!

We have been playing this game for over 10 years, started on our computer in college. Please update so that it can be used for IOS 11 and future Apple updates.

We are pretty sure it’s been almost 20 years since we first played Snood. We used to have it on our pda, back in the day. We still play every day. It satisfies our aptitude for spatial structuring, and somehow is the perfect activity to keep one part of our brain busy while we listen to other things or think about issues. A cup of coffee, a podcast, and snood, is always relaxing. We are sad that it’s no longer being updated and we’re grateful it’s still working on our iPhone 6 Plus. We will miss it when it stops working. Great, classic game, Dave.

We love snood we use to play this all the time on the PC when we were younger it’s very fun an addictive and for a great price and it’s awesome u can play as classic old school snoods love that great app did the game justice keep up the work.

Please update for iOS 11 so we can continue to play. Thank you. 3 stars only because we are unable to play.

Its not smooth, its not the old game, it just missing a lot.

Wouldn’t have bought if I’d known that it doesn’t save your game when you navigate away. New snoods are creepy too.

If you touch exactly where you want your snood to land, it will land in that spot. This breaks the only mechanic that is crucial. We loved the game on PC but the iPhone port is wasted.

We downloaded our snood app on our new iPhone 6s that we got last year (2015) because it was the best game to play on our iPhone5s. But it froze as soon as it opened. The same spot every time – which snoods did you want to play with? Every time !! Why hasn’t there been an update ?!? Seriously disappointing since we have been able to play for about 7 months now. Please fix soon :(

If we could rate -5 we would. We downloaded the app because we loved the PC game as a kid. We opened the app and it froze and it always freezes right when we opened it. We’ve done everything possible to try and avoid the freeze. We’ve never gotten to play a game on the iPhone even though we bought it. . We want our money back.

Snood is not optimized for the iPhone 5/5s screen. It also doesn’t appear to support retina display.

We love this game. We used to play it on a pc when we were a kid. The aim of the little arm is not quite accurate. And you should really make a specific button to fire a snood. Too many times did we accidentally fire a snood in the wrong spot while trying to just aim in the right spot. This makes the game just frustrating.

We were stoked when we ran across this, but we have the 6S and can’t go beyond choosing the snood style. Please fix.

Not optimized for iphone 5s. There is a blank space at the bottom.

We can’t. This game was enjoyable for about 1 hour before it got greatly irritating. We remember playing the puzzle mode on the computer way back when. However, the puzzle here is how the level design is even remotely fair. Our main example, 2 fronts, features two very irritating walls of skulls that, if not taken care of in time, will fail you in 3 drops of the roof. Doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, right? No. Completely wrong. The way the level was designed is it makes you rely on a SINGLE type of snood very heavily of which it doesn’t give you due to the wonky randomization coding (generally the code would make more snoods of a specific type show up to make it slightly beatable). HOWEVER, due to this hiccup in the code and the reliance on single snoods, it is almost physically impossible to bust through all 8 layers of snoods, curve around a corner of skulls to hit two more snoods (one blue circle, one triangle) to destroy the wall which will kill you in roughly 26 or so moves. You cannot complete that task in that amount of time. We understand we may be a little too frustrated at a medium difficulty level in puzzle mode, but come on, these things need to be thought through, tested, and tweaked when being created. We are very unhappy with how we need to write such a review for a game very close to our childhood, but we believe this needs to be read before people go spending money./

We loved this game on our iPhone 5 but just upgraded to 6S and it won’t go past choosing which snood we want to pay with. Grrrr fix fast!

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