Cat Physics

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 12:50 am

Cat Physics


Cat Physics is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Donut Games, Cat Physics is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th May 2010 with the latest update 19th July 2019

Whether you are a fan of Family, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


689 people have rated 1.28

You can download the game Cat Physics from APP STORE.


What are cats up to at dawn, when nobody’s around?

Sneaking around the back alleys? Probably!
Going through garbage cans? Not likely!
Playing ball games? Most certainly!

Join the cats in their favorite midnight ball game: CAT PHYSICS!

The objective is simple — Pass the ball from one cat to another!

Sound too simple?
Oh, wait… did we mention flip boards, glass windows, trap doors and other obstacles?


  • "Highly Recommended" — TouchArcade
  • "App Store Game Of The Week" — GamePro
  • "Staff Pick" — AppComments
  • "Rated 4.5 / 5" — GamePro


  • "Five-Minute Fixes" — iTunes US
  • "Hot New Games / Physics Puzzlers" — AppStore


  • "Perfect touch controls, wonderful graphics and addictive gameplay."
  • "Another unique, fun game"
  • "Totally recommend it"


  • 200 clever puzzles to solve (UPDATE 2019 Now 250 levels)
  • Cozy midnight backdrops
  • Jazzy background music
  • Complete puzzles using different solutions: Increased replay value!
  • Donut Games’ famous 3-star ranking system
  • Game Center support
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Collectors Icon #22
  • And much more…

Enjoy another Donut Games release!

Updated on 19th July 2019

  • 50 LEVELS ADDED! We’ve gathered them in a new level pack called "Reversed Classics." There are now 250 levels in total.

Thanks to all "Catters" out there for your continued support, comments and ratings. We hope you enjoy these new levels!

Cat Physics Reviews

We have loved this game for a long time and keep coming back to it!!!

We have played this game for years starting out on an iPod, then our first iPhone and now on our iPad. Love Donut Games!!!

Great app to get the old brain going. Cats are cute too!

Better physics than quantum mechanics.

In a day when games werent full of ads and dependent on internet connectivity, there was Cat Physics. Even today in 2022, this game is EXCELLENT and worthy of your time. Fun and cutesy yet brain-teasing! BIG 5 stars from a 10-year fan!

Varied levels and the play never gets old. Simple but entertaining. We love competing against our own score. Awesome game.

We enjoy this game a lot. We played it in Pensylvania when we were younger. On level 17 – "The Bridge", the bridge flip board originally worked, but now, for some reason, it no longer does. We’re not sure why, probably because of updating it to having "Reversed Classics" levels, but that was a lot more fun up until then. Other than that, we still love this game. We would give this a 5 star rating.

Always loved this game from the moment we played it. Brings back good memories from playing it again. Also, negative reviews are just people who skill issue the game and are mad they cant beat a level. Dont believe people hate this game because it is a nearly PERFECT game and worth the money.

Playing this game for many years never. It never gets any easier but it definitely is fun.

Its been a year since you added levels. Any chance of a new set coming out soon? This is still one of the best games ever we originally downloaded when it 1st came out.

Update 2019: so excited there is a new bonus pack and now 250 levels! We are enjoying it so much. Keep those updates coming. Cant get enough of this game. Original Review 2016: Just finished 200 levels, all with three stars. The latest Bonus Pack has some really difficult levels. This is by far the best game we’ve ever played on our iPhone. Kudos to the developers.

We’ve been playing Cat Physics for over 2 years now, and have been apart of the community and score hunting catters for a while now. With much time spent into this game, we can definitely say it is our all time favorite. The idea is great, the levels are fun, and the backdrop and music really adds to the atmosphere. Our favorite memory of this game was when yet another level update came out, 9 years after the games release! Truly a remarkable game, well worth the two dollars.

Best game! Hands down! Get it -Now! -seriously…. Go get it!

We love this game!! We are working on 3 starring all levels but would love to see some ne ones soon!!

This game is fun and its an endless game. Donut Games make great games and we like in the logo when you tap on the game they whisper Donut Games because that is very funny. We love this game because you have to roll a ball to a cat and there are obstacles in it which makes it so much fun but if it did not have obstacles it would just be boring. And we do not like boring stuff so we recommend this game to anybody who sees this review on this game download it its a fun game believe us but if you do not want to download this game that is okay we are not forcing you we are just saying.

Wish I’d enjoyed it as much in high school. What fun!!!

We have completed all three levels with three stars and scores at or above the scores listed when or if are you going to add more levels. We look forward to the challenge? Let us know if the challenge is over or just in wait. Thanks Natpar.

Theres no other game out there like this. Its one of the few games we replay. Wish it had more levels. Developers other games dont even come close to this masterpiece.

Just now writing a writing a review. Be play this game for years and still love it.

We’ve had this game for years and it is so fun. A classic game and very entertaining.. Makes you think!

Love it best brain game and free time waster. Excellent for the time of the virus.

Thank you for adding still more more levels to this absorbing puzzle game! We never remove this game from our devices!

After years, new levels and its STILL the best game ever!!! Its one of the only games we’ve refused to delete after many new phones.

We’re absolutely blown away that this game is still being updated, nearly 9 full years after we first downloaded it. It’s a great game folks!

This has been our all time favorite game or app pertaining to cats and physics. One of our first apps about 10 years ago and still play today.

We love this game SO much! It is fun and relaxing, and a good brain exercise. Thank you so much to the developers for making this game! Its an amazing idea. Its totally a must have. Keep up the great work, Donut Games!

We started playing Cat Physics because we were having anxiety and needed to distract our brain and stop the negative thought loops. We laugh! We achieve! We love it!

This is a classic game we’ve played for almost 10 yrs now! We really hope they never take it down and we want more levels! Such a soothing yet addictive game. Our boyfriend has us leave the sound on so we can hear the jazzy music and the adorable meows from the cats :)

Love the kitties… Our hubby thought it was our cat meowing :-)

Love this game but cant get past level 86 even looking at walkthroughs. Wish they would let you play through and come back.

We love this game but we think it was worth the money to buy it. Some of the levels are very challenging but we will never give up on this app.

We excepted this to be a game that is used used once or twice but our child and her daddy love it totally worth it buy it now.

We think this game is addicting. We JUST GOT IT YESTERDAY. The only problem with this game is how hard the levels get so quickly. You should really get it the graphics are great. We think that this game is so cute and helps challenge your brain. We very much suggest getting it.

We’ve owned this and a bunch of other Donut Games FOREVER. We were so happy they updated them because these are truly classic games. They bring us back to a time when Apple was a kinder, more gentle company and the iPhone was kind of a rare item and a joy to use. If Apple were smart, theyd contact Developers of classic games, offer them a sweet incentive and entice them to bring back some of the absolute best games! Tap Tap Revenge anyone? Thank You Donut Games!!

We love this game so much! Its so relaxing and also challenging! And the music is cool as well! 1000 out of 5 stars!!

We’ve long enjoyed the game even though we only play it every now and then. We recently got the iPhone XR and when opening this game, we were appalled to see that the graphics were stretched out like Play-doh. This is the developers idea of supporting the new generation of iPhones?

We have really enjoyed playing this game. It’s very addicting because it’s challenging and a lot of fun.

Once you start, you wont want to quit, till you solve the puzzle, then it’s just one more level that’s all. Just love it!

This game is in our favorite games list. Absolutely love it!

We love this game,because it not difficult and very interesting,also cats so cute)

Really enjoying this game! Hard to put down and we l the rewarding meows when they get their ball!!

We love this simple game. Great theming and music. Fun puzzles.

We have played this on airplanes and had other people’s kids ask how to get it and at the end of the flight have the parents says ping that their kids are learning and not knowing because the app is so much fun.

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