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Softris is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Softris is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd September 2022 with the latest update 24th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Softris ?

2,604 people have rated 4.0.2

What is the price of the Softris ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Softris released ?

Softris was released on 2nd September 2022.

When was the Softris updated ?

The latest updated date of Softris on 24th May 2023.

Where can Softris be downloaded ?

You can download the game Softris from Apple Official App Store.



Soft, jelly blocks are waiting for you! Throw them into the field, and squeeze them together by dragging! Sort everything to solve the puzzle!

Updated on 24th May 2023

Hey you, hold on! We’ve added new features for you to get the best experience when playing Softris. Don’t forget to update!

Softris Review

Great game, but we cant hear any sound. We tried turning the sound off then on, but it didnt work, please fix!

Its fun but theres a bunch of ads just like every other game on the App Store the first 6 levels are basic tutorial levels and there arent any ads and after that they increase in frequency. You cant play the game if you dont have a solid internet connection either. We only download games on our phone to play when we cant access the internet so this is pretty useless.

Its ask if we want to keep the skin we say no and it still makes us watch an ad.

It being an asmr app we expected some kind of sound effects but theres no sound at all and we checked that it was turned on and it was.

This game is amazing. Some people say there are too many ads, but there are far less compared to most games. We love how aesthetic this game is. We really recommend this app!

Love the jelly squishy physics, but the puzzles get pretty predictable. After level 28 we kind of lost interest. Would be fun if there were more pieces to work with or maybe even some timed levels. More complexity over all. And totally agree with others that there are way to many adds. The store itself just has more skins for your Tetris pieces. It would be more visually interesting to have them change as the levels do without having to watch an add to keep them. Coins dont really do anything for this game rather than buy more skins. Would be great if it unlocked different puzzles instead.

We really love the game but why does it need Wi-Fi to play? Also there are way to many ads but other than that its a good game.

Its a fun game but there are way to many adds and you get an add after every 1 or 2 levels and you cant turn off your Wi-Fi to get rid of the adds either because it wont let you play.

When we got the game yes we know there were ads but theres a easy why to fix that. Go to settings and turn off wifi and go to the game and there you go no ADS is that great know you can play the game now.

Love this game its fun but there are to many ads reduce the ads like put an ad like every 3 levels or something.

We cried because there was an ad and we were in a bad mood and needed a happy time but then the dumb ad came up and so the we cried.

Great game but to many ads if it was A option to buy the game and not have to deal with the ads we would buy it but for now Ill have to delete it to many ads.

It was fun for a little bit after a while the levels started repeating and got boring.

Great game really we love it its addictive, but the constant ads being shoved down our throat every 2 minutes ruined this game for us and for a lot of people too. If there was a version we could just buy so we dont have to be bombarded with ads every level that passes or even while playing the game just pauses and BAM and ad we cant even play offline !! We would buy it if we could but for now UNINSTALLED.

Its not a bad game but you cant play it because of too much advertisement.

Cant enjoy a game with an ad after every level. 1/5 stars.

Game froze after first level, closed app and restarted, it continues to be frozen on level 2. Dont waste your time.

Make it so you dont need an internet connection to play, or im leaving this as a 1 star and a warning for anyone thinking of downloading the game.

This game definitely is not a bad game. Once we tried this game we really liked it. When we are upset this helps us calm down or say we are bored and we can just play this game. It is like a stress reliever.

This is a really good game and really fun, but the problem is that there are just so many ads. There is an ad every 2 games. If you dont have a problem with that and you like puzzles, this is the game for you. But if you cant handle the ads, we wouldnt recommend. We think its a great game but they ads can be just unbearable sometimes. Maybe if the ads were less than it would be a great game.

There are ads after everything we just want to play the game. But the ads are taking that away like actually after every round there is ad just maybe adjust all the ads,cataleina.

We really like this game dont get us wrong, but theres just so many ads after EVERY single level you complete. Its extremely annoying, we absolutely love play this game it is fun but theres just too many ads to deal with after every level.

Super fun and satisfying game keeps us distracted for hours. There is almost an add every single level that you complete and we feel like if they turn that down to maybe an ad every three or five levels it would be a five star game, but just because of the abundance of ads its a three star at best.

So we downloaded the app and everything was going just fine until we tapped on the app to get into it and it just shows a gray screen and then just shuts us out of it and we have deleted it and downloaded it three different times and it has done the same thing every time and we dont know what to do.

We were simply try to draw on another app until we got the ad for game, we thought it looked fun so eventually we decided to play the game after 30 minutes after downloading, the second we opened the app it immediately kicked us off the app, after a few seconds of trying to open the app we decided to just delete it as it wouldnt open at all. Worst app that we’ve ever downloaded.

We havent even opened the app and we cant even open it kept on crashing. We have been trying to undownload it but it still wont let me.

Theres an ad after every level and the levels are so small and short you spend more time watching ads than you do playing a level.

This game forces you to watch an ad after every level. You cant even play it without internet for some reason.

Title explains. Fun game but as others have stated its not worth it with an ad every 5 seconds. So we paid 3.99 to alleviate this annoyance only to still have ads pop up after every level.

This game is listed under no-wifi but it doesnt work unless you have wifi access and forces you to watch way too many ads.

We download it and we were like wow no adds but then we did it for like 5 minutes and every time u do it and you press no thanks a add just pops up and at first we were like nah bro ima just ignore it but then it was getting really hard to ignore it we were really annoyed so if you dont like games with too much adds dont download this.

Super stupid game 1 level then 2 ads wtf!

Its a mobile game we get its gonna have ads, but theres an ad after every level. Each level takes like 10 seconds and the ads take at least 30. Why is there 3 times more ad than game? It makes the game borderline unplayable.


We love this game SO much! We saw the add on TikTok and we were already hooked! We downloaded it and couldnt stop playing! It had such high quality and didnt lag our phone. It had skins for all different interest and only 1 ad popped up when we were playing!

The game is really fun and relaxing which we really enjoy. However every single time we beat the level there is an ad so Im just wondering if you guys can make a pass that takes away the ads so we dont have to keep on clearing the app and reopening the app every level we would buy the pass right away because the ads are just annoying.

The game is fun but ads pop up every time after after finishing a level.

Great game but the ads are quite ridiculous, one unskippable ad after pretty much every level.

Less than 30 seconds into the game and we were immediately bombarded with ads. It only gets above one star because its an interesting take on classic Tetris.

We are not going to play a 15 second level and then forced to watch a 30 second ad between each level. There isnt even an even give the option to remove ads for a cost. No thanks.

Too many ads ridiculous deleted it immediately when will you learn!!!!!!??????

What kind of game is this so better.

This is an amazing, fun, satisfying game, we do have one suggestion for aesthetics, if you could add the bar -that separates the Softris pieces- in the speed level to the other, main levels, Im sure Im not the only one who would love it. Whenever the bar touches the Softris pieces it is extremely satisfying and Id like to add that to the main levels. Also (side note here) it would be pretty nice if the money we gain could be spent in some way.

Throughly it would be a fun free game not a disgusting waste of ours time. We were expecting ads but not between ever level, not to mention the sound does not work at all. Dont download this app, this lazy idiots dont deserve a second of your time.

Way too many ads man. We got through 3 levels that took 5 seconds to beat, but in order to to that we had to watch 4 seperate 30 second ads. Its just another dumb cash grab.

Title says it all, super boring, mainly because its super easy. Only way to beat all the ads is to turn your phone into airplane mode.

The physics and core concept of the game are pretty fun. After a while, however, you notice theres only a handful of levels, and by stage 100, youll realize youve played the exact same level 20+ times. Cash is pointless with how much you get, and how easy this makes the game. Fun core, very little content to it.

This game is great, and the textures are outstanding. The reason this is only three stars is because it has a couple bugs and glitches, such as blocks getting stuck or blocks getting inside each other. The second reason is ADS. There are just way too many ads to the point that every time a level is completed, there will be an ad. This is extremely frustrating and annoying when you are trying to relax from a long, industrious day. This game is bad enough to get a review from us.

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