Solitaire: Classic Cards Game

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 11:00 pm

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NewPubCo, Inc, Solitaire: Classic Cards Game is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th August 2020 with the latest update 12th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Solitaire: Classic Cards Game ?

696 people have rated 2.9.6

What is the price of the Solitaire: Classic Cards Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Solitaire: Classic Cards Game released ?

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game was released on 5th August 2020.

When was the Solitaire: Classic Cards Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Solitaire: Classic Cards Game on 12th May 2023.

Where can Solitaire: Classic Cards Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Solitaire: Classic Cards Game from Apple Official App Store.



Klondike Solitaire is the real, basic solitaire card game readily available at your fingertips. This simple, rewarding classic solitaire card game experience was designed for both basic solitaire players and pros! Install and play this relaxing, free classic Klondike Solitaire card game today, it’s the best brain workout you’ll ever need!

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When it comes to how to spend your breaks and spare time – a good old solitaire card game online – be it Klondike, Spider Solitaire or even Pyramid Solitaire – may just be exactly what you need for both stress relief and brain training. Klondike Solitaire is both a "train brain" type of game, and a free card game of luck, exciting and fun.

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Consult Klondike Solitaire Terms of use:

Updated on 12th May 2023

Game on, Solitaire players! Update to benefit by an enhanced game experience:

  • performance and stability improvements
  • bug fixes
    Join the fun and don’t forget to rate us! Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Solitaire: Classic Cards Game Review

Enjoyable to play. Provides balance between thinking and winning.

Decks are not random next to zero chance if you want to win without shuffling. Forces you to watch ads for a new game. Gives bad deck to push more ads.

There use to be a lot of us playing together but no more with this new game. Its horrible. Thanks anyway. Going on the other games. You guys ruined it. Let us play with the one were comfortable with please! EVERY NICKNAME IS TAKEN!!

We wanted a daily game but this is much more, its really fun.

We play daily, am at level 600..

Like game. Dont like long ads.

We love the game, but two times it stopped functioning properly. We had to delete, and reinstall, which clears all progress. Very frustrating.

We love to play this game whenever we need to distress. We really enjoy it.

This solitaire game is great entertainment!

No game is 100@ percent perfect. This game 89%.

We dont like the update. We enjoyed playing the Solitaire journeys and now they are no longer there. The new look is harsh. Should have left it along.

We like trying new games. A friend of ours told us about this game. We love it and will tell others about it.?

This game is challenging and fun.

We took a break from playing this game and now Im playing it again and it is still fun to play.

Thank you Ryan Reynolds for giving our addictive personality yet another vice.

Just the right amount of challenge without being too frustrating!

Im not much of a gamer but we really enjoy the various challenges.

This game wakes up our mental capabilities we play it first thing in the morning.

Love that you get things with the stars.

Forced to download not very moved so we deleted the game.

This game is fun and challenging. A great way to past time during this COVID-19 epidemic.

We dont like being forced to update. Why give players a choice if we HAVE to update. Also is there a way to turn off the function that automatically tells you there are no more moves. We like figuring that out myself ( or having that as an option when we dont see any more moves). Thanks.

This game was perfectly before the upgrade! Now mid-game, there are ads. The look of the game isnt the same. We doubt it that Ill play it again. Sometimes an upgrade isnt really an upgrade.

Couldnt get new promised program; wrecked our relaxing with Solitaire; bah humbug.

Im sick of being forced to upgrade before you can continue playing, especially when we have two days left on the daily challenge. It takes us to a different solitaire version altogether and we want to just continue with the one we have. Dont like the new version it made us download at all, glitchy, slow, mid game ads, different look. Cant you just leave us along with our original solitaire???? And why do you want us to have two different versions on our phones? Just stop !

We’ve been playing this game for years and loved it. We despise the new updates graphics! Thanks for advertising a different solitaire choice. We’ve downloaded it & plan to hit the delete button for your app!

Why the forced upgrade? It was just fine the way it was. The new look is kinda juvenile in appearance and too many ads.

Why are we forced to make changes in games when we love the old one, but you didnt rate new one high yourself. There are glitches and now have to go through big process changing the game when the replacement is NOT better. Why dont you ask if players WANT to change or have an option NOT to change games.

We also am upset we had to upgrade just when we were about to finish our challenge! BULL CRAP.

At first we were happy to see an upgrade was available, even if we were forced to select Yes to upgrade. But after upgrading, we wasnt permitted to playnothing! Nothing worked! Tried each button, but nothing freed us to play. So angry and disappointed. Am removing this app from our iPad and going in search for another. Sad because we liked the app before the upgrade.

The new version is terrible. We did not have a choice but to upgrade. Tried playing one time and deleted app before we even finished it was so annoying.

Didnt want to update but was forced to. The new app isnt working so we guess Ill find a different game.

Why couldnt you people just leave it alone. We hope everyone stops using you so-called new and improved version. Dont sen us a patronizing response it will just make us want to kill you,

Will never play again thanks a lot.

We dislike the new Solitaire and we wont be playing it. Im researching another one.

Like the game as is , dont want to upgrade pl.

Was forced to update and it started downloading a new app. We deleted the old version and opened the new one to play. Its not even the same game!!! So disappointed and now we cant find the original. If this is the new version, why did you get rid of the other games?? Not all of us want to play standard solitaire! Deleting for sure.

Im so disappointed. We dont like Klondike and we have deleted the app. Will have to try and find just a good ol solitaire game somewhere but it will not be Klondike!! Very unfair we wasnt given an option but forced to change!!!

Cant play, no cards, if we wanted to play a different solitaire we would have downloaded it, now we cant play our regular game of solitaire.

Just downloaded, paid for no ads and the game wont start!!! WTH???

We MUCH prefer the old version with hints, and an undo button when we want to undo a play. Just DONT LIKE ANYTHING about this version! Please give us the old one.

Forced to upgrade, but the new version isnt solitaire, as far as we can see. No instructions on how to play, no more games for us we guess.

This liar showed up as an update to our usual solitaire game, got our approval and loaded. Probs charged us in the Apple Store, too. Foul.

We were forced to upgrade. Okay. We upgraded. Paid $7.99 for a year of ad free Solitaire. And nothing. We get a green screen. Tabs. Nothing else. No way to play. Cmon guys. You can do better than this!

We agree that we dont like to be forced to upgrade and dont like our information shared with others who sell their products.

We immediately deleted the upgrade because its a piece of crap.

We wish you had forced us to upgrade. The prior version was easier on the eyes and easier to use.

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