Solitaire Resort

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 10:25 pm

Solitaire Resort

Solitaire Resort

Solitaire Resort is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HAPPIBITS TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD., Solitaire Resort is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th September 2022 with the latest update 19th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Solitaire Resort ?

4,891 people have rated 1.0.6

What is the price of the Solitaire Resort ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Solitaire Resort released ?

Solitaire Resort was released on 6th September 2022.

When was the Solitaire Resort updated ?

The latest updated date of Solitaire Resort on 19th April 2023.

Where can Solitaire Resort be downloaded ?

You can download the game Solitaire Resort from Apple Official App Store.



Solitaire Resort is a creative card game with interesting stories based on the classic solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) gameplay. You could play cards, train your brain, and interact with an interesting storyline to renovate your resort. Do not hesitate to join us. Come on and enjoy Solitaire Resort!


– Classic Card Games with a unique resort theme
Based on the classic solitaire game (also known as Klondike or Patience), we have designed a wonderful resort that you could never imagine! You could collect various beautiful decorations during the card games, renovate and design your resort. This must be the game you won’t miss if you like the resort theme including coffee shops, kitchens, and so on.

– Motivating Victory Animations
When you pass the levels, you can enjoy motivating victory animations. The more games you play, the more victory animations you will collect. What a cheerful thing it is after an exciting game!

– 3 Cards Mode and Collect the Cards Automatically
We have set the 1 card mode for the beginners. It’s easier to understand and master the methods. Also, you could switch to 3 cards mode to improve the gaming experience if you are not a beginner. Besides, the cards will be collected automatically for your convenience.

– Left-Handed Mode and Multiple Languages Supported
To provide a better gaming experience for players having different demands and coming from all around the world, we support switching between left-handed and right-handed modes, and we offer multi-language support. You can switch between languages and choose your preferred mode at any time!

More highlights are prepared for you to explore!


  • Resort theme
  • Interesting storyline
  • Beautiful decorations
  • Customized renovations
  • Various animations
  • Draw 1 card or 3 cards mode
  • Left-handed mode
  • Quick Play mode

If you like playing solitaire games with an amazing resort theme, it is a good choice for you to keep this classic solitaire game on your mobile devices! You will feel like managing a real resort! You can also play it anywhere and anytime! Download and play this classic solitaire game NOW! 

What’s more, we will design more events and unique decorations in the future.

Updated on 19th April 2023

  • Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Solitaire Resort Review

We love playing solitaire and this game doesnt disappoint.

We really like this game but continue to freeze and we have to re start from beginning. We also will like that if you can fix it, give the options to play without commercials .

We love playing Solitaire and help fix the place is grand as well!

These adds are annoying, but we rate you a 5.

Love this game. Its perfect with no ads.

We really enjoy playing this game. Its really easy and relaxing. We have two suggestions: 1) please let players opt out of the events and/or increase the number of coins they win. Its not worth it to play all those games for 200 coins when you could watch an ad and double your money at the end of a hand. 2) It seems like the ads have increased. A game cant be played without watching at least three ads total. At 30 seconds a piece, its annoying.

Id be willing to pay to remove the ads. Its honestly too many. Other than that we really enjoy it.

Honestly love the game. Its classic solitaire unlike other ones out there plus the decor aspect. Its fantastic but please let us pay to remove the ads. After so many levels and ads we want to stop playing because it becomes too much.

Solitaire Resort – more interesting to play as you are remodeling the old dilapidated resort.

Cool game but just started playing. So far its a cool game.

We love this game! Unlike the other solitaire games we play where you have to earn coins to be able to even play the solitaire game, you can just play and play and play to your hearts desire. Two things we really wish could change/add: 1. Enable syncing across devices/link accounts (facebook, google, apple, etc) 2. Option to pay once to remove ads unless using the magic wand. The biggest thing that turns us off from the game is an ad between every single round. Theyre relatively quick to skip through, but VERY annoying! Otherwise, very quickly addicted to this game lol.

If we didnt have to deal with freeze ups, we would have rated it a 5 star. But so frustrating to have to completely leave the game and start over. Also lose any bonus from watching ad.

Drains our battery like no other app we’ve ever had. Freezes up after almost every video it plays after you complete a round and then lose those coins. But we are obsessed and still keep playing it anyway.

We love playing solitaire. The added story makes it fun. However, after EVERY SINGLE game play theres an ad. You only collect 100 coins per game play unless you watch an ad to get more. Most of the purchases with the coins take 300+ so, you have to play 3+ rounds to even update the rug or whatever for the resort. But then the ads slow you down. We would pay to have NO ADS but its not an option.

At first it was great, nicely designed and fun to play. But once you get around level 50, theres literally an ad before and after each round. Long ads too, 30-50 seconds. Including the disgusting ASMR hospital one with the pus. Id happily pay for an ad free version, but had to delete it as we got sick of more ads than gameplay.

You cant get past one round without an ad popping up.

Why does the game glitch so much it pauses every three seconds and wont let us play it most the time Im turning the game off and back on again for it to work for like three more minutes. Does anybody else have this issue? It happens on our iPad we just download it to our phone to see if the glitch goes away anyways is this normal for other people?

The app drains our battery. There are too many ads and they time out and you have to rewatch them for credit. Way too much time to complete one game.

This is a fun game to play. BUT in order to remodel your resort. EVERYTHING cost 500 to 800 coins to use. And you only get 200 coins per game after watching 2 videos. Not sure how much longer we will continue to play this game.

Extremely relaxing to play after a long work day and its fun to fix up the residence as sort of a reward system. The act of styling the house in the game, makes the game of Solitaire much more appealing. In fact, its almost addictive if youre not careful. We limit our play time to 1 hour sessions and we cant believe how fast that 1 hour can go by. Thx.

This another amazing Solitaire game. We love it.

Its for those days you have to wait in a lot of waiting rooms and so fun and addictive.

Enjoy this game very much the Solitaire and the renovation.

We love this game and it is a awesome, fun, great and great solitaire game to play.

Never bored it has other games in the game making it interesting and we love solitaire.

We love to play solitaire, and you get to decorate rooms. Just a bit much with videos to have to watch. We highly recommend this game.

This game is great. Just dont think an add after every single level is appropriate. Take some out.

This game is awesome, one of our favorites to play. There is just one thing that bothers us. With the balloon/boat racing events, theyre fun, but wayyyy too many. Whats fun about events is that they dont happen all of the time, so you can get excited about them, but as soon as one event ends, another one starts and as someone who isnt as interested in the events, it can get quite annoying. Can we make it so that the events dont happen so frequently, or an option to not be in the events? Like we said, great game beyond that.

Fun. But stingy on points. We dont mind watching a boring video for extra points, but when the video is longer than an episode of our fave TV show – never mind.

We like the game but one thing that really bothers us.. If you we can choose the furniture why cant we choose the floors and walls.

Finally a solitaire game where you win something!

We love solitaire, so this is a new twist with the story and hotel part. We just wish there was a way to opt out of so many ads. Dont know how long Ill be able to put up with that.

This game is soooooo much fun!!! We cant stand not being able to play our own music in the background while playing though. You can only listen to the music in the game instead of playing your own in the background. We would play this game so much more if we had our own music.

We really like this game. Its fun to open new areas and decorate them. There are so many ads though hence the 3 stars. Theres an ad after every round which is pretty annoying. We wish you could buy a no add version. It would be nice to opt out of the races also.

We dislike commercials interrupting our game, eating our data, and wasting our time and money. Can we please have a variety of commercials instead of repeating the same one numerous times in a row?

We like to play games with an audible book playing in the background. For some reason, audible wont play even with all the sounds on this game turned off.

Too many ads. Spend more time with ads than plaing game.

The game itself is fun, we love playing solitaire. The only issue is the millions of ads you have to watch. You could play a game, get an ad in the middle of it, and then at the end youd have to watch another ad. Too many ads!! And no way to pay to get rid of them or anything. Also, we think its annoying how you get thrown into a boat race. You could just want to play the regular game, and then suddenly youre in a competition and you either win or get a whole minute long scene where the boats float higher than yours and it tells you you lost. And you cant avoid it either.

We love the game but wayyyy to many ads and no option to buy ad free Ill be deleting because its an ad after every level then if you want to double your coins another ad. Too many ads not enough play time.

The title should say it all. Are way too many ads in this game. We hate having to sit through all these ads after every hand. Our game is freezing up on us and we have to reset the game and we’re losing our coins and we’re losing our decorations, we’re losing a lot it’s very frustrating game. We hope you fix this game because it is a good game,and if you fix this game our review will not go up. Right now we’re going to delete it, there’s alot of other games to play that don’t freeze up and make us lose anything !

Every single scenario is designed to watch an add, there are games that you cant make a single move and your only alternative is to watch an add to get an extra card or to watch an add to restart the game. It is disappointing because the idea of solitaire combined with the scapes games is good, but wrong prices. The boat race is a total scam, you cannot get more than 100 coins per game and every change in the house is much more than that. Dont download.

We just started playing this game and it ex opting to see how one can build and repair! This solitaire is great!

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