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Solitaire· is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Solitaire· is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th January 2013 with the latest update 16th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


719,618 people have rated 10.0.12

You can download the game Solitaire· from APP STORE.


New Game Modes:

  • Daily Challenge: Earn crowns and trophies by solving a unique challenge, everyday!
  • Special Events: Play previous daily challenges in Special Events
  • Easy to Play: Play deals that is at least one winning solution

Classic and simple gameplay with helpful items:

  • Customize your Deck and Background!
  • Unlimited Undo item to make up for your mistakes
  • Use Shuffle when you are stuck
  • Use Hint to find out the next move

Addictive card game:

  • Auto-save your progress

  • Draw 1 or 3 cards

  • Play it right or left-handed

  • Check your statistics

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Updated on 16th April 2022

bug fixes

Solitaire· Review

This game is fun it keeps us calm.

When we saw this we thought was fake but then it gave free robux to this this Roblox players go to Rblx. Land it will give you a lot of free robux but it takes like 3-7 days to come.

We will see how we like the game.

Tired of the ads, going to search for one without so we can delete. Aside from that the game works fine. Just hate the loud ads even when our phone is on silent and waiting up to probably 30 seconds in between games.

Their new stupid Spider Solitaire ad spams your game and prevents you from playing!! How stupid are you guys?? Otherwise, used to be an amazing app..

The title says it all. We’ve played this Solitaire game for years. This morning, when we opened to play, a pop-up to play their new Spider Solitaire game comes up. We clicked Maybe Later, and the game/app immediately crashes. This happened all day. Tonight we clicked the option to download the new game then went back to our game, and the ad popped up again, then crashed regardless of what option we clicked. This is very very bad, and really disappointing.

Ever since the newest update the game is extremely slow.

We have had this game a long time and play everyday. All of a sudden when we open it to play a spider solitaire app covers the game area. We dont want this app but we cant get rid of it and it is preventing us from playing our game. When we tap later it takes us back to our main screen. Whats up? We dont want to delete our solitaire app but we will if we cant play.

Hi we only play dis to get a zem and didnt get one >:(

We used to love this app until we started getting alerts that there was a data breach tied to this app. Im honestly bummed because playing was a nice way to decompress.

The ads are something else. Banners at the top, and an ad between EVERY game.

We do not know how they made this THIS bad. THEY MADE THE MIST STUPIDEST THINGY IN MY LIFE. Thats why we really hate them.

For the past two days it keeps locking up and shuffles are not loading after watching ads.

App fail and quits promoting new App no matter which button pressed. Unable to play.

The ads are out of control and way too loud! We often play while listening to an audiobook and in between games the noise from the ads blasts in our ears. Get rid of them! Looking for another quieter game.

This was our go-to app to play when we just needed to zone out. The last few days theres been a Spider Solitaire pop up and we hit later on the ad every time. And every time the whole app closes out. This is highly frustrating as this is our favorite version of solitaire in the App Store. We havent been able to play in three days.

WTH is this spider solitaire its s pop up that will not allow you to play game !! Its start on 3-11-2022! Remember this if it not broke don’t fix it!!

Freezes frequently. Abundant amount of adds. Initially a large reward for joining and decreases as you play, but before youre able to get to any prize it shuts the value down from collecting a few cents per game to a penny at best if you play for 20-30 minutes. The long adds wouldnt be as much of an issue if the rewards remained every turn, even if it is 3cents.

We have been loving this one and since yesterday out of nowhere an ad of spider solitaire pops up wants you to play you have option to play later and when you click on that it makes solitaire disappear we get back to our game and same thing spider solitaire pops back up and makes our solitaire disappear when we click later so we tried to have the game downloaded and go back to our game still does the same thing we cant no longer play solitaire at all anymore please get this fixed.

Every time we download a new app this one also decides to download with it even tho we have deleted it. Its just a mild inconvenience. 0/10 would not recommend.

Playing this game is very frustrating. We get an ad after every single game played.

3x in 15 minutes after a game it gave us a scratch off. If you watch an add aftertaste the scratch off you get $6. Every single time it froze when it was supposed to pay. They owe us $18. Im not going to play a game that doesnt pay and freezes every time.

First, the ads became glitchy; theyd hang, until Id close and reopen the ap. Now, an ad cant be closed even after closing and reopening the ap. The last time we had to download, it wiped all our hints and shuffles. Unacceptable.

Shows to install a spider solitaire but just exits game when you click on later. Very irritating. Plus cant get the contact your company to work on app ! This is the only way to contact you!!! We usually play every day for relaxing. Used to love the game till this!!!

New ad makes game unplayable Zynga is advertising its spider game which pops up no matter what you are doing. If you say later to install the ad closes solitaire. If you try to download it the ad closes solitaire. Bad move on the part of zynga.

So aggravating! We cant even get through one full game without the app crashing and forcing us to start all over again from the beginning. Its been doing this for many weeks now. We were hoping that the latest update would have addressed this issue, but, nope it just keeps crashing all the time!

Almost none of our games are completable unless we choose an easy win game. Then the ads are very long and frequent.

Over the past year its version is junk. Crashing all the time, slow and irritating. We deleted it completely now. PLUS: Company sells the access to your private information to third parties. BEWARE !! We are out of these scammers and thieves.

We used to love this game, but the latest update makes it crash every time we try to play. It also wont let you play and keeps trying to get you to download another game from the same company who made this one.

We played this game constantly. Now we open the app and get a pop up for spider solitaire and no matter what we select the game crashes. We’ve tried closing and reopening the app. Restarting our phone. Same issue.

We keep getting a pop up that says play spider solitaire and clicking later causes the app to crash. Game only functions on airplane mode to prevent the pop up crash cycle.

We really like this game and play it often. We paid for this game in 2018 so we wouldnt have to wait for unwanted ads in order to play. Today, we started getting ads again and the Premium option and Restore Purchases option dont work! We feel ripped off and disappointed.

Loved this game and now cannot play it. We open the app, the Spider ad pops up, we click later, our Solitaire app closes. We miss playing this game.

App is full of bugs- used to be decent. The ads that launch usually stop the game and hang up your phone.

We played before but sadly we deleted it.

We replay so many different ways and very rarely can win a game.

Im deleting your app because the pampers commercial overrides the silent function on our phone and plays at a loud volume. That is annoying and not well thought out. What if your users are trying to pass the time someplace quiet? Another ad runs and then just sits on the screen without a way to delete it and get to the game. Deleting the game.

Bad bad implorable app, disgusted with the makers greed, every two minute there is an ad, so what is this just waste everyones time? You have really been greedy to gain our time for your money. You are cheated way too much, there is no decency left we would rather surf the web than watch there stupid repeated advertisements and firstly why do they have to have a say at every game which doesnt even last for a minute, way too greed please avoid these makers stupid advertisements, that the only way to discourage them from being greedy, free doesnt mean free at all, thats their motto.

We used to love this game. We’ve had it for years. It was a nice way to occupy myself on car rides. Now, however, the makers have decided to embellish the game and add in new graphics and game-modes. The games have undoubtedly become harder. Im not the best at Solitaire, but we’ve only won a game twice since the new updates changed the entire game and left behind something that barely resembled Solitaire. The easy to win game mode is somehow even worse. So, to sum up our thoughts: people who want to play Solitaire arent looking for something fancy. They dont want to lose every game. If you want to make your game fancy, why not add more than two game modes and include a couple for players with medium skill? This game was once amazing, but now its something different. Hopefully, we can find a new app thats more reasonable.

We dont mind advertising as a way to support the application, but the ad stack on this app is now over our limit. Too many long, full screen, cant-be-dismissed ads. We’ve used this app for years and enjoyed it, but Im done.

The ads have gotten out of control. They take probably 3x as long as a game between each game, plus theres a banner across the screen the whole time youre playing, now. Used to be a good experience but the ads ruin what would otherwise be the best solitaire game. Dont bother downloading this.

We love this game. We play everyday about 10-20 games a day. For some reason today it just freezes every time we open it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!

Our favorite game app stopped working. Had to delete it and find another. Sad times.