Song of Bloom

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Song of Bloom


Song of Bloom is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Philipp Stollenmayer, Song of Bloom is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 18th December 2019 with the latest update 17th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


400 people have rated 1.03

You can download the game Song of Bloom from APP STORE.


Song of Bloom
is an intense tale about everything,
packed into a short, handcrafted experience.

Playfully explore a story,
told in rapidly changing art styles,
find out how to control it,
and uncover what happened.

Updated on 17th June 2020

small improvements

Song of Bloom Reviews

Its one of those games you beat and then wanna go through everything again just so you can now connect everything together!!

We have no words to describe how great this game is. Amazing arts, out of the ordinary but great storyline and a new approach to solving puzzles. It definitely makes you think out of the box and show you there are many ways of solving challenges. Congratulations to the creative minds that were behind the development, cant wait for the second part.

We dont know how we came across this, but (after finishing) we immediately went out and searched this developers other apps. This ones the best, we think, but have really enjoyed several of his others. Great look, cool music, interesting voices, etc. We love puzzles though and this was the most puzzling. Do-able, but took a while. Wasnt sure how we actually solved the last one (I did the same thing as we thought we had done several times already), but perseverance finally paid off. More please!

When we first got the game, our expectations were really low because we spent some money on instant gratification. As soon as you solve the first puzzle and get a grasp of what is going on you get so immersed in the concept. Its such a unique puzzle game what really get you thinking. We love how interactive it is, as soon as we used our volume button and the charging cable to solve puzzles we were absolutely amazed. Honestly, round of applause for the developer, Id say its pretty worth the money for the experience.

Love the puzzle solving and interactions. Stellar artwork with a variety of styles. Sound bloom is a fresh approach to gaming.

Im in awe. Our wife loved it too.

This games art style continually changing and music with it is beautiful and the game is fun to play we just finished it and it was amazing.

We couldnt finish it without a walkthrough to get through a few sections, but it was rewarding. Good game.

This is our favorite source of joy in the world right now. It is beautiful, in more ways than one. Loved every minute of every puzzle, so much so that after completing it Im going back again for more! Thank you Phillip for creating this beautiful piece of art!

We loved this game it was a really fun puzzle game where each level had some clues for others and kept you going back and forth we really liked it and the music was great loved the design for everything.

This is like an interactive poem that is a puzzle. Really was enjoyable.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeousstoryline, images, sound, music, and gameplay. We loved every moment. Curious and comforting at the same time.

This one is really special. If you like games like Device 6, Vignettes, Black Box, Lumino City, you might enjoy this. It isnt challenging, and the narrative is rather abstract, but experience of it is quite poetic and the mixed media creates a sense of discovery and surprise. We loved it. We are also just in awe of how much work went into this: designing the paths, the polish to get digitized handcrafted objects to read well (especially when interactive), the voice acting, and so on. There were a few rough corners (at one point we had trouble doing something and started to doubt it was what we were supposed to do) but hardly detracted from our overall enjoyment of it. Thanks to the creators for making this :)


We dont write reviews, but this game was absolutely beautiful. We loved it, and you will too.

An act of creative genius, this game is beautiful, brilliant, and gallery-worthy art!

We’ve played our share of games and puzzles but this one is like no other. We absolutely loved this app so much and could not put it down. Worth every penny and after playing and solving it, Id have paid more for it! Please hurry up and create a part two!!!

Incredibly smart and interesting puzzle design makes for a one of a kind experience! We’ve honestly never been more wowed by a mobile games use of its hardware. Everything is interactive and youll be amazed at how many different ways theyll utilize the iPhone to create the puzzles and flesh out the different levels. We’ve played countless mobile games and this one will stick with us for sure!

We absolutely adored this game. We have never played anything like it before! Beautiful design, inventive puzzles, excellent soundtrack…. This game has everything you need to get lost in another world that is magical and moving. No instructions are given but you really dont need any. Just pay attention. But dont get too wrapped up in memorizing every detail, you only need to notice one thing at a time. And if you miss something, there are helpful clues you can come back to at any time. We recommend playing this game when youre not terribly busy so that you can fully experience the process but if you want to play it in small bits and pieces, thats okay too.

Both an artistic masterpiece and a fun + engaging game. Rare combination!

This little game has a lot of wow in it.

We started playing an hour ago and now that Im done, we feel empty. What a journey! 1 star for the creativity; 1 star for the music; 1 star for the visual design that is refreshing; 1 star for the complexity that satisfied our love for puzzle games; and 1 star for thinking beyond the box. Congratulations on the award, we hope you get rich so that you can produce new games.

Ok,Im not a robot or some person they hired to write this review so ima be honest with anybody reading this. One day we got extremely baked then played this game with our AirPods in chillin in our bed and let us tell you this is not only a game of puzzles but this is a story and a work of art like it deserves a lot and we mean a lot more recognition than it has. Final review 9.7/10 keep up the great work this game is one of the best, no doubt in our mind it can go down in history.

This game is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. There was obviously an incredible amount of work put into this game and from the first challenge I. Was. Hooked. It was gorgeous, the storyline was compelling, the music was gorgeous, and it KNEW MY NAME. It was one of the most complex games we’ve ever played and we loved it. We have a fairly analytical mind and the puzzles were mind bogglingly complex. 10/10 worth the money.

This is a lovely game with a poignant story. The puzzles are part of the story, too, rather than just being obstacles to get to the next part of it. There aren’t typical written instructions, but it’s all right in front of you; it’s straightforward once you realize this.

This is our first ever review of an app. We are not a gamer but we do love puzzles and when we saw Song of Bloom reviewed somewhere we knew we had to get it. It did not disappoint. What a beautiful, abstract, whimsical and thought provoking experience. Wow. We are so sad that we have finished it.

The puzzles are insanely creative, and they are difficult but very rewarding when you do solve it, theres a puzzle where you have to plug in your device! Its insane 10 out of 5.

We were camping where we didnt get cell service and it rained all day. Fortunately we had downloaded Song of Bloom the week before after seeing on Apples best of list. We opened it up for the first time and our partner and we worked through the entire thing together in our tent, passing the phone back and forth as we figured out each puzzle. The time flew by and we felt connected and engaged – we loved it!! We highly recommend this game and look forward to discovering others like it!

We cant imagine how difficult it was to make this game. Its crazy.

So worth the few bucks. If you are reading this and you enjoy puzzle games, please do yourself a favor and get this!

This is one of the best games we’ve ever played!

Obligatory "don’t usually leave reviews" statement This game is just quite simply amazing, and deserved Apple’s award easily. It’s beautiful, it’s dark, it’s engaging, it’s impossibly creative… We love everything about it and am so happy we had the opportunity to play it. We really can’t say much more than that other than you should give it a try if this genre of game is appealing to you. In some ways it reminds us of monument valley (not in the way puzzles are solved but how secrets are unveiled and how you feel more and more a part of the world the longet you play). Great game!!!!!

This was so wonderful! Download and play right now if you like artsy/emotional puzzles.

This is one of the most beautiful, creative, stunning, brilliant, albeit frustrating yet calming puzzles where the mix of all of it, keeps us in it. Bravo.

Game is great, super thrilling and simple at the same time. Awesome experience.

This is the best game we’ve ever played in our entire life!

This is beautiful, fun, clever. And not difficult to finish. Great for non-gamers and those who love eye candy.

This game will keep you coming back for more. We guarantee you have never played a game like this. Im not a game player, but this game is like a logic puzzle, an adventure and visual poetry all woven together in one beautiful app. It is truly a fantastic adventure!

This is some serious prodigy level brilliance. Animation, design, and programming are just perfect. Thanks for putting this into the world. And so glad to see that its being appreciated!

I’d wanted to design apps for a long time, but after finding this game (and Bacon! ), we were sold. Started learning Swift a couple years ago, and hope to make apps even a tenth as beautiful, surprising and organic-seeming. We are a massive fan. Thank you, Phillip!!!!

We cant even describe how much we love this game. The abstract style fights against our sense of reality. Im not even sure this is a game. But, Ill tell you one thing. This isnt the game of the week, month, year, decade, century, or millennium. This is the game of the megaanum.

Loved every bit of this game. So creative, clever, beautifully executed, and thoughtful.

Its somehow, abit tactical, solving alone, but manageable only times, very interesting, puzzle, almost like solving a Labyrinth Thank you.

We never buy games and rarely play them. Rian Johnsons tweet about this piqued our curiosity and $2, wth, lets see what its about. We love the visual, artistic cues and the satisfaction of the blooms. Thank you Philipp Stollenmayer for sharing this world.

We highly recommend this app because its like a puzzle and tricks the bran, listen its good get it trust me.

We dont normally write reviews but this game gives a lot of sense of art. The game gives various types of sensations along with different types of genres of music. Its very simple to play and scenarios come along with unexpected beauty. Sometimes, it became weird and sometimes beautiful. This game give us an acknowledgement that life is also full of different scenarios. Thanks for the awesome game and art. Also as Im the music composer, we really appreciate the music that he/she concentrate on which genre would be suitable with respective scenarios.

We never write reviews but this game is amazing, getting creative by using volume buttons, charging your phone, and rotating it to get through levels, the beginning makes you question it so much but it fits together at the end perfectly. The symbolism and foreshadowing is awesome!

Very unorthodox, fun, surreal, different. We dont often buy apps, but we HIGHLY recommend this one if you have any interest in puzzle games.

Very good,good,Gooder than fortnite and 5 stars with a smile.

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