Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide

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Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide


Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tommo Inc., Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th December 2012 with the latest update 10th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Education, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


100 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide from APP STORE.


Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside

Sam is ready to face his fear of the dark, following his favorite comic book Superhero Pajama Man he takes up the identity of Pajama Sam as he journeys into his imagination to the land of Darkness.

Along the way Sam meets some new friends like Otto the Boat, King the mine car and Carrot the Carrot. Packed with his Flashlight and with your help is all Sam really needs.

—User Reviews—
"This game is great for kids of all ages. It is challenging enough for older kids and entertaining enough for younger.",

"I originally bought this for my now 16 y/o when he was about 5 y/o. In fact, he LOVED it and owned every game in the series. It helped to increase his computer and problem solving skills and provided hours of fun for us both. I loved that it combined adventure with a learning opportunity.",

"Played it as a young boy and now my god kids can play it meaning their childhood will be just as awesome!",

"A high quality point-and-click adventure game for young and old alike. "


  • Every new game creates new ways of playing making the experience for any child new every time.
  • Simple touchscreen navigation makes it easy to guide Sam on his adventure.
  • Fun and challenging puzzles and mini games.
  • Encouraging creativity and sharpening problem-solving skills.
  • Read-along as you play with text that matches each line of dialogue. Perfect for early readers and learning English.

This product uses ScummVM which is released under the GNU GPL v2.
For more information, please visit –
The GNU GPL can be viewed here –

Updated on 10th May 2019

Interface & stability updates.

Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide Reviews

Used to play all the time when we were a little kid on the computer, now we love playing while stoned its truly nostalgic.

We used to play this game all the time on our computer as a little kid. Im 20 now and we decided to download this game on our phone and play it again just for nostalgic purposes. We love it. It makes us feel like a kid again.

This is the same game you remember! The sound works on iPad Pro and iPhone XS. The sound also works when screen mirroring to Apple TV. (I hope they bring this to Apple TV too!)

We played this game when we were a kid and its the greatest game ever. We love it so much and it is just like we remember it. The Pajama Sam bundle $12, is more fun than any other app we’ve bought. At first we were hesitant to buy it because people talked about sound issues, but the sound works as long as you have headphones or earbuds. There is no external sound but that doesnt bother us. This is the most classic Pajam Sam game, and we cant decide if we like it more than game 3, so we think they are both tied as our favorites. We were so excited when we saw this on the app store, we couldnt believe its here! Im very thankful for the app because the Pajama Sam DVDs (before it became an app)- dont work on most modern computers, so the only place we could play it would be a library and thats embarrassing because Im an adult. The Pajama Sam games have all of the different routes for anyone wondering, so you get to play new paths when you start a new game. They are chosen at random so its always new and exciting. We were wondering if the app version was gonna have the different routes! Very impressed. Its definitely worth the money. We play it on an iPad, and using our finger to tap the screen is such a big upgrade from when we were a kid and had to use a mouse. We remember this game well, so we finished it quickly, that was the only con and its not really a con. Thank you Humongous Entertainment for making such awesome games!

Our brother and we used to fight over who would get to play this game back in the day on our parents old 1998 Gateway computer. It holds up very well, and even at 25 we were challenged by a few things. Very fun, and we highly recommend. PS All the morons who cant get the oars its not a bug. The location of the mask, lunch pail, and flashlight are randomized every new game and you dont always need the oar. If you cant get them, its because you didnt need them. Learn how to use Google.

Cant grab the oars , just keep swinging . Please fix so we can continue . Games super fun.

We are so glad we found this absolute master of a game on iPad again. Used to use it in our preschool on a PC for autistic and ADHD children years ago. This game helped them to develop not only their social skills but focus and concentration. But it is extremely good to develop critical thinking and problem solving for all children no matter what their skill level. . Honestly even some adults have difficulty with this game but kids can complete it because they will keep trying with novel solutions. Who ever designed this game was a genius because they understand child psychology and uses it to teach so it becomes fun.

Make sure your phone isnt on silent mode otherwise there will be no audio.

This game brings back lots of great childhood memories only missing a star because the sound didnt ever turn on. Checked the game settings and made sure our volume was turned up. Subtitles were helpful to get thru the game but would have been even better with the sound on.

We’ve missed this game. We were so happy to learn that it was on the App Store! But we’ve noticed a small thing. When trying to get the oars, he doesnt swing his arm and doesnt jump over to get them. You just keep swinging back and forth forever. So theres no way to get any farther :/ Please fix so we can continue reliving our childhood.

We played this game a lot when we were younger we found it easy to play but we wish the audio would work without earbuds.

We loved these games on the PC and so we have them on our phone…. The sound works for the Putt Putt games but both Pajama Sam games dont have sound….. The subtitles work and we can play the whole games but theres no sound even though the sound is on in both the game and on our phone…. We tried looking up how to fix it but we couldnt find a solution… Can anyone help???

Amazing, blast from the past! Our only complaint is that it isnt fully like the original computer game. There is no library option to get the invisibility potion, there is no magnet, etc. We were sad to see that but other than that, its great!

Everything is great about the game just like a remember it! However, theres one issue. Just like the other Pajama Sam games, the tasks are randomized every time you play. Sams flashlight and lunch box change so youre not doing the same mission every time, however the mask stays the same. The mask is always with the carrot every time you play. Usually, it should switch from being in the living room and using the invisibility potion to get it.

We dont remember the lunch box being in the water when we were a kid. You used to have to go down the wishing well and Otto need oars. Its about half the amount of gameplay that we remember.

Still the same game and our sound works fine but the story line never changes. We want it fixed or we want our money back.

This game is super well done and almost exact to the original, but it has crashed on us a few times and we had to delete and redownload. Hoping this can get fixed !

Super bummed. We were so excited because we loved the PJ Sam games, but they just arent good without the sound, especially for kids who cant read yet! Please fix the sound.

Perfect other than theres no sound.

Very sad theres no sound. We loved this game so much but the sound is one of the best parts and it doesnt work on the app ):

We paid for this game and no sound which wouldnt be a big deal if it was FREE!!!.. Please either fix the sound or give us money back.

We got the bundle with the 3 games and none have sound.

If we cant go into the library, how do we get the magnet to finish the game??? Dont buy if you want to actually finish.

Cant reach the ores. It doesnt matter how many times you try. Cant even finish the game!

We loved this game growing up so we decided to get it on our phone. Its expensive so thought it would work 100% but there is no sound whatsoever. Its a huge disappointment and we suggest no one download it unless you are okay with no sound.

The ours car doesn’t stop in the gold tunnel so you cant get the gold for the toll bridge.

We recently downloaded these games and we are very pleased. We used to play these games all the time and now we can do it on our phone! We especially love how each game you play is different from the one you previously played. This is definitely worth the money no matter what as you are.

Im trying to access our inventory to use our rope and we cant find it.

We are bummed because when we first bought the game the storyline would reset but now its stuck on the same version of the game each time we play. Help!!!!

Need fixed sound all app is sound not right.

We’ve been playing this game since we were a wee lad and its simply phenomenal. Its great for kids but its also a great way to spend half an hour if youre offline and need a game to play. Its engaging and entertaining for sure.

Fix some bugs. We can not get to the oars or find the grandfather clock.

Yes please fix bug. Sam wont reach for oars no matter how close you get.

This game is very strange, because the kid isnt afraid of anything but the dark and the game itself is very random and does not make sense.

Can anyone tell us why we cant hear?? There is no sound, just speech text. We downloaded Pajama Sam and Putt-Putt and theres no option for sound on either one that we can see. Help!

Our brother and we downloaded two pajama sam games, he cant access his inventory and our sound isnt working. Perhaps something to do with the recent software update. Hope it gets fixed, we loved this game as kids and wanted to take a ride on the nostalgia train!

It works okay for a while but you cant get the oars. Impossible to play past that point, so its kind of pointless to buy this.

Sound wont work. How do we get our money back?

This game has no sound do. Not. Download!!!

Its so creative and fun, definitely gets our kid thinking and sometimes us too lol! The design of the game is so neat and different as well.

The game is great. Super, super nostalgic and a great thing to be able to pass on to our own kids. However, we wish there was the options to select which scenarios to play like you could do in the old computer games. This would make it less repetitive if a child would like to play multiple times. The only other criticism we have is that the controls frequently invert which makes certain aspects of the game difficult (i.e. Swinging to acquire the oars to get your lunchbox.) Also, it is impossible to get a different option for the mask. We have tried too many times to get the couch option but it just isn’t there, which is incredibly frustrating when you want to see that different aspect of the game. If these were improved the game would definitely warrant 5 stars.

Pajama Sam was our all time favorite game as a kid. He is a great and well developed character, and the surreal atmosphere really appealed to our imagination. When we saw it had been released as an app we almost started crying with joy, it had been so long. And the app is just like the original we had as a 6 year old !!! Thank you so much for reviving Pajama Sam, this game was super formative in our childhood.

Now this game is beatable. No glitches. DO NOT UPDATE THIS APP AGAIN!

The game is great! Brings back memories. Please consider adding "Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff"!!!!!

We love this game but holy crap, even if we reset the story, we can never get the mask to go into the furniture room. Some people get angry at the mask in the furniture room, but we love it. We’re just so angry that we can never get it!!!!

We played through the game and once we got through the doors of knowledge the game crashed and we were forced to restart the entire game. This happened 3 times. If your going to bring back a game and bring it back to mobile status make sure it actually works. This has happened on 3 of your games we’ve bought from you now.

Frequently the hotspots don’t work to select things and it seems to boot you back to the beginning every time you have to stop playing. Have restarted several games and find hotspots that worked previously don’t work the next time (such as using the rope to get the board/ you can’t select it. Don’t bother purchasing, waste of money.

Just like the original we’ve had no bugs not even with the oars like some people claim we highly recommend this to anyone whos played a humungous entertainment game or is looking for a game for their children this a must have!

We are 19 years old and we absolutely love this game! Our siblings and we have all 3 Pajama Sams for the computer an we can’t wait for the third one to be released for iPhone.

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