Sonic Runners Adventure

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Sonic Runners Adventure


Sonic Runners Adventure is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gameloft, Sonic Runners Adventure is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th December 2017 with the latest update 16th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


20,793 people have rated 1.0.7

You can download the game Sonic Runners Adventure from APP STORE.


Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are back in an action-packed runner game!

Catch speed fever as you relive the Sonic legend. Run, jump, dash or fly across the road and through exciting platformer levels. Unlock new characters including Tails, Knuckles and more, each with their own unique abilities you can power up. Rush to save Sonic’s universe by fighting Dr. Eggman across 4 iconic locations.

All this in a compact download size, so just about anyone can jump-start their day with some high-speed arcade action!


  • Dash through 4 iconic locations with super graphics. WARNING: May cause a rush of excitement.
  • Unlock loads of characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow the Hedgehog and more high-speed legends, each with their own super abilities.
  • Overcome an endless rush of obstacles and villains, including the nefarious Dr. Eggman himself!
  • Listen to iconic tracks as you run for heart-pounding fun!
  • Pick up your favorite buddies, each with their own super skill! And remember: Choose them wisely to combine their skills and help you win!
  • Power up your favorite characters to improve their abilities.
  • An exciting story full of super characters and fun twists.
  • Jump into a variety of fun arcade experiences with replayable levels & loads of objectives. Whatever road you dash down, it’s guaranteed to have endless enjoyment!
  • Discover the mysterious Bonus mode that’s a real rush of fun with a dash of speed fever!
  • Enjoy skill-based combo gameplay using simple controls, plus an auto-run mode so anyone can jump in on the action!
  • You can play the game completely offline after your first session!

The perfect game for fans of high-speed platformers, offline action, fun runs, arcade legends, or "The Blue Blur," Sonic the Hedgehog himself!

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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Spanish LATAM, Polish, Vietnamese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

The game requires an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) for the first game launch.

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Updated on 16th July 2020

Sonic and his friends can’t wait to heat things up, so they’re blazing into new adventures full of baddies and legendary locations!

Having lots of good, fast fun? Rate Sonic Runners Adventure now, and let everyone know your true-blue opinion!

Sonic Runners Adventure Reviews

Hey game loft, we love your games, especially the Spider-Man unlimited. We were sad when you discontinued it. But lets talk about this game! Im so glad you made it, we missed out on sonic runners, and never got that great experience, so, until a few months ago, this was the only sonic runners. However, we wish you could add things. For example, maybe, if you beat the game, you unlock a special mode thats like the original sonic runners. Maybe you could add some outlines, so its easier to see characters. It would especially be great if you could maybe even add some more characters. If you add the infinite levels, you dont need more normal levels, bu2 if not, maybe add some more levels! We know youre working hard and updates like these are hard to make. So for1 now, thank you for making this game. Everyone appreciates it! Thanks for reading!

This game is well made for us but people say its bad but it is not and we loved sonic for the most.

This is the best game we ever played.

Its A Vere Amazing Game we Ever Seen Before.

Play this game its very fun we love sonic games we play sometimes but on the volcano place we cant GET FRICKING EGGMAN but this game is very great! We would rate this 5 if our stuck on volcano then rated 4.

Please make more updates and add sonic the werehog and a item shop with esp silver and blaze and infinite from sonic forces and we love your games and sega is a good name for the Company you are smart please make more games.

Why did u do this? Is it because ur game is too popular,is it because that it made a different way to make it poplar and then replace sonic runners to sonic runners adventure? Maybe when we look at sonic runners we were whoa we want to play that game and we see it different sonic runners adventure and we were like this ones different and its costed 6 dollars we think and then we said this isnt it and we played ur game and we beater ur game and we were bored and we got nothing to do and please put it back we were too late to play sonic runners (please read)

This game is very fun we just have one concern, Why does it cost money? This game is not worth 3 dollers. Please change it.

And you can unlock more characters to the chapter.

This game is very good but we think it can use more updates.

This game is fun! We give it a 5 stars.

This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!! And go MAD if you do you go to next level. AND Im a GIRL.

Best Sequel to the original ever played!

This game is super fun and we love it its like sonic but hes always running and its hard but good hard not impossible hard but the og sonic runner was better and we want that back cuz this is good but the og was super mega awesome.

This is a really good game but you could add more characters the companions are fine our favorite one is the one you get from the start it is super cool just please add more characters like in the original game like at all of them you dont need to change the arm zizzy bodies in the game but you could introduce characters with updates like an event where you could get enough money and get them that would make the game a whole white one and we would play every day.

Que el avance del juego se guarde en icloud. Please.

Im the guy thats said for the more sonic games and pokemon and the qadrupull and th bug and now WHY CANT OMEGA SHOT pls make a bullet button so that he can shot.

This is a great game for the best of the best.

We love this game it is sooooo cool!

So to be honest sonic runners is a game we should all love.

We love this game so much but we wish there were more characters. We miss sonic runners but if the developers see this please put in werehog sonic and super shadow and super silver. We know a ton a people who would play this game more if you add them in.

Mr Sega Game workers we like Sonic runners aventures but its just that its its just that we dont really like that theres a certain time and you have to finish the levels in a certain time and so we would like to send this to you because we would really like to for you to change the game to make it a little easier OK bye.

We love this game and we’ve beaten it twice but we have one suggestion, maybe one day you could put metallic madness as a playable zone.

Love it bought it with a gift card but why did you discontinue your Spider-Man games please recontinue the Amazing Spider-Man games plz.

How come youre showing a game thats been very old and it doesnt work anymore is it gonna be returning soon.

Its a really fun game we just download it and Im already thinking about pouring hours of our life into it.

The best game ever you have ever played in your life so hard we can not get past level20.

We love this game, but we need some new characters like Tangle,Whisper,Amy,Silver,Blaze,ETC.

This app is AWSOME!!! We’ve played it for years and we love it! But if you die with a game over, youll loose Your score! But overall this game is great, Thank you, sega!

Five rated L. O. V. E. The game.

Add an endless mode like the original.

This game allows you to play as different sonic characters some of the best we LOVE PLAYING but we wish you had way more characters but it doesnt glitch its like the perfect non-glitch game but we wish it had multiplayer please add multiplayer bye have a good week.

At first we thought all sonic games were free as a kid but right now Im on a iPhone 6 but now we nevered try sonic runners.

The whole 3D aspect they tried to do with sonic never felt right with us but this feels good.

Ok, so let us get one thing straight. We absolutely LOVE this game. Sonic is one of our all time favorite game series and this game is LITERALLY PERFECT! It brings us so much nostalgia from when we used to play it on our kindle all the time and the music is so amazing. We haven’t found a SINGLE glitch in all our years of playing and it’s so fun, so if you don’t have this game, get it. GET IT NOW!

We love sonic its really cool and we love playing it and you should play it too.

We love sonic runners the reason we gave it five stars because its so fun and its a speed flying and strength auto scroller awesome game.

DUDE THiS SO COOL we need a sonic runners 2.