Exploding Kittens®

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 09:25 pm

Exploding Kittens®


Exploding Kittens® is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Exploding Kittens, Inc, Exploding Kittens® is a Board game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 21st January 2016 with the latest update 9th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


11,429 people have rated 5.3.6

You can download the game Exploding Kittens® from APP STORE.


Play the most-funded game in Kickstarter history anywhere with the Exploding Kittens® Official mobile game!

The mobile version of the game is available now, including the Party Pack, Betrayal, Streaking Kittens, and the all new Barking Kittens expansion! Play with friends or strangers in online play, challenge the AI, or play offline with friends face-to-face!

In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of t​he game — unless that player has a Defuse card, which can defuse the Kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the Exploding Kittens.


  • Exploding Kittens is a multiplayer card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

  • Play with 2 to 5 players across multiple phones in the same room, or online with friends or strangers

  • Featuring original art by The Oatmeal

  • New cards exclusive to the digital version of Exploding Kittens

  • Digital versions of the hit expansions, including Streaking and Barking Kittens, as well as digital exclusive Betrayal and Party decks

  • The digital version of the most backed game in Kickstarter history

Creat​ed by Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs), Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), and Shane Small (Xbox, Marvel).

Exploding Kittens is a paid app in which optional game features may be purchased with real money. You must be at least 13 years old to download and play. There is also an option to compete online against strangers and resulting data transfer charges may apply. Player usernames and expressions are their own. Exploding Kittens, LLC is not responsible for and does not endorse player usernames or expressions. For our privacy policy, visit www.explodingkittens.com/privacy.

Updated on 9th August 2022

Various fixes and improvements for multiplayer stability.

Exploding Kittens® Reviews

This is a very great game! We love to play it! But we have some suggestions. 1. Add the imploding kittens expansion, its the only real life expansion that isnt in the game. We know most cards in the expansion are already in the game but you could add some new ones. 2. Make it so you can use the KITT-E and clawborg 3000 backgrounds in public games, maybe some new ones as well. 3. You for some reason cant play a bury card when you have an ill take that effect on you. Im assuming this is a bug.

We love the card game, and the app. This is sooo good. We love it.

We got this game 2 weeks ago, been playing it almost every day lol. We love it all, its the best and only cat card game youll find out there and is truly unique is offers a fair experience for players that dont want to buy card packs. Since we’ve loved this game for a while now we might buy some stuff. We like it better than Uno, dont even play uno a lot anymore lol. Good job developers, like too see more :))

What would make it better is to have it be possible to be sorted into a type of game at random. Its hard to get a group together for the less popular decks.

Good game but it features the packs but you have to pay for it but otherwise a really good game.

Although ingenious in design, and with a potential for charming gameplay, some distinct drawbacks plague this app. The multiplayer environment has become awash with extremely aggressive players. While not the developers fault, they have nonetheless allowed the problem to worsen. Players cannot disable haptics, so nagging seems to be perpetual, and limitless. This detracts mightily from the appeal of the multiplayer experience. The servers rarely provide a full table of players for the premium content. Single player mode provides a weakly-imagined AI deployed with somewhat unabashed Blue Turtle Shell logic. The AI plays the best card even when blinded with implausible regularity. This makes winning more a function of luck than skill. With no stats other than win/loss, the single player game feels watery already, and the lack of AI multiplayer channels this sensation into a canal of low-stakes confrontation. There are many good points to this game, and the IRL version is brilliant, but quality-of-experience has declined and should be addressed.

This is overall a fun game. However, there have been multiple times the games cheats in the single player, medium or hard mode. The cheat is when there is an exploding kitten and the game itself refuses to take its move and draw the exploding kitten. The game will continuously have the opponent play until the opponent draws the exploding kitten.

Yall need to fix the technical glitches in this game.

Super fun game irl, and just as fun online.

We love this game because the action is pretty cool. Now there is a problem with the other pack not the core pack, You see when we try to buy it it doesnt let our buy it and it just there.

We love this game but it would be so much better if you could use multiple expansion packs at once.

We love this game so much. Its also only $2.00! Keep making fun games!

We even have the real card game that we play as a family for Christmas! This is a funny, cute, and a game that give you a pleasant adrenaline rush! Love.

Okay, this game is awesome, we love all the sounds, cards, and the actual card game! Buttheres a small set back.. Story:Me and our brother were playing this game and noticed that theres NO NOPE CARD!!! We were are so bummed because, this is one of our favorite cards!! End of story: Soo, you get why the title is what is it lol. Anyways, please either put the NOPE card in one of the already made decks, or create a whole new deck with the card in it! Many thanks, Addison and Carter.

We like the new pack we just bought it its confusing but fun.

Hi we enjoy your game especially the new feature, however, it seems there are players who are cheating because we noticed when there is a bomb on top they somehow manage to draw a different or avoid with playing another card or defuse it and theres no other card to save you besides defuse.

Its very fun but you cant do special combos.

It wont let us but packs idk why.

When playing solo game the computer cheats, and not only on the most difficult setting. Countless times we’ve played the card that supposedly makes it so they dont know which card theyre playing but theyll always still play the card they need. But when the situation is reversed, you have to waste 3-5 cards to get to the Defuse card. Frustrating as H%#@ Other than that, the multiplayer version is a lot of fun. All the kids loved it. As well as us adults. Expansion packs are great. Would love a way to make a custom deck with cards selected from purchased decks. Or a couple ideas for special cards; a variant of the Steal a Card where the victim can protect 1-2 cards and the attacker gets to choose from the rest(Face down to him or her so they still dont know what theyre getting). A fake Exploding Cat card that looks like the real ones but nobody knows which one is fake until picked up. When selected player puts back in deck like a normal Exploding Kitten and he or she can distinguish the fake one in the deck when getting to peek at the deck, until picked up by someone else. Very fun game. Keep the expansion decks coming as they add to the variety and make the game more re-playable.

Would be 5 stars if it had family in app purchase sharing.

Love the game but will more players be added? Wish it was more than 5.

Seems like a good game but we could not figure out how to use a defuse. Idk why thats not automatic. We couldnt drag the bomb at all.

When trying to buy expansion pack nothing happens? Really wanna buy them all.

It was kinda fun but we ultimately just wasted a dollar the board games are way better.

Every time we try to redeem a code, it wont work. When we hold down the little kitten by the name, it wont bring us to the code area. Any tips? We held it down for 10 seconds all the way up to more than a minute. Can anyone help us? We really want those skins lol.

We wish you could see how many games someone has won (shown on their profile). Or have incentives or collectibles you get from winning a lot.

We dont think the shuffle card actually shuffles anything since Id get a 100% chance everytime in drawing an exploding kitten card when playing by self.

We love the game but BTD 6 is a bit better than this though we like this game.

It is not that fun but we like it so keep it up.

When playing online it seems like 1-2 people always get the steal a card cards and feels like well over maybe 60% of the time that you start out with a bomb. Maybe the second part is bad luck but Im confident the steal a card feature is messed up.

This might be the most frustrating game we’ve ever foolishly downloaded in our life! Dont waste your time!

Not a fan of the cheating AI. They seem to know exactly whats in your hand, and what comes next in the draw pile.

Local game via bluetooth is not functioning on latest ios.

We love this game a lot, and we really like playing with strangers. It used to work great but the last few weeks we can barely even play a game because Im always getting disconnected. Its really a bummer.

The developers should probably test this game before releasing it. Full of bugs and gameplay glitches that are frustrating to its players. Dont pay money for this game, free games have better developers!

Theres so much cheating in the barking kittens pack its no longer fun to play. Not sure why the developers are not fixing this problem.

The developers need to add some sort of actual report system. We feel like Im constantly getting paired with people who have offensive names and they are doing it because there is no repercussions for it.

In the middle when we were playing the game with our dad it disconnected us out of nowhere but we were able to get back in. Another thing is the EXPLODING KITTENS not the game it self but the the thing it says the chances of a exploding kitten our chance was 10 percent and we still got a exploding kitten!!! But we were able to defuse it but we got another exploding kitten and didnt have a defuse card and we lose the game we mean what the heck dude the steal cards we get that but not the chances of exploding kitten they just keep popping up on your screen and you have a low chance of getting it and you do not have a defuse card and you like screw this and you lose, do not have a defuse card? You lose. You guys should have more cards so the game can last longer or else you lose the game but that was our compliant but we still love this game but 2 stars the last review was 5 stars but this no sorry but you got to fix this if you cant we dont know what to do anymore but still love this game even though our compliant might affect you that compliant is something but we just want you to fix it please but still love this game bye!!!

Just finished 5th game in a row that ended with a disconnect. We certainly wouldnt buy it right now. Is this a one time thing, Im not sure but it certainly isnt working right now.

We think the development team here is either understaffed or inefficient. We see too many mid-game crashes, packs disappearing and appearing inconsistently for different users. No proper retry or abandon logics, the game could get stuck until infinity in some cases. Users can use racist and abusive words as their user names. All this for a game we have spent over $20, we would say is definitely not worth it.

Its perplexing that one can mute other players and turn sounds off, but haptics are mandatory. When playing with strangers, another player can easily harass others and ruin the vibe. Why cant we turn off haptics?

Just bought this game and it wont download.

Buggy & broken. Hasnt been updated with fixes (last update was 5 months ago)

When we clicked to buy more decks, it wont show up as us already buying the decks so we kept pressing the $1.99 buttons. We were charged nearly $25 what the f.

This game used to work, but lately, when we play an online game against other players, the game will disconnect us before the end of the game. This happens even though Im playing over a good WiFi network. So we cant even finish an online game. The app developers have cheapened out the game by using servers with smaller bandwidth. This app is the KMart of gaming apps.

The app allows people to change their usernames at will, but doesn’t prevent people from choosing names so offensive (scary offensiveI’m not talking about not-politically-correct) that we won’t repeat them here. The user can block a name after seeing it, but the app isn’t screening content before kids see it (or if it is, it’s doing a terrible job). Currently, the game is not appropriate for 13-year olds, even mature ones. The board game is marketed to kids. It’s irresponsible to make the app version unsafe for kids.

Could be a great game, but Crashing Kittens might be a more appropriate name to reflect the frequent host connection errors. Also, the community of players includes those who have chosen vulgar and offensive names, and breached the games rules to cheat and grant themselves unfair advantages. We initially enjoyed the game, but now it only annoys us.

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