Sort Water Color Puzzle

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 09:15 am

Sort Water Color Puzzle

Sort Water Color Puzzle

Sort Water Color Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sonat Joint Stock Company, Sort Water Color Puzzle is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th July 2021 with the latest update 28th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Sort Water Color Puzzle ?

8,351 people have rated 3.0.4

What is the price of the Sort Water Color Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Sort Water Color Puzzle released ?

Sort Water Color Puzzle was released on 12th July 2021.

When was the Sort Water Color Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Sort Water Color Puzzle on 28th April 2023.

Where can Sort Water Color Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Sort Water Color Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Start playing Water Sort Puzzle today – a fun puzzle game for all ages around the world.

With thousands of sorting color levels, this relaxing pouring game will bring you interesting challenges

Pick the bottle, pour water, and sort colors to progress to the next level for satisfying winning feeling! Solves puzzles with smart moves and quick strategy

Water Sort Puzzle features:

Thousands of well-designed levels and puzzles keep you entertained and challenged

Beautiful backgrounds and various types of tubes bring you a new experience


  • Tap on one glass and pour water from that glass to another glass
  • You can only pour if the two tubes have the same color on top and have their own space to hold more water
  • Keep pouring colored water among the glasses until each glass hold a watercolor
  • Don’t worry to get stuck, you can restart the level anytime

Have fun playing Sort Water Color Puzzle the relaxing sorting puzzle game around!

Updated on 28th April 2023

Fix bugs…

Sort Water Color Puzzle Review

We bought this game over a year ago, and we still enjoy playing it. We mostly play it to pass the time or relax before bed. We’ve completed over 4,100 levels, and we agree with others whove said that the game difficulty levels out after a while. However, you can refresh the level if it seems too easy for you, and itll give you a new set of colors and/or number of tubes. We especially liked the new feature that added the mystery colors. While playing that certain level, you can only see the top color of that tube or ones youve already uncovered. Makes it a little more challenging.

Id like to continue our water sitting journey. But is there a way to remove the ads? Thanks. This really gets in the way.

This game is so fun and relaxing we think everyone should enjoy this game, we could not find a game to play.

We do enjoy this game. Relaxing yet challenges our mind. However, when we get to a point where we need to watch an ad to get help, there frequently are none to watch. It sometimes takes hours for one and we are stuck and cant move. Frustrating when we just want to play. Would prefer shorter ads also. These are way too long, especially when watching the same ones over and over.

We had alot of fun solving the puzzles and there is not many ads , then we reached level 32 and we wish we were joking but all our bottles are grey with question marks, we tried restarting our phone and our internet is working so we dont understand how this happened.

Im so sad that they changed the style of the game. If you lose and want to retry the puzzle it gives you an entirely new puzzle. Majority of the fun was trying to figure out how to solve that one puzzle before moving onto the next level. Disappointed with this change.

So this game is fun but extremely to many ads literally every time u pass a level an add pops up which makes us want to delete the game which we will because we refuse to pay for a game jus not to have ads we made it to 47 but Im over the ads it was fun though.

In between every level you have to watch an ad. Theres one that doesnt even disappear. We have to leave the game and come back in so that itll go away. Dont know if the game is enjoyable enough to put up with all the ads.

We paid to get rid of ads and Im still seeing ads. Theres no way to request a refund. We hope our $7 is the last $7 you get.

Dont buy the subscription to remove ads. Its misleading! You still get served ads whenever you click on any of the help buttons. And then you cant even contact them, their support email kicks back.

We paid for no ads and more than once they start our ads again. Last time we emailed them and the ads stopped. Now we cant reach anyone. Dont pay extra for no ads because youll still get ads. Scam out of money.

Great game but be warned. We paid $7 for no ads and yet it still has ads.

Play for 20 seconds and have to watch a minute worth of ads.

The game is really good but it has some features that are extremely annoying for us. For instance, the game will add a bottle if we try to reload the bottles to try again after not passing a stage multiple times. This pisses us off, because we want to figure out how to pass the game just as it is. It is challenging and we like figuring it out and be proud of our self for doing so. Its also offensive, because it is as if the game is telling us that we cannot pass the stage no matter how many times we try.

This game was awesome until ads after EVERY single loss or rewind. Deleting.

We were willing to deal with the outrageous amount of ads but now with the ? Instead of the full colors its unplayable. Its no longer a strategy game its random pick a tube. Deleted.

This is a really fun game. The ads were ridiculous and Im always willing to pay for an app to remove ads. We paid to have the ads removed and we fortunately we are still getting ads. We hope this is not intended and that the developer works to remedy this. It appears we are not the only person this has happened to. Super disappointing.

We just purchased the app for $6.99 for no ads, but it continues to show us ads. We will dispute through our credit card.

This update adds a feature that makes some of the colors unseeable. So, theres so much guessing its not even fun anymore. You cant strategize for you future pours because you cant see the colors until you put the color on top. So, we dont like the update.

We LOVE this game it’s so fun, we downloaded it yesterday and we’re already on level 19. Its so fun. There is ads out not as many.

This game is so perfect if youre in a long car ride or trying to fall asleep Its super satisfying and easy to play.

We love this app, it’s really helpful for us to just relax. The ads don’t bother us too much since you can skip them fairly fast but we wish you got coins for completing levels. The only way to get them is by watching ads which is just really stupid to us. Other than that good game.

Its a nice enough app. Right now, though, Im seeing paid political ads for a local candidate. It is VERY INAPPROPRIATE to show these ads for an app children may use. Ill start playing again after the election in November.

We initially got the app (a year ago) because the developers prided themselves on having no ads or commercials. Well, thats changed. To add injury to insult, you can technically skip the adsafter 5 or 10 seconds of course. Other than than, overly simple graphics with relaxing play. And for those who might think, how else would they make money? – in-app purchases of course! That make the game slightly more interesting, despite the never ending on screen advertisement and commercials/video ads between levels.

We hate the new update. It takes away the strategy and puzzle solving for some of the plays by hiding whats in the test tubes. It went from our favorite game to one we no longer want to play.

Do NOT update. The game got worse. Maybe even more ads. Will soon DELETE.

The colors do not show up. Just question marks.

Be prepared to watch A LOT of ads !!! We actually spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game.

We never write reviews but this game has ads after ever level, we can excuse every few levels but after every level? We cant believe it, deleted it after 5 minutes.

We thought it was going to have an ads button to were we could by it to were theres no ads like on the ball sort puzzle it has that. So we wish for u to add that ads button to by.

We never write reviews but Im hoping they see this and change back. We love playing this game. But since they added the blind level we’ve loved it less. Its fun when theres many bottles and they use to let you repeat the same level now they dont. We watch a lot of ads but we dont mind what we do mind are the changes.

Super fun and addicting game but the amount of ads makes it very difficult to play!!

This is a fun idea for a game, but terrible execution. Theres ads after every level, plus one for any power up you want. Some of the levels require power ups to complete which means you literally have to watch an unskipable ad just to finish the level. Pick a different version of this game, theres a million.

We are unable to continue where we left off on our old device. Uninstalling.

After every level its add it gets annoying and makes u frustrated.

We LOVE THIS GAME!!! It is so much fun and we love it so much honestly we have a lot of games and for some reason we seem to always open this one Its great for trips and just lounging around on your bed chilling when Im bored it fun to just open this app and play a fun thinking satisfying game P.S we really recommend this game.

Challenging additive game! Love it! Something new!

Would live this more if there was an ad-free version. Frustrating to restart some of the tougher levels and have to watch an ad every time-on top of watching an ad between every level.

We give it a 4 on bc of how much ads they have like theres no meaning for these much ads popping up.

Fun to spend some mindless time playing. But it seems like you spend more time watching the ads then actually playing the game. We dont mind the ads as that pays the rent, but they shouldnt be as long or longer then that actual game play.

We were obsessed with this game. We got to level 4100. We would go higher but we dont know if its a new update or we just got to a high enough level but now the only colors in the tubes are the very top ones. We hate this game now and im very tempted to delete. We didnt like how many ads there were but you just turn on airplane mode and that was fixed.

This game was great until recently. We’ve been stuck in a level for days. Its not even fun anymore.

Good concept, easy to pick up and play – minus the ads. Sorry not the app for us.

We understand having some ads but not an ad after every level. Uninstalling.

Theres no point anymore. You cant strategize anymore. It feels like you just have to pick things at random now. Way better before.

You see ads for this game in other games and every once in a while we do need a dumb game where you dont have to think about much. How ever the ads for this game lie!! How long does it take to get more the nine bottles on the screen? Its ridiculous the ads for this game show 20-30 bottles and tons of colors. Im well past level 10 and still nine stupid bottles.

This game has been rendered unplayable. We an avid player we cant even get past our current level.

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