Sort Water Color Puzzle

Last updated on January 12th, 2023 at 08:45 am

Sort Water Color Puzzle

Sort Water Color Puzzle

Sort Water Color Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sonat Joint Stock Company, Sort Water Color Puzzle is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th July 2021 with the latest update 29th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Sort Water Color Puzzle ?

8,048 people have rated 2.17

What is the price of the Sort Water Color Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Sort Water Color Puzzle released ?

Sort Water Color Puzzle was released on 12th July 2021.

When was the Sort Water Color Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Sort Water Color Puzzle on 29th November 2022.

Where can Sort Water Color Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Sort Water Color Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Try to sort the watercolors into glass tubes so that one glass only holds one type of color. Pour colored water from one tube to another tube to complete the level.

This colorful game seems easy yet challenging as well. The higher level you reach, the harder it gets since there are more tubes to arrange colors.


  • Tap on one glass and pour water from that glass to antother glass
  • You can only pour if the two tubes have the same color on top and have its own space to hold more water
  • Keep pouring colored water among the glasses until each glass hold a watercolor
  • Don’t worry about getting stuck, you can restart the level anytime


  • Bright colorful tubes, one finger control
  • Easy to play, hard enough to challenge your brain
  • Calming and relaxing sound
  • Multiple unique gameplays with different difficulty levels

Enjoy Sort Water Puzzle – Color Sorting Game now – pouring water never gets such exciting!

Updated on 29th November 2022

Fix bugs…

Sort Water Color Puzzle Review

We have really been enjoying this game since we added it a few days ago. It will probably become more difficult as it goes on but for now its a fun way to sharpen the mind without frustrating it!

This game is pretty great! Its pretty entertaining as well, but the only thing that we might fix about this game is all of the ads. For us there are ads after every puzzle finished. But at least for us theyre very short ads and theyre not really long ones! Other than that its a pretty great game we would recommend it!

Im obsessed with this game its the best game in the whole world and existence we loveeeeeeeeeeeee it Im obsessed with it sooooooooooooo much.

We think the game is great but when Im out of hints and we tap on it to watch an add for more it always says no adds available! Pls look into that and try to fix it!

We really like this game even though we didnt get far there is a lot of adds but overall it is very relaxing we recommend this if you have a lot of stress but overall we love this game and there is a few bugs to fix recommend.

This game is really fun and helps with making strategies. We can play for hours.

This game is so satisfying and addicting and we can play this game for hours and hours lol.

Satisfying, no false advertising from the ad that made us download it. A good mindless game when we need to be listening but want something to do with our hands.

This game is absolutely awesome!!! And it requires no WiFi!!!!! Its amazing!!! You should download it. But sometimes we wish that they would add more bottles but its still awesome!

It is really fun when we are bored but it gets really hard after the first five are done overall very good.

We were willing to put up with the ad after every level. However we got to a certain point and then it wouldnt let us proceed without spending coins. Im good.

Really fun but theres an add every two seconds which is really annoying.

As fun as this game is, the ads are over the top and ruin the experience. As far as we can tell theres no way to disable them with a payment the way most games allow.

Why am we getting an ad after EVERY level we complete? Not to mention that the levels are boring, monotonous and arent getting any more interesting or difficult. Ridiculous.

I’d been playing this game for over a year, we’re at nearly 700 hundred levels. It was extremely fun and something we would play very often. Extremely satisfying and had you thinking more than a lot of other mobile games. But the update to the game a few months ago completely ruined it for us. They changed the hub in this update, added different tubes and such. That’s not the issue. The issue is the suggestion. Whenever you wait for "too long" a white hand will pop up and point to what it thinks you should do next, like the undo or the add a new tube. This feature is infuriating to us. We’ve been playing for around a year and am at 650 levels, we know how to play. We don’t need this hand popping up and pointing things out for us whenever we take too long to think. It’s distracting and annoying. It isn’t even correct half the time, there’s been times where it will suggest undoing and when we ignore it and keep going we’ll complete the level regardless. We’re just very annoyed, as someone who has been playing for a while and very much enjoyed this game, that it’s treating us like a new player. We’ve stopped playing since it happened. Still have the app and hope it goes away at some point but we haven’t played it in a long time. All im asking for is an off-or-on button for this feature and we’ll keep playing the game. We have no other complaints besides this feature.

The game is fun, but we spend more time watching ads than actually playing.

Yall are tripping with this amount of ads.

Cant find a way to get rid of ads.

Game is fun but gives you extra flasks if you dont solve it quick enough. We make a point not to use them. But failed 291 too many times and it added too many flasks, then in our iphone 13 mini, seems like it doesnt fit so it all overlaps and becomes unplayable.

Love it what an awesome game for kids.

We spend twice as much time waiting for the commercials to be done between each hand/stage as we do playing.

As many people are saying, there are WAY too many ads. We know there needs to be some free ads to keep the game free, and we know people would actually pay to get rid of the ads. Its just excessive. We loose interest after two rounds.

You wait and wait for the x to appear to get out and back to your game. Then it appears, its so small it doesnt respond and takes you to another ad instead. We give up.

You dont even get any points for winning any matches. You get some stars shorting in the air and an arrow button that maybe says thanks. Then sends you to watch and advertisement you dont get any coins for watching them Im on level 62 doesnt seem like the puzzles have gotten any harder. Its a fun time waster until you realize you have to watch another ad to get any coins to get different shape bottles, just to make them some money with for watching their ads. WHACK, gimmie some coins.

We really wish there was an option to pay so that there would be no ads. Theyre so long and frustrating. It really interrupts the flow and makes it not as fun.

Im so tired of games that dont get progressively more difficult. This game is interesting but at some point the difficulty level just stays the same and youre doing it over and over. Theres no challenge in that and it gets boring quickly.

A good amount of our progress and things we bought in the shop seem to have been deleted with this last update. Disappointing.

Please offer a paid version of this game to get rid of ads.

Fun mindless game but no way to close out the ads after they play, no x or anything.


We loved this game however we ended up uninstalling because of all the ads. Some levels arent even possible to beat unless you watch an ad for an extra bottle. You get an add every time you beat a level or make a move period. It gets really annoying.

The game is fine. The ads, however? Ugh. Run ads about potato chips or cars, whatever, we dont care, but PLEASE not the Houston pastors talking about how professors are grooming a generation of satanists. There are a ton of water puzzle apps, so Im going to switch to one that isnt supporting indoctrination against LEARNING.

We dont mind the ads at the bottom of the screen, or even the option to watch an ad to get help. But we refuse to play a game that forces us to watch ads every few levels. Deleted after 4 levels.

Like most games these days, ads show up almost every other level- and its doubly annoying that there isnt a way to purchase a no-ads option for the game. If you like getting hounded by ads every 30 seconds- this is the game for you!

We saw someone got to level 545 and we dont understand how on Gods green earth thats even possible. Id rather gouge our eyes out that be subjected to all of those ads. Its more ads than game. We quit after round 2.

This game just like most other on the App Store, is a wasteland of ads. It can take you 15 seconds to beat a level and then bang a longggg ad comes on everytime. Unplayable unless you pay too much for removal.

So far spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Cant do it any more.

We like the game its relaxing BUT after every round there is an advertisement and they are too long. Especially if you finish the puzzle fast you spend more time watching ads then playing.

It has too many ads, it never gets harder, and the ads are inappropriate.

Its a great game to play while listening to music the only problem is ads.

We really like this game. Not getting tired of it which is rare!

We love this game this is a great boredom buster. And overall a great experience. So youre probably wondering why we gave a 4 star review. Well theres a lot of ads it keeps showing the same ads over and over again and yeah. But overall this game is awesome so get this game this game is amazing.

We like to play this game before falling asleep to relax our mind, but there are too many ads. We would pay a couple dollars to get rid of them, but theres no option to get rid of the ads. If there is, please let us know. Thanks!

The game is fun but the ads are so frequent and hands down the most disruptive we have ever experienced.

This is another set of noisy ads with intrusions by a game every so often.

The October 22 update didnt add anything to the game, it just took away the original, pretty background. The new pointing finger is annoying and worthless. Worse yet, it seemed to start over on difficulty after level 1000 What a disappointment to get to that point and then its easy. So now we play to help fall asleep . Way too many ads, but if you turn off your Wi-Fi or data it will stop showing ads otherwise the number of ads would make it absolutely not worth the aggravation.

We want to play this game will listening to a podcast or an audiobook but its annoying the amount of times an ad will interrupt. It would be ok if there was something to get rid of the ads but there isnt.

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