PAKO – Car Chase Simulator

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PAKO – Car Chase Simulator


PAKO – Car Chase Simulator is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tree Men Games OY, PAKO – Car Chase Simulator is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 14th August 2014 with the latest update 19th September 2018

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


445 people have rated 1.19

You can download the game PAKO – Car Chase Simulator from APP STORE.


Closed area. No Escape. How long would you last?
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"It’s a simple game, but nails that ‘one more go’ feeling that high score games thrive on. It also looks and sounds great, with a very slick visual style." (TouchArcade: Game of the Week)

"4/5 stars. With a great art style, exciting music, and fun, simple gameplay, PAKO is the most fun you’ll have crashing a car." (148apps)

!!! iPhone 5 optimized, we don’t recommend playing with older devices !!!


  • Change camera view between classic and 3rd person chase cam
  • Different vehicles in 19 locations: Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway, Square, Old Town, Desert, Arena, Airport, Beach, Hockey rink, Finland, Trailer park, Launch site, Moon, Rallycross, Lakeside, Forest and Aftermath
  • Online highscore lists for each map and a combined highscore of all maps
  • PAKOCALYPSE game mode for hardcore players
  • Achievements for all locations
  • Super secret achievements !!!
  • Adrenaline pumping soundtrack by DKSTR
  • Quick restart, no waiting
  • No ads


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Updated on 19th September 2018

  • iPhoneX support
  • iCloud saving
  • Antialiasing (optional in Settings)
  • Bug fixes & optimization

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator Reviews

We remember playing this game as a child and it was the game for us. Now that we found it again we wanna play it again.

This game is not only so much fun but its nostalgic for us. We’ve played this game for years and been through all of its awesome updates. Sadly the devs dont actively add stuff to this game anymore. This is by far the best game that Tree Men Games has made and its sad to see them focus on other projects that dont have the charm this game does.

We love this game. But it keeps freezing anytime we get over 2 mins! Its really frustrating, please fix! Ill keep playing and telling people about it.

There are enough tracks and options to make this fun for awhile. Drive around in 2d or 3D being chased by other cars. Good times.

This game is great, but whenever we reach a two or three minutes our game crashes.

This game is really fun and definitely worth the money. Though we love the game, there is 2 things that would be nice. One is an extra life. Some of the levels are really hard and that would be nice, also a button on the top middle of screen when in close 3rd person to act as a rear view mirror so you can see cops etc. Behind you.

We’ve been playing PAKO for quite a while, and over time we’ve gone used to the different maps and environments. The airport was once our favorite, and we were able to lay out different routes for survival. At a certain point, we were able to survive as long as we wanted and we sat down to gain our personal record, but unfortunately the game froze and crashed about 4 minutes into our run. That is the one and only issue we’ve faced, but otherwise we love the game! The overall best map for veteran players called Aftermath proves completely unpredictable and holds you on the edge of your seat. The cars are so fast that you are forced to do whatever possible to survive, excluding routes because the map is completely random as far as we know (outcomes are always different). Another underrated map for new players is Finland where you have cool environments to mess with. Overall, the game can be predictable or extremely intense and unpredictable depending how you want to play it, and that simply is the fun of it!

There are a lot of places to choose from which is neat. However, the controls arent very good. You use L and R to go left or right but there doesnt seem to be much precision to it, so we end up crashing into one of the many obstacles usually with less than 30 seconds of starting a game which takes away the fun. As someone mentioned it would be cool if they had a mode that you were invincible and could destroy obstacles etc in your way. Or an endless mode at least. More customization would be nice too. Its entertaining as it is, but it does get repetitive and frustrating after a while. Could be improved.

This is a fun game but one problem Im playing this on the iPhone XR but once 4 minutes passes the game freezes and theres nothing u can do could u fix this that would be great.

We honestly loved the old Credit system and the ability to use whatever car in any map. Please, bring this back, it helps with experimenting when it comes to certain vehicles in maps.

We have been a long time player of pako. It is a great game and we would highly recommend it to pass time on the train or in the car. However since we have been playing for so long we have gotten pretty good at it. However we noticed that the game freezes on certain maps after a certain amount of time. For example on suburbia it crashes at about 2 minutes and airport at 4 minutes. This is extremely annoying since we have to exit out of the game in and our progress and time wont be saved. Devs please fix this problem and we will give 5 stars.

Love the game and the other versions of it, but will you update this to run at 120hz and full resolution on iPad pros?

PAKO is a great game. We’ve found myself playing it all the time. Our biggest problem is the crashes. There have been times where we would be getting a record time and our game would freeze and our progress would not save. Also, PAKO would be a lot better if there was a goal to achieve other than time. Maybe unlock a new map or car.

We used to LOVE THIS GAME but after our phone broke we forgot about it and rediscovered it. Now you cant choose your car or unlock maps or anything please bring back the old game.

Especially on apocalypse mode.

Fun easy driving survival game, if you stay alive too long the game freezes so thats not very good. Fairly simple but fun until it is not.

This is the best game, Im so addicted BUT please update it. It crashes after we have figured out how to not crash. This is a 5 star game after its fixed.

Very limited. You cant see where theyre coming from to escape. Cant to out of bound or youre crash. No break or throttle… Keeps you busy for a bit, then you want to delete. Its been a year since the last update.

Its a fun game but once we get to two minutes in a round it stops working and we cant do anything about it please fix your game.

Clearly work went into this but its just not fun to play.

This game is just not what it used to be. We remember when you were able to pick your own car with a ton to choose from, but now all you have is a specified car for a certain level. Also there is no challenge at all. Its just a never ending cycle of the same thing. Cops dont get harder they just drive toward you or crash into something when their behind you.

Yea we wanted the android version this version only lets us use certain cars in there own map but we want to use different cars in different maps also Everything is all purchased we wanted to grind our way threw the cars like buying them saving up Credits buying maps Thats WHAT TRULY MAKES PAKO FUN we GOT SCAMMED 2 DOLLARS if any one knows how to activate the android version on IOS apple phone.

This could be a really fun game. We love the PAKO series of games. Unfortunately this one freezes every time at about 2:30 into the game. Sad.

We dont believe the game is fun because everytime you hit something its over. Thats not realistic. Its not a simulator its a bad arcade game. You should be able to side swipe people and be able to drive until your car starts smoking and explodes.

Wasting time,game stuck after 2-3 min.

The maps are tiny and ultra basic. Your car blows up with any tap which seems even stupider when you play in 3rd person view. Dont pay for this. Go the Pako Forever route. Huge maps, power ups and a more exciting environment.

Go with PAKOForever instead. The loading time is super slow in comparison, also you cant go under tree branches. And you die super super quick. Its really not that fun. Buy PAKOForever instead. That game is fun!

Several of the maps crash or freeze around 1-2 minutes in on our iPhone Xs. Needs to fixed or refunded. If this problem was fixed, we would rate 5 stars. Edit: seems the game we paid for is completely broken. All maps freeze after about a 1 1/2 minutes. Sad.

Game freezes after 5 min with chase camera on.

Sooooo let us start by praising pako forever. The game is different and difficult but challenging enough to keep you playing. Now this game on the other hand. They make it seem like having so many maps is great but they are very small and you only get one car. You cant choose. Some you can but if you want a van or a monster truck in the desert forget about it. Also the graphics and handling of the vehicles are VERY different from forever. No ads is awesome but we thing they went south on this one. Pako forever is more promising and free. We would get our money back if we could on this one such a let down.

We thought paying $1.99 for this game would mean it would be at least be some what fun. We were wrong. The lack of options in the game are very disappointing. The car only goes one speed with no braking and the area you drive in is limited. I’d say it’s a kids game but we don’t think they would like it either. Don’t waist your time. If we could I’d happily get a refund because we will never play this game.

The game restarts if you get close to 3 min.

Dont waste your money and time.

We love this game but we’re the ad it showed you getting in and out of cars and we can’t figure out how to do this it would be nice to know game developers thanks.

This game is awesome. Lots of fun. We wouldnt change a thing.

We love it. Just one request, either a no cop mode, or an endless map level with few obstacles to practice driving the different cars. Perhaps a "tron" inspired area where all the obstacles are holograms and they turn red when you hit one but don’t blow up your car. That way we can get a better handle on the controls without the panic of being chased. Keep up the good work!

Please update this so it will run in our phone…

Great game that provides hours of fun.

PAKO is wonderful!!!#15 in racing!( possibly a different number later on)I have been looking for ages for a police chasing game!! Thank you so much TMG you have done it!! The only wonderful police chasing game in the App Store with no ads!!!!!!! The App Store needs more of these type of games!!! Love PAKO!!! Keep on making more amazing PAKO games. Sincerely, The person who loves PAKO.

We don’t even know where to begin! The devs are constantly updating this game with substantial content updates. Each one adding so many more elements than the last. There are so many diverse levels. 3D levels and gameplay. Now apocalypse mode. It’s just fantastic. If you haven’t gotten this game yet just hit the buy button. It’s way more than worth it’s price. Thank you devs for such an amazing game!

This is one of the best games we ever played but there are 2 things that we would like to fix and if the maker is reading this than listen. There is something bugging us on the airport map, that you can not get out of cars, this makes it really annoying when you are getting cars. And the last thing would be trying to make this game multiplayer, then it would be the best game ever!!!!

This game has so many levels that are all unique and fun. If you like car chases, this is the game for you.

Pako is an amazing game in and of itself bit where it really earns five stars are in it’s updates. When we first got pako the game only had 8 maps and we still thought it was really fun. Now the developers have added twice as many maps and continue to impress with these new areas and vehicles. Every time we see an update for pako we get jittery over the fact that we’ll get to experience a new map. Besides the updates the game also has enjoyable graphics and it’s always a deluge maneuvering around cops in cool spins. This is quite possibly the longest game we’ve ever owned and it simply comes down to the fact that it seems like the developers really care about us players and continue to put out new content. To the people who make this wonderful game possible keep up the great work!

Don’t listen to the reviews saying the game is broken or too hard, we have probably 200 hours in this game and while the game does have a very high skill floor, it’s skill sealing is miles higher (for proof look at the Game Center high scores). The producers are a little bit slow with the updates, but we’re aware the team is rather small so new content takes time, but this is truly a quality game.

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