State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, April 16, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 16 04 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We have summarized some of the most frequently asked questions from players of State of Survival. We would like to update our progress and reply to the questions below.

1. We have noticed the march interface issue:

  • In the past weeks, we received players’ complaints that the pop-up message may cover the march interface, especially the troop formation button. During the Influencer trap event, the frequent pop-up message of the alliance makes it difficult to press the formation button. We have fixed this issue based on players’ feedback by shifting the formation button to the right side of the march screen. The optimization will be implemented at the end of April.

2. We also improved the game experience in Influencer Trap;

  • In the update that will be released at the end of April, we will improve the energy donating interface where players are able to donate cells in batches; -In 2-4 weeks, we will implement the trap rewards mechanism where players get rewards based on personal damage in all the states;
  • We’ve actually implemented this mechanism in some of the online States a few months ago, in the hope that players will get more rewards and a better play experience during the trap event. However, in order not to change too much the experience of old State players, we have been testing the new reward mode on the new States mainly and some of the old States. So far, after a few months of testing and feedback gathering, we’ve further improved the reward mechanism and proved that both old and new state players accept this new model. Therefore, in the next two to four weeks, we will be rolling out this mechanism to all States.

3. About the M.I.G.O features

  • We have attached importance to players’ requests for new features. We keep exploring and trying new things. The M.I.G.O season is one of our most important new features this year. And Dev team has been working on that since last year. We hope this new type of world events feature could enrich player’s game experience. As M.I.G.O is consisting of a series of new features, it still needs testing and improvement.
  • The current M.I.G.O online is still a beta version that needs further improvement. And considering our states are under different development stages or ages, we are now following a fixed pace (every two weeks) to gradually extend the feature to all the States. So, if you don’t have M.I.G.O in your state now, but you find M.I.G.O countdown, it means the feature will happen in your State within two weeks.

4. Issues about Resonating Hero Wacko

  • Last week, we extended Wacko to more States of different ages. Based on feedback from those states, we fixed a bug where one resonated hero could join a march still when the other is assigned to the settlement wall defense.
  • However, as the resonating hero is a brand new mechanism to this game, the dev team hopes to fully test Wacko’s performance in States of different ages first before we implement him in all the States. Please stay tuned, Wacko will join your States soon!

5. About the progress of State Merge development

  • By now, the merge feature is underdevelopment. Dev team hopes that the merge feature could help those old states with few active players rebuild an active state;
  • Since the merge takes a lot of development work and manpower, and the M.I.G.O features require more development work than we expected, the release date of Merge will be delayed to July. We are sincerely sorry about that, and keep working on the feature.

We will share more info about our development progress next week!