State of Survival Patch 1.11.0

State of Survival Patch 1.11.0

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 12:17 am

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.11.0.

Updated: Oasis Guess Answers

Earth Day Events:

  • Animal Rescue Operation: Complete the points tasks issued by the mysterious organization in each stage to get Arrows, and by reaching the specified rankings will earn you additional rewards!
  • Infected Poacher: Fight off the Infected Poacher and capture Arrows and other great supplies.
  • Rescue Time: Complete designated tasks to get more Arrows and excellent supplies including the Swing of Nature Decoration!
  • Sufficient Arrows: Obtain Arrows by using Speedups and Biocaps, gathering resources in the Wilderness, collecting resources in the Settlement, killing Infected, and Exploration.

The Walking Dead Crossover Events:

  • Oasis Guess: Participate daily in The Walking Dead quiz to win great prizes including physical gifts!
  • Mysterious Visitor: Complete the trail of clues to unlock a mysterious hero!
  • Survival Challenge: A brand new post-apocalyptic survival experience brought about by immersive and interactive exploration. Every choice you make is crucial!
  • Survival Documentary: Play the Survival Challenge and challenge various achievements! There are many secret achievements hidden in all corners of the game. Find them, show your keen insight and win great rewards!

State Event:

  • The Shadow of M.I.G.O is about to start in full swing!