State of Survival Dev Feedback 06 11 2021

State of Survival: Developer Feedback, November 6, 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info MIGO or YITH feature in Reservoir Raid battlefield as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

As usual, we will share info about recent changes online and future optimization plans!

1. We have removed the bonus provided by MIGO or YITH feature in Reservoir Raid battlefield!

  • It is true that the bonus from world event had an influence on the RR match result.
  • We analyzed the feedback from the community and have removed that bonus in RR fight.
  • We hope all the alliances could have fair combat in the future RR and RR League matches!

2. We are working to improve the point mechanism in Reservoir Raid now!

  • We have noticed that if one side has the lead in the Reservoir Raid fight, it is usually not easy for the other side to catch up the points.
  • To bring more suspense and fun in RR fight, we plan to change the point mechanism by giving the side which takes over a building from the opponent some points.
  • Meanwhile, when one building is taken over by opponent, some of the water points collected by your alliance will drop and scatter around the building.
  • Players will need to send troops to gather the water point again.
  • This new mechanism will soon be tested in PTR environment. Please stay tuned!

3. Added Becca Fragment in Alliance Store!

  • Though Becca is a new hero in game, she is very popular among players due to her strong training and settlement bonus.
  • People keep asking for more Becca fragments after our anniversary events.
  • We are happy to announce that Becca Fragment is available in Alliance Store.
  • Every player has chances to redeem Becca fragments with Alliance honor. We hope you all like this optimization!

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