State of Survival Dev Feedback 12 11 2021

State of Survival: Developer Feedback, November 12, 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about recent issues in the game as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

We heard all your comments and feedback and appreciate your love and passion for State of Survival.

We totally understand why you are upset about the recent issues in the game, and we are trying our best to fix and optimize the game.

About the most frequently encountered issues, in today’s communication we have summarized the progress of key issues, such as: rewards update, merging, matching optimization, etc. And we will keep our promise, so we hope you will not hesitate to give us feedback.

In addition to the frequently encountered issues mentioned today, we will launch a monthly solution plan for bugs and pending optimization issues by next Friday, so please stay tuned.

We aim to improve our communication with you the Survivors as well with the following improvements:

Accelerate the iteration of our Customer Support system and Team expansion to bring more timely service to everyone.

In the process of upgrading the CS system, starting today, we will have Dev respond to the high frequency questions of the day in the Discord feedback channel on a daily basis.

At the same time, we will create a new channel in Discord [sos – dev] for players and Devs to directly exchange game feelings and suggestions.

About bugs and compensation process

  • We sincerely apologize for the recent encountered issues in the "Trick or Treat" and "Lucky Slot" events. We wanted to solve these issues as soon as possible which resulted in a bad impact on the players’ experience.
  • In the future, we will put the following items into place:
  • Optimize the testing mechanism and issue monitoring mechanism for new events to minimize the occurrence of bugs as much as possible. For possible bug compensation process, we will inform players of the detailed reasons for the problem and how to deal with it, so that everyone can get more adequate information; at the same time, we will also re-optimize the compensation content to reduce the impact of bugs on players as much as possible.

About event rewards

  • Some of the event rewards are no longer able to meet the current needs of players due to the game having been launched for 2 years.
  • We are aware of this problem and are eager to improve players’ experience in this area.
  • Due to a design deficiency in an earlier development, this piece requires a little surgery on the old functionality, but we’ll improve this part as fast as we can.
  • In fact, we have already done a lot of work in this area over a period of time: Reservoir Raid optimization, additional hero fragments, additional Becca fragments in the Alliance Store, 2nd Anniversary and Halloween events, Supply Hunt and Underground Exploration rewards enhancement in World Event, and so on.
  • Of course, more changes are already being planned: Fortress reward changes (replacing useless items like S1 Hero Fragments, etc.) will be launched in December, and changes to store props such as Alliance Showdown Battles will go online quickly. We’ll continue to iterate on the rewards content for older gameplay, so we hope you’ll give us some more time.
  • We also want these changes to be more in line with everyone’s expectations, so we also hope to communicate with you in our community at any time.

About Merging

  • We have heard the voices of players and we will help all our Survivors to be able to "play with more people" through merging or other forms.
  • At the moment, the first round of servers have been merged, and we are still observing the data. We’re moving forward cautiously because we’re concerned about how players’ experience will be affected in case we don’t do it right. Merging will bring more combat and competition, and we’re still working on gameplay to match the merge.
  • So we will do observation and testing next, and the plan is as follows. Due to the ongoing world events, we will do a second round of merging immediately after Migo strikes back (1.5 months later), still targeting the less active older services. This time we will merge more than 2 servers together to get more people on the merged server; and this time the merge will be more extensive.

About Matchmaking

  • The fairness of the Reservoir Raid and SVS is the focus of our recent optimization. We made a tweak in mid-October to better reflect players’ combat abilities in the water battlegrounds through a new battle power calculation system. We are still observing the data effect after the optimization went online.
  • Matching is mainly about water sources and svs, so let’s talk about them separately.
  • First of all, we would like to explain to you a consensus, which is in order to achieve the "right" match, the matching pool must be large enough, so we can not divide it too much. This leads to a series of problems that you see now.
  • The ordinary Reservoir Raid: in different generations of heroes between the states, there should be a physical partition. In other words, 1 server and 801 server, no matter what, will not be matched, and this is called a physical partition. Now this physical partition has only 5 layers, and we have 8 generations of heroes. We will follow up to re-examine how to set this physical partition, because besides heroes, what actually impacts the combat experience are equipment and other things.
  • Reservoir League: is manually divided into groups, directly according to the physical partition, so in principle there will be no cross-generation matches. But there is still an exception: the server of the "Oasis of Hope" tournament, because this group of states is generally still growing, so there was intergenerational matching. The intergenerational phenomenon that occurred in the middle and early October on the old servers was a mistake on our part, and will not occur in the S4 Reservoir League. We apologise again for not bringing you a perfect league experience.
  • State Welfare, SvS: similar to the ordinary Reservoir Raid, we will study the physical partition settings, in addition to optimizing the matching algorithm, as we have received many reports that their strength is not equal to that of the opponent. It is because the matching algorithm is not a comprehensive, three-dimensional measurement of everyone’s strength.
  • We will be tracking continuously the effect of this part of the optimization, and continue to optimize, we expect these changes to bring you a better experience. Needless to say that we welcome you to communicate with us at any time!

About resources

  • We have recently received requests from Survivors to reduce resource consumption and increase output.
  • As the game has been online for more than two years, the demand for an increase of resources for iterations and gameplay has grown further. Some Survivors have the problem of insufficient resource supply to enjoy a good game experience.
  • To address this issue, we will make the following adjustments: In next week’s update (v1.13.60), the resource requirement for healing troops during the Battle Stage in State Warfare will be reduced by 25%. According to the server life cycle, we will increase the resource rewards for daily missions and intelligence station missions.

About the recycling of existing props

  • With the launch of new activities/new features, there are many expired items in players’ backpacks. In response to this problem, we will open the Recycling Center once a month and gradually adjust the types of recyclable items and the maximum number of recycled items.The Recycling Center will open next week in November, and then the survivors will have a first hand experience with the initial adjustments.

About the expansion of the Settlement range and building removal

  • We feel the pain of our players as this involves our underlying data storage mechanism. We have been storing the World Event’s information on the buildings. Therefore, as it is more challenging to change this will take more time to be implemented but we are making good progress with preparation. The function of removing from your settlement buildings will go live in Q1 2022.

Thank you again for your love and passion for State of Survival!