State of Survival: Developer Feedback, November 16, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 16 11 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about players’ online feedback as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Last Friday, we ran a Player-and-Developer online feedback time. Players are able to leave questions regarding the given topic and the dev team replies to those questions in texts.

We have summarized some of the questions and answers from the online dialogue, please take a look!


Would the Dev team be able to provide release notes in PDF format that we can download for these upcoming updates in a nice, centralized format? It’s going to be difficult to capture everything in this format as a recap.

  • Definitely we can.

Question 2

Will you delete inactive alliances territory? Our state (475) is filled with alliances that have no players but just occupying territory.

  • We are also working on a solution to dead alliances. Auto-merging is the current top choice on our table!

Question 3

Would it be possible to create an event based on the intelligence of the player, his way of playing and not on his ability to spend? (I mean not able to purchase bundles which include benefits for spender) because at the end the rewards go to those who pay the most and who need it the least it’s not logical…

  • We tried on the underground, but clearly, we didn’t do that too well. We will try to improve and bring other features into the game.


Were there any negative impacts on player’s experience due to merging and what do they look like? Can you make some examples to better understand your cautiousness? Thanks

  • Basically, the merge will result in more fights & the pressure of getting used to new people and the environment. We have been scrutinizing the currently merged states to see what we can improve for the next round.

Question 5

How do you work out the number of players active in a state? I know players in my state that play on 5 or more accounts because people left the game. Is that considered 5 active accounts or just one? Because if it’s 5 then you start with a wrong number of active people in a state when, in reality there are less

  • We are very concerned about that issue… Trust me, we are also trying to distinguish all the alts while doing data analysis. I believe the data we’re going to use for the next round will be much more accurate.

Question 6

There’s been a massive problem with plasma research. When two big players in the tower and one has worse stats, but more plasma research done then the one with better stats and less plasma research done it takes the player with the worst stats. Could we get something added so we can pick whose stats are used? Or if it can be automatic into picking the stats of the best player and make it so it isn’t based on research.

  • We will try to fix this issue soon.

Question 7

Is Gol-Goroth coming back?

  • Yes, I believe it will be there in 1-2 months together with its single-player version

Question 8

Ok make SvS 4 state fight on it better than 1 vs 1 or 10 states we are bored of fighting each other in ff and bunkers

  • Something similar will be online soon, in term of alliance clash (10 states together will break our server….)

Question 9

Are you guys going to improve your CS/Tech team they literally don’t believe any issues we have without screenshot proof

  • In process

Question 10

I appreciate y’all doing this however a lot of our issues have been addressed with Teddy and other various Point of contacts. Teddy has a ton of our feedback. Have y’all talked with her? She has collected a ton of our fixes/wants. Seems to me that some of those fixes haven’t reached y’all. Or y’all haven’t taken them seriously?

  • Yes, we’re trying to build a special process for all the gamer to report your concerns to Dev starting next week. Every day we will reply to the most frequent issues in the Discord, and every week we’ll update our new dev process to you via this channel like today. This ensures everyone’s demands are heard and we will try our best to optimize.

Question 11

We will face a state with full MIGO 2.0 buffs for SvS tomorrow. +100%+ buffs from CC buff and general use buff. We are still on YITH. How is this fair at all? And why isn’t it as easy as just turning it off for those matches? Speaking of the MIGO store, I am still hoping that I can get my 200k MIGO info and glory from my season 1 that you guys took from all of the test states when the store closed down right after the season ended. A couple people in my state were able to get the store back and had it for a whole month afterwards but most people never got it back. The comp for it was crap and I don’t understand how some people were able to keep the store and have access to it and most people don’t.

  • Sorry to hear that. We’ll fix it soon, to make sure:
      1. at least the two states in the same world event will be matched up;
      1. If we can, we’ll make states entering the same world event at the same time to be matched up.
  • Other issues affected SvS/RR matching will be fixed soon and have been explained above.

Question 12

KG has Money for better servers. Why is this a problem? …. Make it 5 states but still better servers. Currently people lag as it is due to servers.

  • Well, it is not only due to the quality of "server” since the internet speed could not be improved by investing more money on our server. Plus, most mobile devices could not handle that either.