State of Survival: Killer Clown on the Loose

State of Survival Killer Clown on the Loose

Killer Clown on the Loose is a time limited event for Lucky’s Theme Park Event in State of Survival.

Wow, such a realistic mask, almost looks real.

The most dedicated clown in town, he never knew when was enough, always taking his jokes too far… look who’s laughing now.

"Perform… must perform… need… more masks… better quality… plastic mask… ceramic mask… sk… sk… skin… skin mask…"


  • Locate Killer Clown by consuming item Masks.
  • Each attack on Killer Clown will consume one attempt and 10 stamina.
  • You may accumulate up to 20 attempts with a little over an hour to refresh one attempt.
  • Attacking Killer Clown will be like explore mode.


State of Survival Killer Clown on the Loose Masks

Obtain Masks from the following in order to locate Killer Clown and defeat him:

  • Infected Fiends
  • Alliance Donations
  • Alliance Timer Help


State of Survival Killer Clown Reward

Attacking Killer Clown will give numerous rewards depending on damage dealt. What’s obtainable is listed below:

  • Carnival Ball
  • Biocaps
  • Chief EXP
  • Combat Manual

Defeating Killer Clown will have additional reward

  • 5m Training Speedup x 2
  • 5m Building Speedup x 2
  • 5m Research Speedup x 2

Important: As noted above, defeating Killer Clown does not give much reward. So do not waste attempt to attack Killer Clown with little health left. Each attack of 700,000 damage and above will give full reward of 9 Carnival Ball, and attack of 900,000 damage and above will give full Chief EXP reward of 1000.