State of Survival Lion Dance Spectacle

State of Survival: Lion Dance Spectacle

Lion Dance Spectacle is a one of the main event for Celebrate Lunar New Year in State of Survival.


  • The event runs for the whole Celebrate Lunar New Year event for 8 days.
  • Use Drumsticks to unlock crates.


Crate rewards – Unlock temporary Dragon City (Luck) HQ Skin (3 days) at level 5 crate. – Buy Epic Crate for $5 to unlock more rewards including 90 Plasma Core, Festival Custom Crates, 50 Skin Tickets and Tiger Majesty decoration. – Buy Legendary Crate for $10 to unlock better rewards including 150 Plasma Core, Festival Custom Crates and 300 Skin Tickets.


Obtain Drumsticks from the following:

  • New Year’s Pizzazz
  • Maddie’s New Year’s Wishes
  • Red Packets