State of Survival: New Year’s Eve Party

State of Survival New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Party is a time limited event for Celebrate Lunar New Year Event event in State of Survival.

Attack the Infected for rewards

  • Infected attacked by Firecrackers will randomly drop rewards, killing the Infected will also earn you splendid rewards. The rarer the Infected, the more valuable the rewards.

Kill the Pyromaniac for the full prize pool

  • Each attack will increase the contribution points in the prize pool, which will be opened randomly when the Pyromaniac is killed. The player who successfully opens the prize pool will receive all the rewards.

Kill the Nian Beast for HQ Skins

  • The Nian Beast spawns at a fixed time each day. Killing it gives you a chance to win a permanent HQ Skin.

Treasure! Come ‘n get your treasure chests

  • Random chests refresh at a fixed time each day. Perform enough attacks before the prize draw for a chance to win the Dragon City (Luck) HQ Skin.

Get ranked and win HQ Skins

  • During the event, daily ranking and total event ranking will be conducted. The top ranked players will receive generous rewards, including the Dragon City (Happiness) HQ Skin, the Dragon City (Luck) HQ Skin and more.


State of Survival Firecrackers

Obtain Firecracker from the following:

  • Unlock the Lion Dance Spectacle Epic Chest
  • Unlock the Lion Dance Spectacle Legendary Chest
  • New Year’s Pizzazz
  • Maddie’s New Year’s Wishes
  • Red Packets