State of Survival: M.I.G.O Question and Answers

State of Survival MIGO QnA

With a new batch of states entering M.I.G.O. this week, we would like to briefly introduce the unique M.I.G.O. Station feature in State of Survival.

M.I.G.O Station

  • What is the station and what its use? The Station is an extra feature inside the M.I.G.O. event, that allows you to earn even more M.I.G.O info and buffs for M.I.G.O events.
  • How to Upgrade the Station? There are three major materials: Screws, Wrench, and Drills. You will be able to gain them via M.I.G.O. clues, Supply hunting, and Daily exploration for free. Consuming the materials to upgrade the equipment and devices in the station to gain extra bonuses.
  • What Benefit could players gain via the station? The state benefits influence the speed of gaining M.I.G.O. info from the tasks and related gameplay, as well as your troops buff in M.I.G.O. PvE feature and your allies stats in Capital.
  • Tips and Tricks for the Station We recommend you first try to upgrade the Station buff, which helps you gain more M.I.G.O. info. Do not Collect your M.I.G.O. info in a hurry before the station upgrade.