State of Survival: New Resonating Hero, Yukimura Mikoto

State of Survival New Resonating Hero Mikoto

A new Resonating Hero is joining the Final Hope soon in State of Survival. Let’s extend our warm welcome to Yukimura Mikoto!

Mikoto is the proprietor of a kimono store and a school for traditional Japanese dance, so she is extremely etiquette-oriented. She is also affiliated with a government organization. Her job is to secretly investigate and hunt down those who engage in illegal activities. Mikoto is armed with a specially fitted umbrella gun called ""Setsugekka"" (Snow, Moon and Flowers).

It is easily concealable and, beneath its retro appearance, hides the ability to fire incapacitating needles.

Special Skill: Logistical Support

  • Mikoto provides solid logistical support to the troops, increasing their gathering speed.

This new resonating Hero will be released online after Update v1.14.10 and every player will be able to unlock Mikoto for FREE via New-year Sign-in. Don’t miss this chance and share the info with your allies!