State of Survival: Christmas Event Tips, Stage III

State of Survival Christmas Event Tips Dec 2021

The Christmas event has entered Stage III this week, we would like to share more tips about gaining Christmas Coins doing activities in this stage for State of Survival.

In this week, players are able to gain Christmas Coins via the following features: Christmas Tree Defence, sign-in and Christmas Hunting. Let’s check out more details together now!

  • In the first 6 days of Christmas Tree Defence event, players need to defeat the special infected boss daily to unlock up to 5 reward crates. From the 5th crate of each day, players can gain 2 Christmas Coins.
  • In the last day of the 3rd Stage, don’t forget to attack the zombie boss Tiny Tim. Each survivor can attack Tiny Tim up to five times and each attack gives 4 Christmas Coins! So the last day of Christmas Tree Defence is very important as you can gain up to 20 Coins if you keep active!
  • Besides, by completing the last milestone task in Christmas Hunting’s each day objective, players are able to gain 3 Christmas Coins. Thus it is up to 21 coins in total.

P.S.: the 3rd day objective is to kill infected or fiend, which is not difficult for all the players to finish all the milestone tasks and obtain the 3 coins.

  • Don’t forget the 1 Coin via the 15th Day sign-in.

This stage is the last 7 days before our Christmas event ends and it is a good chance for you to obtain more Christmas Coins for free. Don’t miss the chance and upgrade your Christmas Tree now!

Hope you like this short guide and wish you merry Christmas!