State of Survival: Oasis Guess Answers

State of Survival Oasis Guess Answers

Last updated on August 12th, 2021 at 11:03 am

These are the complete list of answers for Oasis Guess for State of Survival & Walking Dead Event.

Oasis Guess Answers

  1. A max Hero level is? 80
  2. A neighbor who will soon become infected is banging at your door, what should you do? Open the door and kill him quickly
  3. Ability for Donation recovers every: 10 minutes
  4. After sweating a lot in the summer, what should you drink to prevent heatstroke? Saline water
  5. After the Influencer Trap is opened, how much time must pass before it can be opened again? 47
  6. Alliance Honor cannot be obtained through: Speed up troops training
  7. Alliance members above which level can help manage the Alliance? R4
  8. Among the descriptions of Lightly Wounded, Heavily Wounded and the Lost, which one is correct? All ol the above
  9. Among the following Heroes, which one is not a "Hunter Hero"? Jane
  10. Among the following Heroes, which one is not a "Rider Hero"? Tony
  11. Among the following Heroes, which one is not an "Infantry Hero"? Basel
  12. Among the following heroes, who does not have a pet? Nikola
  13. Among the following weapons, which is the most powerful? A rocket launcher
  14. An extra March slot can be obtained when VIP level reaches: 8
  15. At what VIP level can a Chief receive Legendary Hero Fragments in the Daily Free? 7
  16. At which HQ level did we unlock the ability to reset heroes level? 15
  17. Battle benefits of the Settlement do not include: Increase March speed
  18. Capital clash is? once every 2 weeks
  19. Chief Badge will be unlocked when HQ reaches: LV.25
  20. Chief’s max level is? 60
  21. Developing benefits in the Settlement do not include: Speed up troop training
  22. Drinking alcohol is most harmful to which organ? Liver
  23. During the apocalypse, if you dislocate a joint, what is the last thing you should do? Move your limbs randomly
  24. During the apocalypse, in order to fill your stomach, what should be planted first? Potatoes
  25. During the apocalypse your car suddenly breaks down, which is the wrong way to handle the situation? Wait for the 4S store to rescue me
  26. During the apocalypse, which fashion choices aren’t safe? All of the above
  27. During the apocalypse, which kind of behavior is inappropriate in your residence? Making lots of noise
  28. During the apocalypse, which of the following cannot be used as fuel? Sand
  29. During the apocalypse, which of the following food is barely edible? Instant noodles
  30. During the apocalypse, which of the following liquids cannot be drunk? Infected blood
  31. During the apocalypse, which of the following modes of transportation is impossible? Taking the Subway
  32. During the doomsday, how do you get outside information when the power grid doesn’t work? From the radio
  33. During the doomsday, what kind of fuel do you need for a car? Gasoline
  34. During the doomsday, which of the following costumes is NOT suitable for survival in the wild during the cold of winter? A bikini
  35. During the doomsday, which of the following vehicles is not suitable for rough mountain roads in the wilderness? Luxury sports car
  36. During the end of the world, which of the following animals would be the best source of meat? Chicken
  37. During the end of the world, which of the following foods is NOT suitable for eating outdoors in the cold of winter? Ice cream
  38. Five Infected are trapped in a room, what will they do? I’m not infected, how should I know?
  39. Frank found a bottle of hair spray. Which Hero will be very happy? Tony
  40. Frank loves eating, but there are some things that he can’t eat, such as… All of the above
  41. Hero gear will be unlocked after HQ reaches? 16
  42. Hero reset will be unlocked when the HQ reaches level? 15
  43. How are Energy Cells used? Can be donated in the Influencer Trap to receive Alliance Coins
  44. How can you cause more damage in trap? Do not take infantry
  45. How do I view my troop information and stats? Tapping my avatar in the upper left-hand corner
  46. How do I view the combat statuses of all Alliance members? Alliance-War
  47. How do you heal wounded troops effectively when there are many wounded troops but no Speedup? Heal them in batches via Timer Help from Allies
  48. How do you speed up Prosperity recovery? Build more decorations
  49. How do you ward off Infected invasion for a longer period of time? Upgrade the Barricade
  50. How long can Capital Clash last at most? 8 hours
  51. How long does it take for one Settlement Peace Flare (free) to be replenished? 168
  52. How many categories are there of Chief Talents? 2
  53. How many crates can you get in total through completing Daily Tasks? 7
  54. How many dirty road block can be built in settlement at most? 300
  55. How many Hero Fragments can be bought in Daily Deal per day? 36
  56. How many kinds honor buffs are there in the Chief Rewards of Capital Clash? 6
  57. How many kinds of crates are there in the chief rewards at Capital Clash? 3
  58. How many kinds of monsters/Infected can be located via the Hunting Logs? 2
  59. How many march slots can each chief have at most? 6
  60. How many members can an Alliance have at most? 100
  61. How many members can an Alliance originally have? 50
  62. How many roads can be built in the Settlement at most? 100
  63. How many Training Camps can be built at most? 4
  64. How many waves are there in the Infected Horde? 20
  65. How much Chief Stamina can be obtained in Daily Drop per day? 100
  66. How much Stamina is consumed for a march against Infected in the Wilderness? 10
  67. How much time will be reduced for Construction or Tech Research after the chief Talent "Rapid Development" is activated? 20%
  68. How often do towers attack? (Least Frequent)? 300s
  69. How often do towers attack? (Most Frequent)? 60s
  70. How often do we have Capital Clash? Two weeks
  71. I found a supermarket that still has some supplies. Hurry up! What should I stock up on? Vacuum packet biscuits
  72. If an alliance wants to occupy a resource node, how much of the node’s area must be covered? Cover all
  73. If Dr. Yamazaki lives next door to you, what would be better for you NOT to do? Have a roaring party
  74. If someone has been injured and is bleeding, which of the following is the incorrect response? Keep bleeding
  75. If you are about to go camping, what tool should be your first priority? Marching spade
  76. If you are bleeding which of the following you should not do? Enlarge the wound
  77. If you encounter a sick person, which Hero should you find to help? Trish
  78. If you encounter someone who has fainted in the field, which of the following is NOT a first aid method? Sit up straight and whack the chest
  79. If you upgrade the hospital, you can advance: hospital capacity
  80. If you want to reinforce the Settlement, which material is your best choice? Steel
  81. If your top 3 Heroes are at Level 50, 60, and 60 respectively, which level will be your other Heroes in the Hero Training Area be? 50
  82. In the Explorer Trail, which kind of Heroes can move freely? Brawler
  83. In the field, which of the following options cannot be used as a basis for determining direction? Instinct
  84. In the plot, Daryl has never used? Bow
  85. In the wild, if you are bitten by a poisonous snake, how do you deal with the wound? Using anti-venom
  86. Legendary Hero Fragments can be obtained in the free VIP Daily Crate when VIP level reaches: 7
  87. Maddie and Sarge had a quarrel, what’s best for Maddie NOT to do? Leave the settlement
  88. Originally the number at the members that a new alliance can has? 50
  89. Survival of the Fittest opens: Once every two weeks
  90. The Assembly Point cannot: Receive messages left by friends
  91. The difference between the offensive side and the defensive side in a battle: If the two sides in the battle both have empty hospitals, the troops of which side are more likely to get killed right away? The offensive side
  92. The human respiratory system includes the respiratory tract and what else? Lung
  93. The infected horde opens at? Tuesday and Thursday
  94. The intel post was originally a: Helicopter
  95. The maximum number of resources node is: 8
  96. The Settlement is on fire. As you escape, you cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and get low on the ground, how will this help you? Reduce smoke inhalation
  97. The shortest rally time for Infected Fiends is: 5 min
  98. The target of the last wave of the horde is? Alliance HQ
  99. The Training Camp cannot: Train Reservists
  100. The vast majority of the Raiderz’ survival resources come from what source? Robbery and Fraud
  101. The Workshop cannot: Produce ammo
  102. Unarmed, you come across an Infected, what should you do? Hold your breath and be quiet
  103. Upgrading the Barricade can advance: Barricade Defense
  104. Usually, how much Stamina is required to challenge the Infected Fiend? 25
  105. What are the numbers on Ghost’s clothes? 56
  106. What breed is Maddie’s dog? A Pit Bull
  107. What can Infantry do in battle? Bear more Damage
  108. What color are Tony’s headphones? Black
  109. What determines the number of times you can make a free hero search? Hero Precinct Level
  110. What did Daryl explicitly say he didn’t like to do in the series? Drinking
  111. What did Daryl once give to a Certain Mother who had lost her daughter? Cherokee Rose
  112. What do we call the process by which food is broken down into small molecules in the digestive tract? Digestion
  113. What does Frank dislike about Nikola? Nikola’s tool
  114. What is a Cherokee Rose? A type of flower
  115. What is Chef’s best cuisine? Grilling
  116. What is Daryl’s usual mode of transportation? Motorcycle
  117. What is Eva’s nickname? Black widow
  118. What is Ghost’s favorite thing to do? Drawing
  119. What is Julie Garcia’s relationship with Becca? Mother
  120. What is the best use for paper money in an apocalypse? Fuel for a fire
  121. What is the central biological system that maintains an individual’s life, including important physiological functions such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, body temperature, sleep, etc.? Brain stem
  122. What is the design of tattoo on Eva’s arm? Red rose
  123. What is the Helixr? Biology lab
  124. What is the maximum legendary hero fragment that can be obtained in the daily free? 6
  125. What is the maximum level of a resource node? 8
  126. What is the maximum number of farms that can be built? 4
  127. What is the maximum number of Heroes that can be put in the Hero Training Area at a time ? 15
  128. What is the name of Basel’s tiger? Fahad
  129. What is the name of Daryl’s dog? Dog
  130. What is the occupation of Travis? Hunter
  131. What is the relationship between Frank and Daryl’s dog? Hate to be apart
  132. What is Tony’s original occupation? Actor
  133. What is Travis’ favorite thing to do? Hunting
  134. What is Travis’ occupation? Hunter
  135. What kind of animal is Ray’s companion? Falcon
  136. What kind of food does Chef like to eat? Burger
  137. What nutrients are in lemon juice? Vitamin A and C
  138. What percentage of total burn area of one’s skin will likely result in fatality? 50%
  139. What percentage of enemy troops each of the tower attacks cut down? 2%
  140. What should be done with the body of an infected? Burn
  141. What should one NOT do during an earthquake? Wander around
  142. What should we try to prevent Ghost from doing? Using the Infected’s blood as paint
  143. What should we try to prevent Rusty from doing? Singing in the Settlement
  144. What should we try to prevent the Chef from doing? Grilling Infected meat
  145. What should you do if an Infected breaks into your house? Try to kill it
  146. What should you do if an Infected grabs your arm? Try to break free
  147. What should you do if you encounter an infected? Escape
  148. What should you do when you accidentally hit an infected while driving? Back up over it a second time
  149. What store did Ray operate before the apocalypse? Nightclub
  150. What the relationship between Daryl’s dog and Frank? They hate to be apart
  151. What type of weapon does Daryl usually use? Crossbow
  152. What was Daryl’s first use of an RPG in the series? Kill speedster
  153. What was Sarge’s occupation? Marine Corps Sergeant
  154. What was Tony‘s original occupation? actor
  155. What’s the function of Blast Shelter? Hiding troops
  156. What’s the function of Command Station? Increasing rally capacity
  157. What’s the function of the Hospital? Healing wounded troops
  158. What’s the function of the Range? Training Hunters
  159. What’s the function of Trading Hub? Shopping at the market stall
  160. What’s the function of the Warehouse? Storing more resources
  161. When encountering a big monster in the wild, which of the following is the wrong response? Try to pet it
  162. When the Infected appear outside your house, you should not: Invite them into the house
  163. When your friend is busy drowning, you should not: Take a photo
  164. When your troops are free, you can send them to: Gather resources
  165. Where do Wild Racing items came from? Daily Rewards Crates
  166. Which behavior will not get you food in the wild during the apocalypse? Shop online
  167. Which body part you should attack to make sure infected is completely dead? Head
  168. Which company is Kline the CEO of? GigaCorp
  169. Which faction is Becca a member of? Final Hope
  170. Which hero escaped prison? Eva
  171. Which hero has the best sense of aesthetics? Ghost
  172. Which is the sacred text of the Holy Wrath? Holy Wrath Scriptures
  173. Which item is most suitable for dealing with the Infected? Ax
  174. Which of the following abandoned buildings is most likely to contain weapons? Police station
  175. Which of the following actions is wrong during an infected outbreak? Have a celebration party
  176. Which of the following actions is wrong when your partner is seriously injured? Urge him to keep fighting
  177. Which of the following buildings can be attacked without any connection to Alliance territory? Fortified Bunker
  178. Which of the following burns should not be immediately washed in cold water? Electric burns
  179. Which of the following can be discarded first during the apocalypse? Cash
  180. Which of the following can be used as a staple food? Potatoes
  181. Which of the following cannot be done when your plane crashes? Run in panic
  182. Which of the following cannot relieve Dr. Yamazaki’s backache? Frequently asking him to bend down
  183. Which of the following containers is NOT suitable for storing water? Closet
  184. Which of the following costumes is not suitable for surviving the apocalypse? Evening dress
  185. Which of the following Heroes often wears sunglasses? Rusty
  186. Which of the following Heroes was once with the Raiderz? Rusty
  187. Which of the following is a distress signal when you need help? SOS
  188. Which of the following is a member of Final Hope? Max
  189. Which of the following is a member of the Raiderz? Billy
  190. Which of the following is an incorrect response for treating an inflamed wound? Lick it
  191. Which of the following is not a characteristics of Daryl in series? Careless
  192. Which of the following is not a multi-functional knife? Dagger
  193. Which of the following is not a suitable doomsday resource? Ice cream
  194. Which of the following is NOT an example of traumatic bleeding? Cerebral hemorrhage
  195. Which of the following is the wrong way to deal with a large group of infected? Surrender to the infected
  196. Which of the following items can be discarded first during the apocalypse? Cash
  197. Which of the following items cannot be used for disinfection? Soda
  198. Which of the following items cannot be used for fighting against Infected? A cotton swab
  199. Which of the following items cannot be used for illumination at night? A pan
  200. Which of the following items cannot be used to fight the Infected? Underwear
  201. Which of the following items is not suitable for use as a weapon? Shaver
  202. Which of the following items is NOT that necessary during the end of the world? Lipstick
  203. Which of the following knives is the most easy to bring with you? A switchblade
  204. Which of the following materials is unhelpful for survivors trying to start a fire? Stones
  205. Which of the following medicines is not a necessity during the apocalypse? Weight loss pills
  206. Which of the following methods cannot start a fire? Hoping a meteorite falls
  207. Which of the following methods is not a form of treatment for a wound? Showing off the wound
  208. Which of the following minerals is not essential to humans? Gold
  209. Which of the following objects cannot be used for illumination at night? A pan
  210. Which of the following options in not a benefit after upgrading the HQ? Unlocking new Heroes
  211. Which of the following options is not a branch for tech development? Will Power
  212. Which of the following options will not cause respiratory arrest? Sleep
  213. Which of the following organizations is the richest? GigaCorp
  214. Which of the following plants should NOT be grown as a food crop? Roses
  215. Which of the following relocation items is not an in-game item? Moving Company Relocator
  216. Which of the following should not be eaten? Infected Meat
  217. Which of the following spots is NOT suitable for camping? Lowlands
  218. Which of the following spots is suitable for overnight camping? An abandoned hunting cabin
  219. Which of the following symptoms is not caused by internal bleeding? Watery eyes
  220. Which of the following things is not something that Daryl is good at in the series ? Long range sniping
  221. Which of the following Troop types will be attacked first during the battle? Infantry
  222. Which of the following water sources is not potable (drinkable)? Sea water
  223. Which of the following water sources is not suitable for drinking directly? An open sewer
  224. Which of the following weapons did Daryl not use in the series? Longbow
  225. Which of your Alliance members’ Hero’s skills is effective during the Rally? The one with the highest Battle Power
  226. Which percentage of enemy troops can each of the tower attacks cut down? 2%
  227. Which series is Daryl a character from? The Walking Dead
  228. Which Troop Building was built on a basketball court? Barracks
  229. Who gave the Hero Daryl the medal on his chest in the game? Made by himself
  230. Whose father is Hoffman? Becca
  231. Whose singing voice is most lethal? Rusty
  232. Why are my VIP benefits not in effect? Your VIP has not been activated
  233. Why did Willy kidnap Maddie? To join the Raiderz
  234. Why do we need to wear more clothing during an apocalypse? Prevent the infected puncturing the skin
  235. Why is everyone so reluctant to let Rusty ride a motorcycle to go do battle with the Infected? The motorcycle engine is too loud
  236. Wow, lucky you, you actually found a supermarket that still has food. What kind of food should you stock up on? High protein energy bar
  237. You can only go to the wilderness after building: Intel Post
  238. You can unlock level 9 troops when your Troop Buildings are upgraded to? Lvl. 26
  239. You cannot get carbohydrates from: Milk
  240. You have encountered a group of the Infected and a bear in the wild, what should you NOT do? Enrage the bear
  241. You should not place a rope in: A wet place
  242. You will win the Capital Clash after occupying the Capital for: 4h
  243. You’re lucky that all four stores around you actually still have stock. Time is limited and you can only go to one store to retrieve supplies. Your choice? Pharmacy

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