State of Survival: Pyromaniac

State of Survival Pyromaniac

Pyromaniac is a time limited event for Happy Lunar New Year Event in State of Survival.

Firework or bomb

He used to be a skilled pyrotechnician, filling the skies and the hearts of his audience with sparkling joy, these days he’s more of a murderous pyromaniac…

"I like… New Year’s… the Firecrackers… bang! boom! sparkle!… it’s here again… have to… burn… need… Firecrackers…"


  • Locate Pyromaniac by consuming item Firecracker.
  • Each attack on Pyromaniac will consume one attempt and 10 stamina.
  • You may accumulate up to 20 attempts with a little over an hour to refresh one attempt.
  • Attacking Pyromaniac will be like explore mode.


State of Survival Firecracker

Obtain Firecracker from the following in order to locate Pyromaniac and defeat him:

  • Infected Fiends
  • Alliance Donations
  • Alliance Timer Help


State of Survival Pyromaniac Rewards

Attacking Pyromaniac will give numerous rewards depending on damage dealt. What’s obtainable is listed below:

  • Ordinary Lantern
  • Biocaps
  • Chief EXP
  • Combat Manual

Defeating Pyromaniac will have additional reward

  • Ordinary Lantern
  • 5m Training Speedup x 2
  • 5m Building Speedup x 2
  • 5m Research Speedup x 2

Important: As noted above, defeating Pyromaniac will give an additional 1 Ordinary Lantern. So it is best to do this event with team mates. Everyone should take turn to activate Pyromaniac and kill it with a single attack. This will give 2 Ordinary Lantern for the attack plus another one for defeating it giving a total of 3 Ordinary Lanterns for each attack.