Space Marshals 2

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Space Marshals 2


Space Marshals 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pixelbite, Space Marshals 2 is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th August 2016 with the latest update 29th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


759 people have rated 1.4.7

You can download the game Space Marshals 2 from APP STORE.


The sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. This tactical top-down shooter puts you in the shoes of specialist Burton in his struggle against the criminal elements of the galaxy.

This isn’t your ordinary dual-stick shooter. The emphasis is on tactical combat and stealth, rather than just spraying bullets, and there’s a story!

Use the environment to your advantage. Avoid attacks by taking cover. Flank enemies for extra efficiency, but avoid getting flanked yourself! Use the tools of the trade to gain an edge – frag grenades, flash bangs, drones, gun turrets, proximity mines and much more…

Choose your approach carefully. Some say running into the fray, guns blazing, isn’t always the answer. Use distractions to single out opponents. Use stealth takedowns and silenced weapons to covertly reduce the enemy numbers. Hack gun turrets to turn on their masters. Lure different enemy factions together and let them fight each other.

Choosing your load-out is a big part of your tactics. In addition to body armor and grenades you can carry one two-handed and one single-handed weapon – and there’s something for everyone. Shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, crossbows, energy weapons, throwing axes and more.

  • Tactical top-down shooter
  • Gorgeous, stylistic HD graphics rendered with Metal
  • 20 missions with performance based rewards. TAMI is watching you!
  • Wide selection of weapons and gear. Over 70 different weapons.
  • Multiple factions to fight – or pitch against each other
  • MFi controller support (requires extended layout)
  • iCloud save game support
  • Game Center achievements
  • English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体中文, 한국어, 日本語, 繁体中文, русский, Português do Brasil

Updated on 29th November 2021

  • Gamepad issues fixed
  • Minor fixes

Space Marshals 2 Reviews

We also like 1 and 3, but this one is by far our favorite so far. Replayable, interesting. We want you to develop your characters more- instead of making them dumb. Its a fun story and would be better. Could turn into a cult classic if the characters had more back story.. And it makes the plot interesting. Looking forward to more. 3 loses a little steam. One of our fave things is upgrading weapons etc… But it feels like the guns arent as good in 3. We get the side of keeping things hard, but lets balance that out with choices too…

We love this game just as much as we love the first.

Totally love this game. You guys are the best.

Getting kinda boring so please make a create a mission if dont we will oh and heres a quote.

Its so hard to get a 5 star on the missions if you could make it to where you can die a few times before you get a lower grade that would be great but overall its a really great game!

We played through the original game twice, and LOVED it. We were so excited about 2 that we picked up a new iPad just to be able to play it. The game looks great, plays smoothly, and starts out brilliantly. Then it ratchets up the difficulty until it becomes so frustrating we finally quit playing. We contacted the developers and gave a couple of suggestions (difficulty level choices, save progress), but they responded basically by saying play harder, better. In a nice way. So, the game now sits idle on our new iPad. We just hope someone somewhere takes our suggestion to heart and do something to help out casual gamers like myself that adored #1 but finds #2 overwhelming.

Please for the love of everyone stuck at home because of Rona, release SM3. We just cant even anymore.

Please update this the best game ever we look forward to playing space Marshalls 3.

We love this game. Its completely offline, and, almost no micro transactions. Although you can buy another mission pack, we havent. Very fun to play. The collectible tokens are well hidden, but not impossible. You have a variety of unique weapons at your disposal. Want to go out with a bang? Grab a grenade launcher. Prefer to take a stealthy approach? Grab a silent crossbow. Tons of unique gameplay mechanics and gadgets. This game also takes stealth seriously. You can preform silent stealth takedowns, and ambushes can do up to 3x the damage. Would definitely get.

What a game, this sequel never disappoints us the story line the art the mechanics are all good like the last game thanks for this game hope you continue the sequel if fo cant wait best luck for the devs.

Crash is fixed! Old review) ipad air 2 ios 9.3.1 kor version After update, we can’t play any more. We are so upset.

This game is awesome the graphics are nice.

No ads. No need to buy packs to keep up with the game. Hours of fun!

This is the game that deserves 5 star!

Just for fun, when playing Burton’s storyline, you can leave the map from the beginning of the map, Underville. Just walk to the northeast from the start, around the cliff edge, and then it’s off to glitch land. Fun! Not a patch request. Dev’s please don’t spoil our fun! Get this game, btw.

One of those games u wish would never end.

Still the standard on how touch controls and game play should be. Holds its own as one of the best games on the App Store… Period.

We played both the first and the last and we loved them both! We were so excited when the Ava Mission Pack was released because it just meant more missions and more playing. However, there hasnt been an add-on in a while and we dont know it you guys are developing it but it would be really great if simply more missions were made or something. Its just the game is so great more content would be great.

One of the best and underrated game franchises on mobile. Its so hard to come across games nowadays without micro transactions and ads. Huge respect for the developers.

But Im done with every level. Im starting to think that it was not worth 4.99 bucks. If new levels are released, we will be SO HAPPY.

Awesome game. Only one flaw – It is somewhat short. Need another planet to rescue.

This is one of our all time favorite games along with the first one! It never gets old! Being a huge fan of the first game, this game delivers everything and more. It takes what you love from the first game, and adds so much new content with a whole new story. So even though it feels fresh and new, it feels very familiar. Great Job Pixelbite! Looking forward to the next Space Marshals!

Hi Im using a mini 5 we do love the game. But heres the problem there is some odd lag when, we use a Bluetooth controller, and even a Gamevice, which is a controller that just uses the iPad power to run. Well the lag makes us a little sick, so just a heads up. Ty for your great game. Im just using our thumbs to play it touch screen mode. For now. That seems to let go of the lag a bit to make the game run smoother.

We love this game and the first one. We wish we could find some similar ones. Our only complaint is that it doesnt take long to beat the entire game. You can go back and get perfect scores on levels and try to get all the gear but even that doesnt take too long. Still 100% worth the cost. Great game. Just wish theyd add levels or challenges periodically.

Hands down great gaming experience and we really hope they release space marshals 3!

We bought this game, tried it for 10 minutes, then gave up. Months later, we tried again and put in a real honest effort to learn it. Then it clicked and we were in love. We’ve played 100s of games, and this (along with Space Marshalls 1), is among the best games we’ve ever played. We never play a game more than once (thats how we roll) but we keep coming back to play this one and its predecessor. This one is a bit better and more polished, but they are both great.

Probably the BEST and MOST ADDICTIVE GAME we EVER PLAYED! (that was a shooter game) we really recommend this app because it was very fun and extremely challanging!!!

These games are a mix of action, adventure, and problem solving. Most of the missions require a stealth approach until better weapons and armor is unlocked. Overall, a ton of fun. We’ve replayed all three installments several times!

We love this game its fun and great but you guys should consider putting a zombie mode with will make the game a lot better.

This is, by far, one of the best adventure games out there. It provides just enough instruction and you know your mission. So many of these games now, you run around and have no idea, at all, what it is that you are supposed to be doing. The only con is that you apparently cant pause, or save exactly where you are at in your mission, so you have to start the mission over. But it is good practice and provides an opportunity to improve your skills. Worth the money and there is no hassle in-app purchases, except to get Avas mission pack so you can play a woman Marshall. Extremely happy with this purchase. Will look forward to more. We updated this and downgraded a point. The Ava mission pack is rather disappointing. The very 1st mission is exceedingly more difficult than the overall game. So much so that we teeter on the border of giving it a very pejorative label.

We thought this upadate was supposed to fix scaling for new devices, but it still does nor scale with the new iPad which is super annoying.

Amazing!! You have so much control with so few buttons. A game truly designed for the iPhone. We love it thank you.

We never write reviews on this App Store. We usually just play, enjoy, then move on. However, for this game, we need to share our experience. First off we bought this game about a year ago and just never opened it because for us it was an impulsive buy. We felt so dumb in hindsight because this game is amazing. It has combat, stealth, witty writing, solid animation, solid frame rates, wonderful gameplay mechanics, and each mission feels unique and different. Missions dont feel repetitive, they did a great job with diversity in the objectives and goals for each individual mission that pops up in the game. We never wanted to stop playing this game. In fact, as soon as we finished the main game we bought Avas additional missions. It was a phenomenal experience and honestly Im jealous of you if youre reading this and you havent bought it yet because you can live the experience of it from the beginning again with no expectations. In summary, buy this game. – Yonkers, New York Signing off.

We LOVE your game more than anything else on our iPad we understand making a game takes a long time but we feel like its been four years.

We were thinking the other day while taking a shower. Why dont these people (who made this game) make more games? Maybe the developer(s) were hired on by a national security agency. Or maybe they were hired by a company giving them a ton of money. We donno. This is the best iPhone game ever made.

You guys need to make a Space Marshals 3 the first two games were amazing so you need to make a sequel.

We are not a huge gamer but we truley love these games. If you created a 3rd edition it would make us a very happy boy. 38 year old boy. Thanks guys. Oh and after you get done SM3, start on 4 and then 5 and so on. Thanks again.

We just want to say that this game is awesome and we love it. However, during a mission, it doesnt save the progress and every time that app closes out our progress resets for the mission. Please fix this because its kind of annoying to have to replay a mission because the progress didnt save. Great game and keep up the good work!

Glitch in bonus scene every time. We lose control of character every single time the house gets raided. Insanely frustrating.

This has been an amazing game and we love it so much that we’ve restarted the game multiple times.

Pixelbite you did it again! We loved the first one and this one is no different! We love the quality and creativity of the game! We love the different guns and other weapons and grenades etc. The Ava Mission pack was amazing! It answered a lot of unanswered questions like where Blackburn and the Artemis ended up. The Ava mission pack also just changed the concept because Ava does not have lots of fire power and relies on more stealthy techniques. SPOILER ALERT!!! The time traveling aspect with the Volitilium Bomb was also very cool! We love all the aspects of the first and second one. We would love an update to the game since the last one was almost a year ago or maybe even a Space Marshals 3? Please let us know (in the developer response section) if you are going to update the game or create a Space Marshals 3!! We love both of them and would hate to see you give up on the games!

Well one small suggestion we think we finished the game including Avas story pack so is there gonna be more.

This is a good game. Lots of thought went into the design, and controls.

Excellent gameplay, mechanics, controls, music, these guys nailed it.

We’ve been patiently waiting for another add on to come out. Please release another add on or a part 3!!! Well gladly shell out another payment for more Space Marshal action!

Needs more Ava missions and we need to see what Garth does while everybody is off on missions and we need more drones and maybe a Blackburn dlc.

Definite improvement over the first game. Replay value is great but you’re going to find that it’s very simple after not long Ava update is well worth the money. Some levels are genuinely difficult. We were bummed out that there were no time trials in the second game.

This game is amazing with lots of potential for huge success. However this is (in our view) in need of more levels that are harder and more unique. We think it would be great if more enemies are created. Perhaps a robot that when you destroy it, it creates or transforms into small robots that chase you down and do damage if they touch you (destroying them in the process) or perhaps enemies that can throw turrets when they see you, or think they see you. We like the new addition of Ava and her being the master mind is great. However, to us, this story was very different that the original and we were not as big of a fan. Also if you are wondering about the price believe us the app its self is worth it. However, the extension isnt a great deal, however we expect they will add more great levels to it and make the purchase worth it.

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