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SPACEPLAN is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Devolver Digital, Inc., SPACEPLAN is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th May 2017 with the latest update 23rd October 2017

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, or Education games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


749 people have rated 1.0.04

You can download the game SPACEPLAN from APP STORE.


SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. Use manual clicks and the passage of time to create and launch potato-based devices and probes from your nondescript satellite orbiting a mysterious planet. Unlock the mysteries of the galaxy or just kill some time in what the astrophysics community is calling the ‘best narrative sci-fi clicker game of all times’.


  • Fifteen starchy items to unlock, create, and blast into the vacuum of space.

  • Life affirming, silly story that will both captivate and help you kill time.

  • Reveal the secrets of five different planets across two different realities.

  • Banging soundtrack, as is customary in a narrative sci-fi clicker game.

Updated on 23rd October 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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We played the browser prototype on our school iPad a few years back because it was one of the few games that wasnt blocked by administrators. We loved every second of it. A few days ago we went back to it, still unblocked and saw there is an app. We instantly went to the App Store and bought it not even hesitating at the $3 which we usually would. One play-through later and it will be staying on our phone for a long time, just waiting to be replayed. Thank you for making one of our all time favorite games.

What an awesome little game. So compelling to see what happens next and so many unique idle mechanics not seen before adding a new skill mechanism after you feel youve discovered everything. So refreshing not to deal with ad spam too which takes you out of the moment. Well worth the modest cost.

We never write reviews. But this game is simply mindblowing and deserves all the attention and appreciation. Its pretty straightforward but doesnt bore like other typical clicker games out there, plus the visuals and music are amazing. Its also probably the most UK thing we’ve stumbled upon in the Appstore (spuds and tea, we mean…) but its genuinely unique and lovely. Kudos to the developers and everyone involved in its making. Would definitely recommend.

Sound is incredible, visuals are ingenious, dialogue is funny. Definitely worth 3$

What a fun game. Never played a "clicker" before. Going to gift it to our Mother-in-Law now, she’ll love it we think!

This game was terrific, the story was amazing we love the word outputter, and all the completely accurate science but our one issue is the length of the game, its just too short for $3, we still absolutely love this game.

We would have to tell you if you had three dollars that you didnt know what to spend it with this would be the game for you. The dialogue and ending are terrific, its what most people look for in a clicker game. Its space related which drove us too we were skeptical at first but now we’re glad we bought an played the game.

When we saw this game we thought well its 3$ but Ill try it soon Im reading the plan and thinks that well thats completely confusing but.. Why not we still dont understand all of it but now Im reading about quantum physics and time travel If your a dev read more Id love to see more and maybe a more interactive version like alpha genesis or space engineers.

Well the game is nice, plus TONS OF TATERS.

Really enjoyed this despite the spork humor. Love to see more like this with a bit better writing. Our review may be a bit harsh but we gave 5 stars, everything else was awesome.

This game is so good it needs a sequel.

Dat ending hit us in the vibes.

Please add an update where we can restart and be able to earn more watts as a bonus a prestige mode this game is completely amazingly relaxing need more missions ability to visit and build up from different dimensions or galaxy meet more natives different vegetation upgrades to the ship add some cosmetics we F****** love this game.

Although we do enjoy incremental/clicker games, this is our favorite mobile game. Period. If you like incremental games, rich plots, time killers, and alternate realities, youll love this game. It is one of the few games that we give a 5 star, and this is genuinely the best mobile game ever. This is the Magnum Opus idle games.

Although its not what we came for Im very glad we got it its an amazing game.

We love this game. We think they did a great job making it and it deserves better reviews. Im still playing it and haven’t beat it but so far everything is great and we honestly dont want it to end! Shame on the people who only gave this game one star!

This is, by far, one of the best games we have ever come upon. The ideas and layout are amazing, and beautifully executed. You start to grow a bond between yourself and your message friend, Ill call him Hopper, as in Hopper R-Systems. Hopper had a good sense of humor, and him not having a backstory or any real identity was a good choice, because the game wouldve ran on. The soundtrack is beautiful, Glad we share a name with Logan. The ending was one of the most beautiful endings we’ve ever experienced, and the part where they find ReEarth, and that point forward was brain-bogglingly astounding. 11/10.

The game is phenomenal and we would recommend this to anyone who likes space and a bit of science. The robot who talks to you is funny, and the potato puns. Dear god the potato puns. Anyways, we would like to make a complaint, not about the game, but about the reviewers. People are rating the game low ( 2 or 3 stars ) because they had a bug or glitch that effected their game play. It would be better if people just stated what they liked and appreciated about the game and then making a note for the developers that says what went wrong with the game.

This game is pretty fun for someone like us who plays a lot of clicker games. But this one feels different, its like it has a story along with the game as you progress through the game. Along with its story, it has certain ways to make you progress faster so you wont have to spend forever on the game. Its sad that this game is kinda short, but its still awesome. But, (This part is specifically to the creators) we tried playing the game today but its frozen, Im not sure if its a glitch or if its some kind of bug, but its still fun. We think everyone should play this game.

We enjoyed this game a lot when it was a website. Was delighted to see it as an app. Strangely fascinating and oddly interesting. All meant in 100% positive way. Game play is straightforward. Nice humor. Plus potato! Edited to add that the iPad version is even better. Definitely makes use of the larger screen area. Makes it clearer what is happening. Definitely a big thumbs up for both versions.

This app that costs less than a cup of coffee very well might be our favorite mobile game. The game design is unreal. Such a great evolution of the clicker game genre.

We hardly ever leave reviews for the many, many apps we’ve purchased. So, when we do, you know it made quite an impact on us. This game pretty much had our straight attention for the two days it took to beat it. It was consuming in the best way possible. Its entrancing, relaxing and thought-provoking. The soundtrack is probably the best we’ve ever heard in an app/game. So much so, we downloaded it to our Spotify playlist. If youre considering this game, dont hesitate to purchase. Its beyond worth it in our opinion.

We love this clicking game we just wish that there was more, like an endless mode where you can have randomly generated planets and solar systems, where you can compete with other players scores or something that can keep us invested. Please developer make a sequel.

This game is about our favorite thing space it’s really cool when you start the music is smooth and gentle and when crazy things happen like you are running out of battery which is happening to us right now :/ the music gets loud and the graphics A-M-A-Z-E-I-N-G but the end is confusing the game is like book it ends and you can read it all over again and when the credits rolled up we literally said oh hell no!!!

Kudos on the story line! It felt like a cross between Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and 2001: A Space Odyssey Congratulations on this clever game! We were also very pleasantly surprised to find that your game did not have a single ad or micro transaction! We are so used to clickers games turning into a competition to see how many ads they can make us watch and constant pressure to open our wallet for micro transactions. With those games, we dont feel like the customer. We feel like a dairy cow being milked. You were able to write a game where the sole goal was to express your artistic vision and give your customers a great experience! We dont often write reviews, but our experience with your game was so refreshing that we felt compelled to do so in this case.

Hello all! Just wanted to write this review because of our long term adoration for this game. We’ve replayed it multiple times and still enjoy the relaxing unique story based idle game that it is!

When we first downloaded this game we were sure it would be good, but after playing for about 30 minutes we realized how amazing it is. The game is so much more than a clicker, its a full on story. It brings you through this amazing experience with an A.I. That talks to you and explains things. As you go through the solar system in your spaceship you see tons of cool mechanical designs. There is an actual challenge, and the game has goals that you work towards making it one of the best and most unique clickers we have ever played. You will love this game even more if you are into futureistic stuff. We would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a mind blowing game thats not too long.

This game is perfect it provides a good story of what is happening and you dont find that in clicker games to much.

This game is literally a combination of an idle game clicker (with really cool graphics) and somehow also an actual game that is more than just clicking things to get more money. Great game, worth the buy. It has a story to it, which we also like.

This game is great but its too short.

This game is really unique and uses some interesting scientific theories. Yeah it may start off slow but you really begin to build on the storyline the more and more you play. The humor is a little dry but the story lines the real kicker to the game. It dragged us in to keep playing more and more to learn more of the story. We would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in space and science but also kind of wants a little fun thrown in! It leaves you begging for more and more. You definitely will find something cool from this game! Have fun!

Watt Spender name should be changed to Joule Spender when activating Scientifically Accurate Mode.

start game our brain: slow game five minutes later our brain: hehe numbers go brr.

Are you thinking of buying a fancy salad? Stop! Put some of that money toward some nice hash browns or curly fries, and spend the rest on this game. This is not your average idle clicker. There is a story, lots of humor, and absurdity. The game does complete fairly quickly, but it’s worth it! Especially with some nice hot hash browns. One warning: Beware the miniscule type! If you’re playing this on a phone, the teeny tiny font may present a challenge.

For the cost of a cheap latte, what do you have to gain or loose, except perhaps spacetime itself – mind blown !

Man its awesome to actually pay for a game that pays for it self. Its a great time killer for fokes on the move like us. Very in depth and perceptive. Extremely impressed.

This is a much smarter and more entertaining explanation of the universe than anything Stephen Hawking ever imagined. Keep a bag of potato chips or some french fries handy while youre playing it because they are good to snack on.

If youre a fan of science fiction that doesnt take itself too seriously, a playthrough of this game is a downright necessity. Youre likely to finish it up in a couple days of casual gaming, left with a fierce admiration of the cosmos and a cheeky grin on your face. At the time we purchased the game, it was a $3 buy. We mean, PLEASE. If its a choice between a cup of coffee and a romp through the virtual universe, take us the heck to Mars.

We all know as humans that he are quite powerful ,but the universe dwarfs us and we are very small. This game just blowed you away literally. This game gets to have a bind with you and you can’t stop. We’re not going to spoil the ending ,but it will make you rethink how the world works. People who have already played know what we mean. It shows how scary and vast the universe and how lucky we are to be alive. You go around MULTIVERSES trying to find one pesky species that destroys everything including themselves. You go around searching for something so insignificant. BUT it’s the human species is the only know living one in the universe. It makes you think how vulnerable we really are and this game changes you as a person forever. We believe people who are polluting the planet, breaking peace, and are destroying everything should play this. It takes a few days at most to complete and is priced at a small cup of coffee. You won’t regret it. If your feeling depressed or lonely we recommend you to play this game we know it sounds insane ,but after playing this you will truly see how lucky and special you are as an individual person an individual cell an individual atom.

This is a really great game yet short, developers should really ad a thing to the game where you can just play and build up and not have to restart the game but a really good game and one last thing you should make the game go on way longer and update the game.

We literally just finished this game, and our god this game is fun, beautiful and just a really great game.

SPACEPLAN is a glorious game! Its just… Amazing! Somehow this game always manages to shove some sort of twist in your face just when its getting old, so your first playthrough is interesting enough to keep you playing till the end. The story in this game goes from odd to bizarre. The ending is… Well, you just have to see for yourself. Its impossible to describe simply, you just have to play to the end and see it. This is a good clicker, but not worth the 3$. If this game ever goes on sale then pick it up. Its worth it.

This game was so good that we beat it twice and had to download the soundtrack!

This game is so fun and is worth the money but we beat it in like a day we wish it was longer.

Personally we feel like it was a fantastic little game, but was it worth $3? Maybe if it was longer and had a bit more to it. If youve got the money to spare Id highly recommend this game to you. In terms of clicker/idle games its one of the better ones we’ve ever played.

Intelligent, witty, confusing and addictive! It takes a bit to really grasp what’s going on. Once we did we couldn’t stop clicking for more power. Hilariously based around potato launching equipment. Great, trippy ending win awesome music. Did we ever really get home? Am we still searching through endless realities?

Wonderful! Clever design. Great sci-fi story. Fun clicker. Only flaw? We finished it in a couple days! THANK YOU, developers. Thoroughly enjoyed it. More of this, please!

Idle clicker but more interesting. Theres actually motivation and sort of a story. Love the narration, style and music. Thanks to all those who made this game!

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