Splinterlands: Starter Deck – Death Splinter Combo

Splinterlands 2

Splinterlands is a play to earn trading card game with mechanics like Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Thanks to blockchain technology, players can truly own in-game assets and earn while playing games now. This guide will walk you through winning your first battle as a beginner.

Using the free starter cards, Death Splinter is good for low mana fights of less than 28 mana. Death Splinter has loads of low mana cost monsters.

Death Splinter

Death Splinter is known for its low mana monsters in the starter deck. That’s why Death Splinter is good for low mana battles. Combined with abilities like Sneak and Snipe which will bypass the first position monsters to deal damage directly to your opponent’s damage dealer monsters will net you the victory.

The Summoner

Zintar Mortalis

Both summoner of Death Splinter de-buffs your opponent. Zintar Mortalis is better suited for this strategy as the -1 Melee attack on all opponent’s monster will be more useful. Most fights has at least 1 melee attack monsters especially on low mana fights.

First Position, The Tanker

Haunted Spirit is good for fights that is up to 20 mana. It is a good tanker with high health plus self regeneration ability which will make him stay alive long enough for your damage dealers to deal decent amount of damage.

Bone Golem is good for 21 to 28 mana fights. It has the Void ability which reduces magic damage. If your opponent’s recent match are using Water Splinter, choosing Bone Golem would be a good choice to reduce the damage taken from magic attacks.

Position 2 to 6, The Damage Dealers

Both Skeleton Assassin and Undead Badger has the Sneak ability which attacks the last monster instead of the first to kill opponent’s range and magic attack monsters. Both of these cards are low mana cost and has decent attack speed which is fast enough to attack first before other monsters.

Death Elemental and Twisted Jester have the Snipe ability which targets opponent’s non melee monsters that is not in the first position. They are good at killing off range and magic attack monsters. Twisted Jester which costs 4 mana and comes with 4 health is frequently places at the last position to protect the other damage dealers from Sneak attacks.

Undead Priest

If you have extra mana, Undead Priest synergies well with this strategy. The Weaken ability will reduce 1 health from all opponent’s monsters. This ability will make killing opponent’s monsters easier with your low mana cost attackers.


Death Splinter shines in low mana battles. Self healing tanker combined with low mana cost attackers will kill off opponent’s monsters quickly.