Splinterlands: Play to Earn NFT Game


Play to Earn games are the next big thing thanks to blockchain technology. Now it is truly possible for gamers to own in-game assets and earn while playing games. Splinterlands is a digital trading card game which started in 2018, being one of the first blockchain game which uses NFT as in-game assets. With a strong community and continuous update coming to the game, there are still a lot of growth potential for Splinterlands.

Splinterlands can be played for free, so players can enjoy and be familiarize with the game play before deciding to invest a one time $10 purchase in order to create a blockchain account and earn rewards forever by just playing.



What is Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a digital collectible card game built on blockchain technology. Similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game where you build up a collection of cards, which all have different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other online players for rewards. By using blockchain technology, players can do anything they want with their cards, including buy, sell, rent, and trade freely on the peer-to-peer market, just as if they were physical cards, and all transactions are recorded publicly and immutably.

Is Splinterlands Free to Play ?

Splinterlands could be played for free initially. This will let new players who want to familiarize themselves with the game, play a couple of battles and get the hang of it.

However with an initial investment of $10 to purchase the summoners handbook, the game will be fully unlocked with daily quests, seasonal rewards, buy/sell/rent on the market and ability to earn DEC and SPS cryptocurrency.

How to Play Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a digital trading card game with hundreds of unique cards. New accounts will start with a set of Starter Cards, from the previous 2 core sets of cards consisting of every Common and Rare cards. Players do not own this Starter Cards and these cards will help players to start earning rewards from battles while building a card collection of their own.

Unlike traditional card games where every move is carefully and slowly controlled, Splinterlands’ main mechanic is a drafting style which is incredibly fast. Once an opponent is found, each player is given 3 minutes to assemble a team, consisting of a Summoner and up to six Monsters from their card collection. A unique set of rules are presented in each battle to ensure that no two battles are exactly the same. Once both players have submitted their teams, the battle will be played out automatically and players can watch the fast-paced battle to learn from both victory or defeat.

Play to Earn

The best thing about blockchain games is the opportunity to earn real money while playing. There are numerous ways to earn in Splinterlands. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) is the main currency in-game and has real monetary value in the real world as it is a cryptocurrency that could be traded on decentralized exchanges (DeFi) like Hive Engine (HIVE), Uniswap (ETH), TronTrade (TRX) and PancakeSwap (BSC). There is also a governance token (SPS) which will be airdropped to all players daily with varying amount depending on the total number of in-game items held by the player.

  1. Battle Rewards – In each battle, DEC will be awarded to the winner, and the amount earned depends on player’s rating/league, rarity of cards used, guild level, and Energy Capture Rate (ECR). ECR will decrease after each battle and will regenerate automatically over time.

  2. Daily Quest Reward – Players have the opportunity to complete Daily Quest to win Loot Chests which may contain cards, Booster Packs, DEC tokens, or rarity-enhancing Legendary and Alchemy Potions.

  3. Season Rewards – Each season in Splinterlands lasts for around two weeks. Players will be awarded Loot Chests depending on their highest League attained during that season. Higher league rewards are very good with the Champion League getting 150 Loot Chests. There are additional rewards for top ranked players in each League.

  4. Tournaments – There are multiple daily tournaments held in which players can win DEC, cards or other items. These rewards come from the peer-to-peer market fee which goes entirely to the sponsored prize pools. So far, Splinterlands has awarded more than $312,000 in tournament prizes to the players.