State of Survival Patch 1.11.100

State of Survival Patch 1.11.100

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.11.100.

Finding Maddie:

  • Maddie went after the thief who stole supplies from the Settlement.
  • Help Daryl and Sarge find Maddie and make sure she’s safe.
  • You can obtain Gas Cans from the Rose Nurturing Contest, Never Ending, Infected Gas Station Manager, and Precision Shooting events.
  • Participation in the events can earn great rewards!

Surprise Crate:

  • During the event, you can use Prize Tickets obtained from the homepage of the State of Survival anniversary event to draw Supply Crates.
  • You can also get Prize Tickets by completing daily tasks during the event.
  • The Supply Crates contain rich rewards, with a chance to win grand prizes! Good luck!

Kindle the Light of Survivors (exclusive to new States):

  • The end has come and the Infected rampage.

  • We need to pick the best Settlements to rekindle the survivors’ faith and to illuminate our dark world!

  • During the event, improve your Settlement’s Power to get rich rewards, including the Furious Fire HQ Skin, Glory of Survivors Frame Skin, Light of Survivors Frame Skin, and other rewards exclusive to new States. Note: To ensure fairness in the event, players who migrated to the State will not be able to receive the State exclusive rewards, including Glory of Survivors and Light of Survivors."

  • Gameplay changes:

  • Added a Supply Convoy feature that enables Alliance members to give each other resources!

  • Optimized the tutorials and the Loyalty system of the Enlistment Office.

  • Changed the start time of the electric blasts in Capital Clash and the entrance time of State Warfare to 8:45 UTC.